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Remember The Time ( Michael Jackson) June 25, 2017

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DP MJ 2.jpg

******************************************************************************My Michael Jackson Tribute


 By: Bobbie Jones

It may be so very hard for all of us to believe but yes, it has been since the summer of 2009 that we have been without our King of Pop. MJ files 15.jpg Where were you when you heard the news?  For many of us we know this answer, we can remember the exact time and place we were planted when our ears absorbed the shocking and unbelievable news – Michael Jackson was gone.

Yes, my dear readers June 25, 2009 would be the sad and tragic day we lost our beloved Michael and although we asked all the questions, like how could this be?  Who will take care of his children? How will they survive without their father’s love? 

MJ Files 12.jpgWell, it has been many years now and even some of those questions have been answered.  His children are bright, beautiful young adults now and in the minds of MJ’s legions of fans his spirit still lives on. So, let me talk about what I want to remember about Michael – I want to take a look at the music, his talent, the love, his love for his music, and his love for his fans and all of us.  I hope you don’t mind this trip back with me… let’s enjoy it together.

Remember The Time: Michael and His Brothers

There is no mistaking the first time we heard that voice come across our radios – you remember the songs “ABC” and “I Want You Back” with young Michael Jackson on lead vocals.  But it was that family unit, Mike and his brothers that captivated the multitude and sent him and his siblings into the stratosphere, and life as we knew it has never been the same

MJ files 16.jpgYou remember the first time you looked upon that bright,MJ files 11.jpg young face of Michael and thought, now this kid can do no wrong.  He had the soul of an old man with the wisdom and dance moves to match, if anyone would have told you he had been reincarnated you would not have doubted it.

Michael sang his little heart out and danced on that stage with his big brothers like a fine oiled machine and America just couldn’t get enough.  With hit after hit flying off the Motown label it was a sure bet that these kids would have a long and lasting career ahead of them. There is one Christmas I remember in my household after receiving a Jackson 5 album that kept the house and our spirits lit up for months.  I loved all of their music even as each one of the Jackson Brothers grew and matured.  But, living life as we do, we knew things don’t always stay the same and we could see the writings on the Wall….

Remember The Time:  Michael On His Own

And so could Michael, I bet you remember his first album on his own “Off the Wall.” – 1979 I know I do.  It was smart mixed with danceMJ files 17.jpg and sophistication and spirit and heart and what we have never seen before, a grown up MJ on his own and by himself.  He danced, and moved and swayed and gave it to us his way.  And although, we may have read in all the teen magazines that he was a shy and tortured soul, he put himself on display and shot out of the proverbial cannon and never looked back.  Michael would now be the one to make the music we danced to and actually he would write the soundtrack to most of our lives.

I bet there is not a time growing up in the 80’s and 90’s that a MJ song did not in some way touch your life I will run some of those songs down later.  But you compile your favorites and we will compare notes later on.  : )

Remember The Time: Motown 25th

MJ files 20.jpgIt was a dazzling, star studded night and the stage was lit and ready and here we all were ready to watch magic, even though we did not know it at the time, we were about to be blownMJ files 21.jpg away.  I bet many of you remember that fateful night with



Mr. Michael Jackson made ever little kids dream come true and put a new dance craze on the map and “Mooned Walked” his way into history and left that indelible mark in, and on our hearts


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Remember We Are The World

Michael Jackson not only gave us his musical best but he have us his civil best and MJ files 18.jpgencourage the world to do the same, and although Mike was not the first artist to do so in the 80’s – put our human conscious on display he, and his group of famous friends I think did it best. {We Are the World – ReleasedMJ fiels 19.jpg March – 1985}

But even as I set and write this I am reminded that many of the songs we grew to love and cherish from Michael tried to tell us something or tug at our heart strings.  I bet you could all run down the list with me


Man in the Mirror

Human Nature

Black or White

They Don’t Really Care About Us

Smooth Criminal

Billy Jean with its clever lyrics (and all he wanted us to do was listen to the song. – How many hearts are you playing with or have and how many kids have you bore into this world because of it that have to deal with the fallout.

