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Iman – Beauty Beyond Banter- Black History Month Profile February 25, 2017

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My dear readers I hope you are enjoying this month of February and along with February comes Black History Month as you all know.  In the past I have given you inspirational profile after profile and I hope I can continue to inspire and lift up my readers and I thank you all for the chance to do so.

Coming Up

Now, with that being said, I want to continue, along with BHM my tribute to the immigrants that have contributed so many rich and meaningful things to our couFTB 20.jpgntry.  I am so proud to present a Woman who has shown us grace and beauty
and along with her caring spirit she has not only taken all America has to offer, but she has also chosen to give back.  One of the original Super Models – and she only needs one name and you know who I am talking about when I say – Iman.  Iman, was born Zara Mohamed in 1955 in the capital of Somalia (Mogadishu).

School Daze

FTB 21.jpgNow, when we run through Iman’s background it would seem on the surface that she had a very privilege and easy life well I can tell you when you are living under the threat of war and political unrest there is nothing easy about it.  Iman lived with her grandparents during her very early years and then at the age of four she was sent to boarding school in Egypt.  Seems she was destined for the glamorous life even then.

To the Top

After all the political upheaval in her home country her mother and father and her other sibling packed up and moved to Kenya were life could beFTB 22.jpg just a little bit more stable.  However, Iman did not have to worry she was away at university and doing just fine.  So, fine in fact she was turning all the heads with her long, statue-like frame and swan-like — neck, she even managed to catch the eye of a famed American photographer Peter Beard.  After being tempted by those flashing camera lights it was not hard to imagine what the next logical step was for Iman.  Yes, you guessed it a trip to the United States in October of 1975 to begin a high fashioned modeling career.

Giving Us Style

While in America and abroad, Iman was burning up the runways and being a creative muse for famous fashion designers such as Calvin Klein, Halston, Versace and Donna Karen.  She was also a great creative piece of the puzzle when it came to photographers and how they posed their models.  With Iman’s long lines and graceful swagger she was on the top of many a list.  She dazzled them all in Paris, Milan and Italy – where she was Style and beauty followed.  She graced the runways for 14 years as a fashion model and learned a great deal – much of what she learned would take her into the next phase ofFTB 14.jpg her career.

She even found time in that busy schedule of hers to find love and a multi-cultural love it was.  Mr. David Jones, but known to us as David Bowie, writer, musician, great performer.and all

Beauty On Sale

1994 was the start on a new road for Iman when she started her own Cosmetics firm.  She decided after many years in the industry to focus on difficult to find shades for women of color.  She was no stranger to foundation formulation, for during her years as a model she often mixed shades for the make –up artist to use on her complexion.

Ageless ChicFTB 9.jpg

is something Iman talks about and believes in.  Beauty at every age.  Iman has never been afraid of change and as the decades soared right on by so did she.  Iman’s style and grace has remained timeless and classy.  Iman has kept herself busy even after leaving the fashion industry.  She really never left – you can spot her own collection on HSN (the Home Shopping Network) where she presents clothing, FTB 25.jpghandbags, shoes blouses and much, much more.  She has one of the most popular collections on the Network and all her items are beautiful. It’s called Global Chic – 2007 developed for HSN.

Beauty From Within

As you know many people who have had the kind of life Iman has had she could have just taken her winnings from the game of life and sat back, retired and never thought about anyone else ever again.  But no, Iman has not done that, she has develop the wisdom enough to know that – to those much is given, much is required, so she gives back. Iman has been known for her tireless work with her Keep A Child Alive Organization as she and all that are involved help to save the lives of children with Aids

A Bobbiegirl Ad

Iman, we thank you so very much for gracing our country with your grace, your style and your beauty and your kind and compassionate heart – American is forever in your debt although I am sure you may feel the opposite. 


Photos by: Google Images

Videos by: You Tube

Bobbiegirl Ad by: Bobbiegirl Productions

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