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Remember The Time ( Michael Jackson) June 25, 2017

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My Michael Jackson Tribute


 By: Bobbie Jones

It may be so very hard for all of us to believe but yes, it has been since the summer of 2009 that we have been without our King of Pop. MJ files 15.jpg Where were you when you first heard the news?  For many of us we know this answer, we can remember the exact time and place we were planted when our ears absorbed the shocking and unbelievable news – Michael Jackson was gone.

Yes, my dear readers June 25, 2009 would be the sad and tragic day we lost our beloved Michael and although we asked all the questions, like how could this be?  Who will take care of his children? How will they survive without their father’s love? 

MJ Files 12.jpgWell, it has been many years now and even some of those questions have been answered.  His children are bright, beautiful young adults now and in the minds of MJ’s legions of fans his spirit still lives on. So, let me talk about what I want to remember about Michael – I want to take a look at the music, his talent, the love, his love for his music, and his love for his fans and all of us.  I hope you don’t mind this trip back with me… let’s enjoy it together.

Remember The Time: Michael and His Brothers

There is no mistaking the first time we heard that voice come across our radios – you remember the songs “ABC” and “I Want You Back” with young Michael Jackson on lead vocals.  But it was that family unit, Mike and his brothers that captivated the multitude and sent him and his siblings into the stratosphere, and life as we knew it has never been the same

MJ files 16.jpgYou remember the first time you looked upon that bright,MJ files 11.jpg young face of Michael and thought, now this kid can do no wrong.  He had the soul of an old man with the wisdom and dance moves to match, if anyone would have told you he had been reincarnated you would have not doubted it.

Michael sang his little heart out and danced on that stage with his big brothers like a fine oiled machine and America just couldn’t get enough.  With hit after hit flying off the Motown label it was a sure bet that these kids would have a long and lasting career ahead of them. There is one Christmas I remember in my household after receiving a Jackson 5 album that kept the house and our spirits lit up for months.  I loved all of their music even as each one of the Jackson Brothers grew and matured.  But, living life as we do, we knew things don’t always stay the same and we could see the writings on the Wall….

Remember The Time:  Michael On His Own

And so could Michael, I bet you remember his first album on his own “Off the Wall.” – 1979 I know I do.  It was smart mixed with danceMJ files 17.jpg and sophistication and spirit and heart and what we have never seen before, a grown up MJ on his own and by himself.  He danced, and moved and swayed and gave it to us his way.  And although, we may have read in all the teen magazines that he was a shy and tortured soul, he put himself on display and shot out of that proverbial cannon and never looked back.  Michael would now be the one to make the music we danced to and actually he would write the soundtrack to most of our lives.

I bet there is not a time growing up in the 80’s and 90’s that a MJ song did not in some way touch your life I will run some of those songs down later.  But you compile your favorites and we will compare notes later on.  : )

Remember The Time: Motown 25th

MJ files 20.jpgIt was a dazzling, star studded night and the stage was lit and ready and here we all were ready to watch magic, even though we did not know it at the time, we were about to be blownMJ files 21.jpg away.  I bet many of you remember that fateful night with



Mr. Michael Jackson.  He made every little kid’s dream come true and put a new dance craze on the map and “Mooned Walked” his way into history and left that indelible mark in, and on our hearts.


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Remember We Are The World

Michael Jackson not only gave us his musical best but he gave us his civil best and MJ files 18.jpgencourage the world to do the same, and although Mike was not the first artist to do so in the 80’s – We put our human conscious on display he, and his group of famous friends I think did it best. {We Are the World – ReleasedMJ fiels 19.jpg March – 1985}

But even as I sit and write this I am reminded that many of the songs we grew to love and cherish from Michael tried to tell us something or tug at our heart strings.  I bet you could all run down the list with me


Man in the Mirror

Human Nature

Black or White

They Don’t Really Care About Us

Smooth Criminal

Billy Jean with its clever lyrics (and all he wanted us to do was listen to the song. – How many hearts are you playing with or have and how many kids have you bore into this world because of it that have to deal with the fallout.

Even in his mastery he has delivered a message that if you heed you could change the course of your life.

Time To Say Goodbye {Remember The Time}

It had been so very difficult for us to grasp the fact that he left us too soon but with life as with stardom there are no guarantees.  And no matter how you try to draw out your path only one knows our true path …but I can tell you with every little bit of wisdom Michael gathered he did his best to share it with the world, if you don’t believe me just look back over the body of his work.

There is one struggle I know he could not defeat in this lifetime but if he could I am sure he would have spoken on the issue of our ever-growing dependence on prescription pills and drugs of the like.  Mr. Michael Jackson needed sleep and he needed relieve from pain and with his millions M J files 3.jpghe would have paid any and everything to get that relieve – and from what we have heard, he did.

But, my dear readers I tell you if we would turn our focus to the Lord Jesus Christ and Divine healing we may all be able to escape the fate of Michael and Prince and many of our loved ones that have left us too soon.

I tell you the promises of Jesus Christ are true and Divine Healing is one of those promises – Remember he died so that we may live – Reach out and ask for the Lords guidance and peace.

We will miss you always Michael – God Bless with love always.

Ms. Bobbie Jones

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