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Gratitude, Resting In Our New Attitude January 20, 2019

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G2 s rise.jpg


Gratitude and New Attitude


By: Ms. Bobbie Jones


It has been a few weeks my dear readers since we have seen the beauty that is 2019 and I wish you all a wonderful and Happy New Year !!!  MLK 1.jpgNow with that being said, I wanted to share with you this new attitude for a very important holiday (Martin Luther King Jr. Day) is now celebrated with remembrance and tributes in and around the U.S.  So this post seems fitting in my mind – King gave and fought for so many rights and privileges we enjoy today and when it comes to this day Gratitude is most certainly in order.

Living in America with all its riches and everything it has to offer it amazes me that even those with so much seem to complain the most and show very little gratitude.  I’ll show you whaQ Cashier.jpgt I mean…How many times have you sat in your company break room and listen to your co-workers complain about how they never make or have enough money?  Now, let’s face it you’ve been to some of their homes – they have the biggest house on the block, they even have their garages stuffed with so much crap they can’t even fit the family vehicle in it.

What do we do when it comes to what we eat ?  It seems some of us have so much food that we don’t even give a second look when most of itG3 food.jpg winds up in the trash – Sad !!  We don’t have to live like this God has given us so much to be thankful and grateful for.  When it comes to all the material things, we have the latest cars to drive around in, we have all the latest technology and devices to occupy our time but what we don’t seem to have is a deep or caring connection to those around us.

We see people hurting and disrespecting the homeless, we see people who have the money to pay for things but they rather run over people in the parking lot instead of paying a bill – check your news stories – and all of these things can be traced back to a lackG5 roof.jpg of gratitude.  If you have been blessed enough to have  a home, a roof over your head why would you disrespect a homeless person you see on the street ?  In a heart beat that could be anyone of us.  Be thankful and grateful for what you have before you look up one day and find yourself lacking.

Gratitude is and should always be our attitude and I know in our everyday lives we can get lost and distracted and lose sight of what really is important.  So, being that it is a new year lets give ourselves permission to stop and take in all the beauty and love around us and be thankful and grateful.  Here are some things you can do…. if you want to be more active in your gratitude……


Perform some random acts of kindness – Let a Mom with over active children cut in front of you in line.

Collect some personal items from the travel section at your local store and then drop them off at a shelter that is helping people get G2 s rise.jpgback on their feet.

If you see a Co-worker struggling with a task…don’t be afraid to jump in and lend a hand.

If you know someone is hungry and you can provide a meal do so…God is watching : )

Take a walk out in the world you live in a value the beauty that surrounds you and be grateful.


A Bobbiegirl Production


These things can put life in to perspective – when you help the homeless you show the universe you appreciate what you have been given.

I hope you all get busy being Grateful and showing love to one another.

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!! October 25, 2018

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HW 11 18.jpg



By: Ms. Bobbie Jones

Hello my dear readers and a Happy Halloween to you…. well it will be here in a few days and for those of you who may not be ready I wanted to provide you with a bit of Boo-tacular inspiration to get you in the mood for these dark/colorful and spooky days and nights HW 2 18.jpgto come.

Now if you are anything like me….you may have a serious sweet tooth so what better way to start then with some deliciously, decadent treats.  These are beautifully decorated treats for the occasion and if you need some last min. inspiration … this may help….Now, no HW 6 18.jpgmatter what the reason chocolate always is in season so feast your eyes on  this.

Who could resist all this spooky chocolate wonder?  If you are indeed in need of these decorating ideas…. study the photos closely and  formulate a plan in your mind on how you want your treats to look and get busy being creative.   This time of year always has room for the creative soul.

HW 3 18.jpgHW 5 18.jpg






HW ag 7.jpg


HW 14 18.jpgHW ag 3.jpg





HW 9 18.jpg

HW 12 18.jpg









HW 1518.jpg




EYEBALL these decorations carefully then get out your crape paper, construction paper, yarn and glue gun and get cracking…..time is running out.