Even in his mastery he has delivered a message that if you heed you could change the course of your life.

Time To Say Goodbye {Remember The Time}

It had been so very difficult for us to grasp the fact that he lefMJ Files 14.jpgt us too soon but with life as with stardom there are no guarantees.  And no matter how you try to draw out your path only one knows our true path …but I can tell you with every little bit of wisdom Michael gathered he did is best to share it with the world if you don’t believe me just look back over the body of his work.

There is one struggle I know he could not defeat in this lifetime but if he could I am sure he would have spoken on the issue of our ever-growing dependence on prescription pills and drugs of the like.  Mr. Michael Jackson needed sleep and he needed relieve from pain and with his millions M J files 3.jpghe would have paid any and everything to get that relieve – and from what we have heard, he did.

But, my dear readers I tell you if we would turn our focus to the Lord Jesus Christ and Divine healing we may all be able to escape the fate of Michael and Prince and many of our loved ones that have left us too soon.

I tell you the promises of Jesus Christ are true and Divine Healing is one of those promises – Remember he died so that we may live – Reach out and ask for the Lords guidance and peace.

We will miss you always Michael – God Bless with love always.

Ms. Bobbie Jones

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 M J files 11.jpg





The Story of Sowing & Reaping – Happy Easter April 13, 2017

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A Happy Easter I wish for all of my Readers and I hope you enjoy this lesson.


Iman – Beauty Beyond Banter- Black History Month Profile February 25, 2017

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FTB 10.jpg

My dear readers I hope you are enjoying this month of February and along with February comes Black History Month as you all know.  In the past I have given you inspirational profile after profile and I hope I can continue to inspire and lift up my readers and I thank you all for the chance to do so.

Coming Up

Now, with that being said, I want to continue, along with BHM my tribute to the immigrants that have contributed so many rich and meaningful things to our couFTB 20.jpgntry.  I am so proud to present a Woman who has shown us grace and beauty
and along with her caring spirit she has not only taken all America has to offer, but she has also chosen to give back.  One of the original Super Models – and she only needs one name and you know who I am talking about when I say – Iman.  Iman, was born Zara Mohamed in 1955 in the capital of Somalia (Mogadishu).

School Daze

FTB 21.jpgNow, when we run through Iman’s background it would seem on the surface that she had a very privilege and easy life well I can tell you when you are living under the threat of war and political unrest there is nothing easy about it.  Iman lived with her grandparents during her very early years and then at the age of four she was sent to boarding school in Egypt.  Seems she was destined for the glamorous life even then.

To the Top

After all the political upheaval in her home country her mother and father and her other sibling packed up and moved to Kenya were life could beFTB 22.jpg just a little bit more stable.  However, Iman did not have to worry she was away at university and doing just fine.  So, fine in fact she was turning all the heads with her long, statue-like frame and swan-like — neck, she even managed to catch the eye of a famed American photographer Peter Beard.  After being tempted by those flashing camera lights it was not hard to imagine what the next logical step was for Iman.  Yes, you guessed it a trip to the United States in October of 1975 to begin a high fashioned modeling career.

Giving Us Style

While in America and abroad, Iman was burning up the runways and being a creative muse for famous fashion designers such as Calvin Klein, Halston, Versace and Donna Karen.  She was also a great creative piece of the puzzle when it came to photographers and how they posed their models.  With Iman’s long lines and graceful swagger she was on the top of many a list.  She dazzled them all in Paris, Milan and Italy – where she was Style and beauty followed.  She graced the runways for 14 years as a fashion model and learned a great deal – much of what she learned would take her into the next phase ofFTB 14.jpg her career.

She even found time in that busy schedule of hers to find love and a multi-cultural love it was.  Mr. David Jones, but known to us as David Bowie, writer, musician, great performer.and all

Beauty On Sale

1994 was the start on a new road for Iman when she started her own Cosmetics firm.  She decided after many years in the industry to focus on difficult to find shades for women of color.  She was no stranger to foundation formulation, for during her years as a model she often mixed shades for the make –up artist to use on her complexion.