Child, this is grown-up time …it is spooky and it is good.  Now, you can have them hot or you can have them chilled but please have them – because your taste buds will thank you.

HW 17 18.jpg

click on the link below to find recipes to all your delicious cocktail blends and enjoy !!!


HW 21 18.jpg


HW 22 18.jpg






HW 19 18.jpg



I hope you are inspired to do at least a little something for the spooky day that is to come.  Even if you don’t go all out, carve out a piece of Halloween Heaven for yourself and enjoy.


Thank you to all my Sponsors and my Readers for all the love and support


Copyright (c) Ms. Bobbie Jones – October 2018

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Oh, You Bossy, Huh ? September 3, 2018

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Boss 3.png



Ms. Bobbie Jones

My dear readers, we are back and I do hope you are having a wonderful and blessed Summer.  We have been apart too long but we have some very interesting topics on the horizon for you.  I know you are still in the mental state of trying to enjoy your last days of Summer vacation and the last days of summer but with it being so close to coming to an end I wanted to get you back in the to frame of mind and ready for work.

I know you say, Ms. Bobbie please let us enjoy – we are not ready for all this work talk…. But I have something for you that you may enjoy and also learn how to deal with a problem you may have encountered in the past and if you have not yet experienced it, you soon will.

Now, when many of you do get back to the office or factory you might find a problem that has been laying low or festering and you were reluctant to do anything about it. Boss 1.pngHowever, after this piece hopefully, you will walk away with some tools to help you cope and move past the problem.


Many of us have encountered bossy people in our lives and when it comes to work I am not talking about the actual boss – I am talking about the person standing next to you who just got there a week ago and is now trying to tell you how to do your job.

Boss 1.jpg

Now, for many of us this is not an ideal situation and we do our very best to keep our cool but some of us go full ballistic and say things like, “Shut the F____ up you are not the boss !!!”

So, if you want to avoid having this exchange with 

your co-worker or people in general who think they are the boss of you I will do my best to provide you with some tips.

Let’s take a look at some scenarios …

Added Bonus Video below



    1.  You have this fairly taxing job at a warehouse and as you go about your daily routine and job duties you keep coming up against this new comer that always has something to tell you in regards to doing your job.  Now, what you want to do is play it cool.

Image result for photos of bossy coworker

     2.  Here is another case – Let’s say you are hanging in your cube (Cubical) and working your top project for the week.  Soon as you (more…)

Our Spiritual Home (The Church & Learning Center) April 1, 2018

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Church 18 1.jpg


By:  Ms. Bobbie Jones  


My dear readers, I hope my parting has not been too long but as you can see I am back.  Not only back, but just in time for our favorite time of year when we create and put up some of our most popular and well sought after post.

We are in the Holy Season of Easter and I do hope all of you are enjoying your time with your family and loved ones.  This Easterchurch 18 3.jpg I wanted to take you on a visual journey of some of the most beautiful church facilities I have found and as you view these photos take some time out to remember and reflex on how you feel when you visit your place of worship and how great it would be to share that experience with others.


church 18 6.jpgGrowing up, I remember being so fascinated with the sheer thought of visiting that gracious building with all the beautiful music and hand clapping and foot stomping that took place right across the street from my house.  I wanted to know what went on there, and how could I get in on it.

Many of us grew up with that wonderful ritual of a big Sunday morning breakfast and then it was off to Sunday School – church 18 7.jpgwhile our parents attended church services either right next door or right upstairs.  Remembering some of the Churches I have seen in my travels just brings up me to an ever-present awness at the mere beauty of the church facility – inside and out.


But no matter how beautiful or ornate the building was the most important thing is what we learn in these beautiful houses of worship.  We learn how to treat others, we church 18  10.jpglearn how to be a giver and look out for those less fortunate than ourselves.  We learn and study the Bible and hopefully we do our best to put into practice what we learn.

Now, don’t get me wrong I know putting some things into practice can be much more difficult than learning about them.  Like how about not wanting to go after or fight your own battles when someone is talking bad about you.  We are supposed to leave those things church 18 5.jpgin the hand of God.  But, I know it gets hard.  Is it hard for you to part with your favorite item when you know someone else could use it more.?  Yes, life and the decisions we have to make can be very hard.  But we have a God that loves us and if we ask he is there to help us.  Never be afraid to call on the name of Jesus when you find yourself struggling.

Check out the video below…..

Our houses of worship not only serve as learning centers for biblical study but during church 18  11.jpgthe Civil Rights struggle they served as so much more.  They served as gathering places for those being deprived of their rights.  Meetings and planning sessions took place in the Black Church that lead to many victories in the struggle and also served as a safe haven when those that wanted to do harm lurked just right out front.  Yes, the church is a blessed place.  It is a store house, a place of refuge, a gatheringchurch 18 9.jpg facility and a place to Jesus 18 3.jpgpraise and show love to the Almighty. 

Lets do our best to take care of and cherish those which are left.  Preserve those in your community, for with so many churches closing, if you have a cherished one don’t let it fall by the way-side.  These blessings set right in our neighborhoods can range from the simple to the very ornate….but whatever the construction value is  it  truly is what’s inside that counts… and what they put inside of you that matters.

God Bless and have a wonderful Easter Weekend.

Cart 39.jpg


Copyright (c) Ms. Bobbie Jones – April 2018

All Rights Reserved


Remember The Time ( Michael Jackson) June 25, 2017

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DP MJ 2.jpg


My Michael Jackson Tribute


 By: Bobbie Jones

It may be so very hard for all of us to believe but yes, it has been since the summer of 2009 that we have been without our King of Pop. MJ files 15.jpg Where were you when you first heard the news?  For many of us we know this answer, we can remember the exact time and place we were planted when our ears absorbed the shocking and unbelievable news – Michael Jackson was gone.

Yes, my dear readers June 25, 2009 would be the sad and tragic day we lost our beloved Michael and although we asked all the questions, like how could this be?  Who will take care of his children? How will they survive without their father’s love? 

MJ Files 12.jpgWell, it has been many years now and even some of those questions have been answered.  His children are bright, beautiful young adults now and in the minds of MJ’s legions of fans his spirit still lives on. So, let me talk about what I want to remember about Michael – I want to take a look at the music, his talent, the love, his love for his music, and his love for his fans and all of us.  I hope you don’t mind this trip back with me… let’s enjoy it together.

Remember The Time: Michael and His Brothers

There is no mistaking the first time we heard that voice come across our radios – you remember the songs “ABC” and “I Want You Back” with young Michael Jackson on lead vocals.  But it was that family unit, Mike and his brothers that captivated the multitude and sent him and his siblings into the stratosphere, and life as we knew it has never been the same

MJ files 16.jpgYou remember the first time you looked upon that bright,MJ files 11.jpg young face of Michael and thought, now this kid can do no wrong.  He had the soul of an old man with the wisdom and dance moves to match, if anyone would have told you he had been reincarnated you would have not doubted it.

Michael sang his little heart out and danced on that stage with his big brothers like a fine oiled machine and America just couldn’t get enough.  With hit after hit flying off the Motown label it was a sure bet that these kids would have a long and lasting career ahead of them. There is one Christmas I remember in my household after receiving a Jackson 5 album that kept the house and our spirits lit up for months.  I loved all of their music even as each one of the Jackson Brothers grew and matured.  But, living life as we do, we knew things don’t always stay the same and we could see the writings on the Wall….

Remember The Time:  Michael On His Own

And so could Michael, I bet you remember his first album on his own “Off the Wall.” – 1979 I know I do.  It was smart mixed with danceMJ files 17.jpg and sophistication and spirit and heart and what we have never seen before, a grown up MJ on his own and by himself.  He danced, and moved and swayed and gave it to us his way.  And although, we may have read in all the teen magazines that he was a shy and tortured soul, he put himself on display and shot out of that proverbial cannon and never looked back.  Michael would now be the one to make the music we danced to and actually he would write the soundtrack to most of our lives.