Ageless ChicFTB 9.jpg

is something Iman talks about and believes in.  Beauty at every age.  Iman has never been afraid of change and as the decades soared right on by so did she.  Iman’s style and grace has remained timeless and classy.  Iman has kept herself busy even after leaving the fashion industry.  She really never left – you can spot her own collection on HSN (the Home Shopping Network) where she presents clothing, FTB 25.jpghandbags, shoes blouses and much, much more.  She has one of the most popular collections on the Network and all her items are beautiful. It’s called Global Chic – 2007 developed for HSN.

Beauty From Within

As you know many people who have had the kind of life Iman has had she could have just taken her winnings from the game of life and sat back, retired and never thought about anyone else ever again.  But no, Iman has not done that, she has develop the wisdom enough to know that – to those much is given, much is required, so she gives back. Iman has been known for her tireless work with her Keep A Child Alive Organization as she and all that are involved help to save the lives of children with Aids

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Iman, we thank you so very much for gracing our country with your grace, your style and your beauty and your kind and compassionate heart – American is forever in your debt although I am sure you may feel the opposite. 


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All Rights Reserved

Television Would Never Be the Same – (Desi Arnaz) January 30, 2017

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FTB DA 2.jpg

Desi Arnaz


Television would Never Be the Same


By: Bobbie Jones

My dear readers, I thank you for joining me and I could not let this month pass without recognizing your concerns as to what is going on in our Great Country of America.

With that being said, I wanted to take this time out and focus on some history, what we here at “Giving it to ya !” does best and see if we can relate it to today and maybe someone will gain some insight and we can evoke love, compassion and some much-needed change. FTB DA 1.JPG

There is a gentleman in our American history that gave us great showmanship, beautiful dance and music and behind it all a great business mind and provided the American Television landscape with techniques still in use to this very day.

The Ship Is In the Harbor Now

When young Desi Arnaz was just a child he and his family had to flee Cuba after his father was jailed as a political prisoner during the FTB DA 5.jpgrevolution.  And although while in Cuba the Arnaz family had many riches and Desi’s father had been the youngest Mayor, none of this mattered for when they fled to this country they were resigned to leaving every possession behind.


Better Days on the Horizon

We can only chalk it up to hard work and determination but the young Desi made it to this country (Miami) enrolled in school, got and education and took it upon himself to take classes that would help improve his English and once graduated he went about the business of getting himself a part on Broadway.

Yes, showbiz was Desi dream, and by the time 1939 had rolled around he had made that dream a reality.  Not bad for a Cuban refugee. FTB DA 6.jpgStaring in Too Many Girls on Broadway had been a dream come true for Mr. Arnaz, but no one could have guess that bigger things were just around the corner. Arnaz was asked by the movie studio RKO to be in the movie version of Too Many Girls and this lead him straight to Hollywood an Actor’s paradise.

Coming Up From the BottomFTB DA 10 .jpg

Movies was not the only thing Hollywood had in store for Desi, while he was filming Too Many Girls he met someone who would change his life.  The fiery red-head from stage and screen, Ms. Lucy Ball was staring in Too Many Girls and this is when Desi meet the love of his life and from that moment on – the rest was history.  Desi and Lucy married on November 30, 1940.  Desi, performed in several more movies before his number came up, his draft number that is. While Desi was off entertaining the troops in the U.S.O Lucy was home holding down the fort … but once Desi returned home…a few band dates performed and boom – It was I love Lucy time.

See If You Can Spot Em

Not only did Desi Arnaz have his own band but Television was about to become his true money-maker.  On October 15, 1951 Desi and Lucy made their television debut in the now iconic I Love Lucy Show.  We all know and fell in love with Ricky Ricardo and

FTB DA 7.jpgthe Club Babalu and Fred and Ethel and little Ricky and although Desi acted the lovable, struggling with the English language club owner he was a wiz behind the scenes.  Our Cuban immigrant Mr. Desi Arnaz not only came to our country as a refugee, learned our language, made his dream of being a Broadway performer come true and then took his talents to Television and behind scenes to put his business know how to the use and changed the game.