I bet there is not a time growing up in the 80’s and 90’s that a MJ song did not in some way touch your life I will run some of those songs down later.  But you compile your favorites and we will compare notes later on.  : )

Remember The Time: Motown 25th

MJ files 20.jpgIt was a dazzling, star studded night and the stage was lit and ready and here we all were ready to watch magic, even though we did not know it at the time, we were about to be blownMJ files 21.jpg away.  I bet many of you remember that fateful night with



Mr. Michael Jackson.  He made every little kid’s dream come true and put a new dance craze on the map and “Mooned Walked” his way into history and left that indelible mark in, and on our hearts.


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Remember We Are The World

Michael Jackson not only gave us his musical best but he gave us his civil best and MJ files 18.jpgencourage the world to do the same, and although Mike was not the first artist to do so in the 80’s – We put our human conscious on display he, and his group of famous friends I think did it best. {We Are the World – ReleasedMJ fiels 19.jpg March – 1985}

But even as I sit and write this I am reminded that many of the songs we grew to love and cherish from Michael tried to tell us something or tug at our heart strings.  I bet you could all run down the list with me


Man in the Mirror

Human Nature

Black or White

They Don’t Really Care About Us

Smooth Criminal

Billy Jean with its clever lyrics (and all he wanted us to do was listen to the song. – How many hearts are you playing with or have and how many kids have you bore into this world because of it that have to deal with the fallout.

Even in his mastery he has delivered a message that if you heed you could change the course of your life.

Time To Say Goodbye {Remember The Time}

It had been so very difficult for us to grasp the fact that he left us too soon but with life as with stardom there are no guarantees.  And no matter how you try to draw out your path only one knows our true path …but I can tell you with every little bit of wisdom Michael gathered he did his best to share it with the world, if you don’t believe me just look back over the body of his work.

There is one struggle I know he could not defeat in this lifetime but if he could I am sure he would have spoken on the issue of our ever-growing dependence on prescription pills and drugs of the like.  Mr. Michael Jackson needed sleep and he needed relieve from pain and with his millions M J files 3.jpghe would have paid any and everything to get that relieve – and from what we have heard, he did.

But, my dear readers I tell you if we would turn our focus to the Lord Jesus Christ and Divine healing we may all be able to escape the fate of Michael and Prince and many of our loved ones that have left us too soon.

I tell you the promises of Jesus Christ are true and Divine Healing is one of those promises – Remember he died so that we may live – Reach out and ask for the Lords guidance and peace.

We will miss you always Michael – God Bless with love always.

Ms. Bobbie Jones

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 M J files 11.jpg




The Story of Sowing & Reaping – Happy Easter April 13, 2017

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A Happy Easter I wish for all of my Readers and I hope you enjoy this lesson.


Iman – Beauty Beyond Banter- Black History Month Profile February 25, 2017

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FTB 10.jpg

My dear readers I hope you are enjoying this month of February and along with February comes Black History Month as you all know.  In the past I have given you inspirational profile after profile and I hope I can continue to inspire and lift up my readers and I thank you all for the chance to do so.

Coming Up

Now, with that being said, I want to continue, along with BHM my tribute to the immigrants that have contributed so many rich and meaningful things to our couFTB 20.jpgntry.  I am so proud to present a Woman who has shown us grace and beauty
and along with her caring spirit she has not only taken all America has to offer, but she has also chosen to give back.  One of the original Super Models – and she only needs one name and you know who I am talking about when I say – Iman.  Iman, was born Zara Mohamed in 1955 in the capital of Somalia (Mogadishu).

School Daze

FTB 21.jpgNow, when we run through Iman’s background it would seem on the surface that she had a very privilege and easy life well I can tell you when you are living under the threat of war and political unrest there is nothing easy about it.  Iman lived with her grandparents during her very early years and then at the age of four she was sent to boarding school in Egypt.  Seems she was destined for the glamorous life even then.