As you watch your television sit-com today know FTB DA 9.jpgthat Desi Arnaz pioneered the art of live audience participation and the multi-camera setup production style.  Also using adjacent sets in front of a live audience that became the standard for subsequent sit-coms to this day.

Yes, another immigrant coming up from the bottom…. (Research Hamilton – Broadway Play.)

Copyright © Ms. Bobbie Jones – January 30, 2017

We are building bridges – never walls –

Love always wins. : )

Merry Christmas !!! With Love December 25, 2016

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From Ms. Bobbie Jones 


Follow Jesus and you will find Love, Peace and Joy.  Keep this Truth with you always.

Hld Christ 11.jpg

BT Jesus Trust.jpgHld. Christ 2.jpgHld Christ 5.jpg

Hld Christ 9.jpg



















Have A BooTacular Halloween : ) October 31, 2016

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HW ag 2.jpg


Happy Halloween


Ms. Bobbie Jones


How are your Halloween Decorations looking this year …?   Have you gone all out or have you kept it simple?   This year I wanted to take a break from all the gore and just look at some of the fun things you can do for this Spooky Day.  I hope you all have a howling good time this Halloween. : )

HW ag 5.jpgThis is a classic spook fest of a house… Could not pay me enough to go in here… LOL

But keep your spider embossed stocking on.. because the best is yet to come .. I love these front door decorations.  Some people know how to keep it simple and elegant even on the Scariest night of the year.  Just see what else we have in store for you  -I bet you will find a way to fit some of these themes in next year’s Halloween décor.

HW ag 12.jpg


This door front says so much…”I am ready for those little monsters and their candy grab bags.”..   : ) HW ag 8.jpg

HW ag 9.jpgLook at these paper bag treats down below.  Makes you think why did I not come of with this Idea.  These bags are not just for handing out candy but you can decorate with them as well. …Simple yet tasteful.  > A good use for a plastic milk jug above.  (Booooo)

HW ag1.jpgHW ag 14.jpg

Lets check out some inside décor ….Focus your attention on the glasses with the green goo in them…almost make it look tasty …huh ?

HW ag 10.jpgHW ag 13.jpg

This cool house above as you can see someone has gone above and below.. and beyond…. I hope you enjoy….. And no matter how you decorate  your home for this holiday…have a good time and share your spooky fun and excitement for the season with others.  : )

HW ag 15.jpg

HW ag 16.jpg







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Who Sanctioned This Bull_hit ? August 21, 2016

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SBS 21.jpg


Who Sanctioned This Bullshit



By: Ms. Bobbie Jones

My dear readers, I think it is that time once again – and I did not want to let the summer come to an end without giving it to ya just one more time.  Now, with this being an election year how ironic for me to be talking about Bullshit and for that matter Sanctioned Bullshit or (SBS), well no it is not ironic, but let’s get down to the nitty gritty and I will tell you what I mean by SBS.

We see this all the time in our everyday lives – It is when you look up and notice something and you say to yourself, “How can thSBS 2.jpgis ish be allowed?  Now, this could be something illegal or out of the norm or just plain foolish but someone or something or some BS committee has turned a blind eye to the bullshit that is happening and maybe even good people are getting caught in its wake.

Let me give you an example, let’s say you work for a company that claims they have a (No Drugs) policy for its workforce they even spend top dollar to conduct pre-employment drug testing and the SBS 6.jpglike.  However, ever since you have been on the job all you see is people walking around with blood shot eyes and smelling like weed (marijuana) when they come back from lunch.  Now, you can’t be the only one to notice this – I mean some of these fools even walk right past the boss with the weed smell so strong that the boss could get a contact high.   Without fail however, year after year these same weed smoking people are still stumbling on the job – and you are somewhere asking yourself, “What type of SBS is this.