To the Top

After all the political upheaval in her home country her mother and father and her other sibling packed up and moved to Kenya were life could beFTB 22.jpg just a little bit more stable.  However, Iman did not have to worry she was away at university and doing just fine.  So, fine in fact she was turning all the heads with her long, statue-like frame and swan-like — neck, she even managed to catch the eye of a famed American photographer Peter Beard.  After being tempted by those flashing camera lights it was not hard to imagine what the next logical step was for Iman.  Yes, you guessed it a trip to the United States in October of 1975 to begin a high fashioned modeling career.

Giving Us Style

While in America and abroad, Iman was burning up the runways and being a creative muse for famous fashion designers such as Calvin Klein, Halston, Versace and Donna Karen.  She was also a great creative piece of the puzzle when it came to photographers and how they posed their models.  With Iman’s long lines and graceful swagger she was on the top of many a list.  She dazzled them all in Paris, Milan and Italy – where she was Style and beauty followed.  She graced the runways for 14 years as a fashion model and learned a great deal – much of what she learned would take her into the next phase ofFTB 14.jpg her career.

She even found time in that busy schedule of hers to find love and a multi-cultural love it was.  Mr. David Jones, but known to us as David Bowie, writer, musician, great performer.and all

Beauty On Sale

1994 was the start on a new road for Iman when she started her own Cosmetics firm.  She decided after many years in the industry to focus on difficult to find shades for women of color.  She was no stranger to foundation formulation, for during her years as a model she often mixed shades for the make –up artist to use on her complexion.

Ageless ChicFTB 9.jpg

is something Iman talks about and believes in.  Beauty at every age.  Iman has never been afraid of change and as the decades soared right on by so did she.  Iman’s style and grace has remained timeless and classy.  Iman has kept herself busy even after leaving the fashion industry.  She really never left – you can spot her own collection on HSN (the Home Shopping Network) where she presents clothing, FTB 25.jpghandbags, shoes blouses and much, much more.  She has one of the most popular collections on the Network and all her items are beautiful. It’s called Global Chic – 2007 developed for HSN.

Beauty From Within

As you know many people who have had the kind of life Iman has had she could have just taken her winnings from the game of life and sat back, retired and never thought about anyone else ever again.  But no, Iman has not done that, she has develop the wisdom enough to know that – to those much is given, much is required, so she gives back. Iman has been known for her tireless work with her Keep A Child Alive Organization as she and all that are involved help to save the lives of children with Aids

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Iman, we thank you so very much for gracing our country with your grace, your style and your beauty and your kind and compassionate heart – American is forever in your debt although I am sure you may feel the opposite. 


Photos by: Google Images

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Television Would Never Be the Same – (Desi Arnaz) January 30, 2017

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FTB DA 2.jpg

Desi Arnaz


Television would Never Be the Same


By: Bobbie Jones

My dear readers, I thank you for joining me and I could not let this month pass without recognizing your concerns as to what is going on in our Great Country of America.

With that being said, I wanted to take this time out and focus on some history, what we here at “Giving it to ya !” does best and see if we can relate it to today and maybe someone will gain some insight and we can evoke love, compassion and some much-needed change. FTB DA 1.JPG

There is a gentleman in our American history that gave us great showmanship, beautiful dance and music and behind it all a great business mind and provided the American Television landscape with techniques still in use to this very day.

The Ship Is In the Harbor Now

When young Desi Arnaz was just a child he and his family had to flee Cuba after his father was jailed as a political prisoner during the FTB DA 5.jpgrevolution.  And although while in Cuba the Arnaz family had many riches and Desi’s father had been the youngest Mayor, none of this mattered for when they fled to this country they were resigned to leaving every possession behind.


Better Days on the Horizon

We can only chalk it up to hard work and determination but the young Desi made it to this country (Miami) enrolled in school, got and education and took it upon himself to take classes that would help improve his English and once graduated he went about the business of getting himself a part on Broadway.