SBS 11.jpgLet’s take a look at some news headlines for a min. – The Fox Network has been in the news as of late do to the fact one of SBS 3.jpgits executives decided a long time ago to use his position of power to take advantage of women that came to work for him.  And although, stories of this man’s horrific actions did not come to light till many years later, how much do you want to bet that someone knew exactly what was going on and maybe could have even done something to stop it?  But for some reason the BS continued while someone turned away year after year, after year.

SBS 4.jpgSpeaking of all that – let’s get real serious for a little bit and lay a bet down as to how many people knew what Bill Cosby was doing for all those years right up under everyone’s noses.  I can assure you it was no secret to some.  Now, we may SBS 5.jpgnot ever know who set up all the meeting and lured all the women into Cosby’s clutches but you can rest assured that someone knew something and what is left for us to say now – Who sanctioned this Bullshit ?

Yes, it is part of all of our lives, from the time we wake up in the morning to the time we go to bed at night.  We see the BS at the SBS 1.jpgcoffee shop when the fool cuts the line right in front of you and you have
already been there for a good ten mins.  You see it on the job when the boss is yelling at you for overspending on needed toilet paper while the boss’s boozing buddy just hopped on the Hi-Lo and is poised to kill everyone in sight.

SBS 14.jpgOr, how about this…you are just getting down to business and working hard but you take a slight break from the days’ work to chat with a co-worker and just like SBS 15.jpgthat the boss jumps down your throat… but just an hour ago you saw that same boss who claims work is so vital standing around talking for 2 hours about his last golf outing.  What bullshit… yes it is all over the place and we can’t escape it.


SBS 16.jpgBut my dear friends there is some truly dangerous SBS out there not saying the above doesn’t carry some weight but the stuff that really hurts God’s children and  we better watch out for it.  Those that lie on you at the job, or theSBS 19.jpg Bosses that load up massive quantities of goods in their cars and think they will never get caught.  Those that bully others to the point of pain and loss of livelihood.  Believe me there is always someone watching and I say to you my dear readers always do right for God has you in his sights.

Be not fooled God is not mocked – You will reap what you sow.  Just remember these peopleSBS 20.jpg are not getting away with anything – you just keep yourself safe.


Good Luck & God Bless.

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Still Enjoying Our Summer : ) August 2, 2016

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Summer 16  15.jpg

Enjoy those Water Slides…..

Summer 16 2.jpgSummer 16 1.jpg

Get some Good Food

Summer 16 6.jpgSummer 16 7.jpg



Play some Golf

Summer 16 8.jpgSummer 16 10.jpg

Eat some Ice Cream

Summer 16 12.jpgSummer 16 13.jpgSummer 16 14.jpg






Summer 16 16.png

Summer 16 18.jpgSummer 16 17.jpg

Get your Boogie On

Summer 16 27.jpgSummer 16 25.jpg




Summer 16 23.jpgSummer 16 24.jpg

Enjoy While It Last !!!!


Summer 16 19.jpg

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Ms. Joan Rivers / She Was A Real Piece of Work June 22, 2016

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My dear readers welcome to the month of June, half way through the year and summer is in fully swing.  Let’s take a look at some June Babies born in this month and put on this earth to bring us all pure entertainment.  Please enjoy my story of Ms. Joan Rivers

JR 5.jpg


A Piece of Work


By: Ms. Bobbie Jones

Although, Ms. Rivers is no longer with us her life of rash jokes, endless one liners and sexual innuendos sprinkled this earth with an eternity of hilarious laughter and I know many that were so very thankful she graced us with her presence.

She’s the One

Joan Rivers was born on June 8, 1933 in Brooklyn, NY her birth name was Joan Molinsky and I bet if Joan could have told it she was in a hurry to get rid of that name.  But, Rivers was in a hurry to change a lot of things in her life.JR 1.jpg

Listening to Ms. Rivers’ comedy you pick up on the self-deprecation which fuel so much of her humor but her life was so much more and became a symbol of so much more. If she didn’t know she gave a lot of women young and old confidence, and that confidence said to  – step out on your own, to live your dream and to take what you have and make it work for you.  That is how I see Ms. Joan Rivers.

I became acquainted with Ms. Rivers in the late 70’s and early 80’s at the time she was a regular host for Johnny Carson when he would go on vacation.  If you can imagine being a young lady looking to laugh I relished the times she took over for Carson and when Joan was in that Late Night chair she did not disappoint.

JR 4.jpgWhen Joan started out she worried a lot about her appearance, her hair her noise, how to dress.  In the early days she was told, no woman that looks like you can do this stand-up.  But people lie. Not knowing that there were women that came before Ms. Rivers, Moms Mabley, Phyllis Diller, so Joan was in good company she just had to know it.

But I have to hand it to Ms. Rivers… she hit the pavement and paid her dues, she did her stints in the comedy clubs and worked with many comedians and she was all the better for it.  Joan emerged with a biting wit and you knew when she asked you, “Can we talk?” you knew you were in for a treat and in a few moments you would be smiling.

Laughter through Tears

In life many of us go through pain and personal disappointment but when we rise above that pain and create something great out of our lives and more importantly the lives of others, that’s when we truly have arrived.

Although, Joan may have said different but I consider her to have had two incredibly sad moments and the first I think was in the 80’s when her friendship with Johnny Carson JR 9.jpgcame to a crashing halt and her subsequent banning from the Tonight Show and the NBC Lot sent her wheeling.  If you don’t know the story, Ms. Rivers had been burning up the small screen in the 80’s being the permanent guest-host of the Carson/Tonight Show when a new network (Fox) gave her an offered she could not refuse.  Her own late night Talk show was a dream come true, so she thought.  Well, Carson, her so-called friend got his panties in a bunch, trashed Joan’s name and banned her from the Tonight Show set then, and for many years to come.

And not too long after that heartbreak something happened that at any giving JR 23.jpgmoment I choose to put out of my mind but I know it was a turning point in Ms. Rivers’ life and talking about it can make me cry but Joan took it and had no other choice but to soar.

In 1987 Joan’s beloved husband Edgar, took his own life and in that act of suicide left Joan and their daughter Melissa alone.  She had to be terrified and just beside herself.  However, Joan had a daughter to look after and to bring up, so whatever the conditions Joan was left in she had to pull it together.

During this tragic time in her life Joan reconnected with herJR 24 daughter and even did a Lifetime movie, sharing their pain and lost with the world and maybe helping someone else on this planet deal with a loved ones suicide.  Although those years were tough Joan did not stop.  Joan gave to many around her, and helped others whenever she could, she may have even supported entire families but she did not give up she worked her tail off and she just kept coming back.


She Invented Re-Branding

If ever there was a woman symbolized the great comeback it was Ms. Joan Rivers.  Her JR 8.jpglife seemed to be a series of comebacks and she never disappointed.  How many of you saw her on the TV reality show the Apprentice ?  One word Epic !!! She won that show at a time when people thought Joan was a member of a by-gone era.  She fought the battle for her daughter on
that show and let the world know how truly strong the bond between that mother and daughter duo was

When you thought Fashion you had to think “Ms. Joan”  Fashion Police has not been the same since we lost her.  Joan had many irons in the JR 10fire, and she kept stroking until the day she left this earth.

In later years that was not Joan’s only claim to fame.  She had her own classic collection lines of watches, sunglasses, ear rings.  I am sure she made a pretty penny for QVC and from QVC.  They loved her and she did not just bring herself to the set to sell, she brought JR 25.jpgher own brand of humor and it was a joy to watch. You knew in your gut you would have a good laugh anytime you saw her.  JR 27.jpgThat was Ms. Joan Rivers.  Her one woman show said it all A  Piece of work..

I will tell you one thing Carson did not know… and that was Birds have to fly and there was noting he could have done to keep Ms. Rivers down even though in his pettiness I am sure he thought he could. But, not only did Ms. Joan Rivers fly… she soared.