Yes, showbiz was Desi dream, and by the time 1939 had rolled around he had made that dream a reality.  Not bad for a Cuban refugee. FTB DA 6.jpgStaring in Too Many Girls on Broadway had been a dream come true for Mr. Arnaz, but no one could have guess that bigger things were just around the corner. Arnaz was asked by the movie studio RKO to be in the movie version of Too Many Girls and this lead him straight to Hollywood an Actor’s paradise.

Coming Up From the BottomFTB DA 10 .jpg

Movies was not the only thing Hollywood had in store for Desi, while he was filming Too Many Girls he met someone who would change his life.  The fiery red-head from stage and screen, Ms. Lucy Ball was staring in Too Many Girls and this is when Desi meet the love of his life and from that moment on – the rest was history.  Desi and Lucy married on November 30, 1940.  Desi, performed in several more movies before his number came up, his draft number that is. While Desi was off entertaining the troops in the U.S.O Lucy was home holding down the fort … but once Desi returned home…a few band dates performed and boom – It was I love Lucy time.

See If You Can Spot Em

Not only did Desi Arnaz have his own band but Television was about to become his true money-maker.  On October 15, 1951 Desi and Lucy made their television debut in the now iconic I Love Lucy Show.  We all know and fell in love with Ricky Ricardo and

FTB DA 7.jpgthe Club Babalu and Fred and Ethel and little Ricky and although Desi acted the lovable, struggling with the English language club owner he was a wiz behind the scenes.  Our Cuban immigrant Mr. Desi Arnaz not only came to our country as a refugee, learned our language, made his dream of being a Broadway performer come true and then took his talents to Television and behind scenes to put his business know how to the use and changed the game.

As you watch your television sit-com today know FTB DA 9.jpgthat Desi Arnaz pioneered the art of live audience participation and the multi-camera setup production style.  Also using adjacent sets in front of a live audience that became the standard for subsequent sit-coms to this day.

Yes, another immigrant coming up from the bottom…. (Research Hamilton – Broadway Play.)

Copyright © Ms. Bobbie Jones – January 30, 2017

We are building bridges – never walls –

Love always wins. : )

Merry Christmas !!! With Love December 25, 2016

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From Ms. Bobbie Jones 


Follow Jesus and you will find Love, Peace and Joy.  Keep this Truth with you always.

Hld Christ 11.jpg

BT Jesus Trust.jpgHld. Christ 2.jpgHld Christ 5.jpg

Hld Christ 9.jpg



















Have A BooTacular Halloween : ) October 31, 2016

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HW ag 2.jpg


Happy Halloween


Ms. Bobbie Jones


How are your Halloween Decorations looking this year …?   Have you gone all out or have you kept it simple?   This year I wanted to take a break from all the gore and just look at some of the fun things you can do for this Spooky Day.  I hope you all have a howling good time this Halloween. : )

HW ag 5.jpgThis is a classic spook fest of a house… Could not pay me enough to go in here… LOL

But keep your spider embossed stocking on.. because the best is yet to come .. I love these front door decorations.  Some people know how to keep it simple and elegant even on the Scariest night of the year.  Just see what else we have in store for you  -I bet you will find a way to fit some of these themes in next year’s Halloween décor.

HW ag 12.jpg


This door front says so much…”I am ready for those little monsters and their candy grab bags.”..   : ) HW ag 8.jpg

HW ag 9.jpgLook at these paper bag treats down below.  Makes you think why did I not come of with this Idea.  These bags are not just for handing out candy but you can decorate with them as well. …Simple yet tasteful.  > A good use for a plastic milk jug above.  (Booooo)

HW ag1.jpgHW ag 14.jpg

Lets check out some inside décor ….Focus your attention on the glasses with the green goo in them…almost make it look tasty …huh ?

HW ag 10.jpgHW ag 13.jpg

This cool house above as you can see someone has gone above and below.. and beyond…. I hope you enjoy….. And no matter how you decorate  your home for this holiday…have a good time and share your spooky fun and excitement for the season with others.  : )

HW ag 15.jpg

HW ag 16.jpg







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HW ag 6.jpg


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