Yes she did… We will miss you Ms. Rivers


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Happy Spring / Summer / 2016 May 1, 2016

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ST 5 2016.jpg


Happy Spring / Summer 2016

By: Ms. Bobbie Jones

Hello, my dear readers… Have you been waiting, I know I have been waiting for this crazy whether to give way so I can hit the road and get myST 3 2016.jpgSpring/Summer travel on.  But good things come to those that wait, well that is what I once heard.  But if you are anything like me you know it is time to get going.  To all my readers I hope you enjoy this 2016 travel season, I hope you have great experiences this Summer and I hope you learn some new things along the way – I know I
plan to… Time to Enjoy !!!

Loving all the flowers and the smells of Spring and I know the planting season is also under way.  ST 2 2016.jpgAre you all set in the Garden ?  Don’t let that green thumb of yours go grey.  Get out there and get to planting and beautify your little plot stated out on this earth – you never know how many will walk by and appreciate it. As long as the world has the beauty of flowers and those sensual scents of Spring/Summer we can never go wrong.


Now, if you are anything like me and the price of taking a flight has taken off… off of your list of things to do that is.  But, never fret – there are many ofimgres.jpg ways to get out of dodge – sort ta speak.  It has not been that long ago since the airlines have turned the average Joe’s vacation get away into their own personal retirement savings plan.  The fees we are charged are out the you know what, and they keep coming up with new ones every other day.  Please people I implore you to take a good look at your airline bill very close one day and see if they are not actually charging you for the oxygen you are breathing on the plane, without the mask even falling from the cabin compartment that is.  Yes, my fellow travelers it is brutal out there.

My answer has been to travel every other way under the sun, and yes you have guessed imgres.jpgit, Trains, Buses and the good old reliable Automobile have been my travel companions for some years now.  You ask, “Ms. Bobbie, don’t you miss the jet set and the clear blue sky that comes along with air travel?”  images.jpgI say to you my traveling enthusiast, “What are you smoking..LOL ?  There is no way I miss getting fleeced by the airlines not now, nor ever.  And I do hope one day my fellow travelers will put their collective heads together and say to the airlines no more, but until that day comes I want you to seek out alternatives ways to have a beautiful travel experience.

Summer Road Trip

Think of it this way… your car is your friend and if that car/friend of yours is not the best when it comes to hitting the road you can always rent one for yourST 2016.jpg vacation.  I enjoy a roadimgres.jpg trip myself.  But to tell you the truth I have never driven in a car by myself to a destination but I have taken a Bus with friends, many friends and I have had a blast.  We laugh and play games on the way to our destination.  We stop and get good food and we merely enjoy each others company.  It truly is all about the journey.  I want you to think back in your travel history and rememberimgres.jpg when you had the best time, was it when you had to wait in a crowded airport and your flight was delayed 10 hours or your luggage was lost and the airline rep. looked at you as if it was your fault.  Well, I can tell you that has never brought me joy but being in a safe, fun and joyful environment with friends really has made my day.

This is your time to take off work or school and relax and enjoy – the season is not just imgres.jpgfor planting and traveling but this is another one of my favorite time of year and that my friends is the hot and highly anticipated Carnival Season.  Yes, I said it. So, you might be saying Ms. Bobbie you are old – why do you want to get on those old, crick eddy rides that could fall apart at any moment.  First off, who is old?  Second, find a safe ride, one that is low to the ground – Oh, I know there is a chance your wig could fly off or maybe something else, but hey…. that is the fun of summer. Get out there and get on some rides.  I say act like you are at Disney World even though you can’t afford it – who can ?  don’t let that stop you, remember life is fun and Summer is short so you know what to do.

My advice to you this special season is to find a friend or many friends and hit the road, see some sites, get caught up in your own many Summer advimgres.jpgenture.  Who knows you may have a story to tell for years to come and maybe the people you left back home won’t believe you – but I bet they won’t be able to say they lost their wig on an old raggedy carnival ride – but you will : )

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