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Ms. Joan Rivers / She Was A Real Piece of Work June 22, 2016

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My dear readers welcome to the month of June, half way through the year and summer is in fully swing.  Let’s take a look at some June Babies born in this month and put on this earth to bring us all pure entertainment.  Please enjoy my story of Ms. Joan Rivers

JR 5.jpg


A Piece of Work


By: Ms. Bobbie Jones

Although, Ms. Rivers is no longer with us her life of rash jokes, endless one liners and sexual innuendos sprinkled this earth with an eternity of hilarious laughter and I know many that were so very thankful she graced us with her presence.

She’s the One

Joan Rivers was born on June 8, 1933 in Brooklyn, NY her birth name was Joan Molinsky and I bet if Joan could have told it she was in a hurry to get rid of that name.  But, Rivers was in a hurry to change a lot of things in her life.JR 1.jpg

Listening to Ms. Rivers’ comedy you pick up on the self-deprecation which fuel so much of her humor but her life was so much more and became a symbol of so much more. If she didn’t know she gave a lot of women young and old confidence, and that confidence said to  – step out on your own, to live your dream and to take what you have and make it work for you.  That is how I see Ms. Joan Rivers.

I became acquainted with Ms. Rivers in the late 70’s and early 80’s at the time she was a regular host for Johnny Carson when he would go on vacation.  If you can imagine being a young lady looking to laugh I relished the times she took over for Carson and when Joan was in that Late Night chair she did not disappoint.

JR 4.jpgWhen Joan started out she worried a lot about her appearance, her hair her noise, how to dress.  In the early days she was told, no woman that looks like you can do this stand-up.  But people lie. Not knowing that there were women that came before Ms. Rivers, Moms Mabley, Phyllis Diller, so Joan was in good company she just had to know it.

But I have to hand it to Ms. Rivers… she hit the pavement and paid her dues, she did her stints in the comedy clubs and worked with many comedians and she was all the better for it.  Joan emerged with a biting wit and you knew when she asked you, “Can we talk?” you knew you were in for a treat and in a few moments you would be smiling.

Laughter through Tears

In life many of us go through pain and personal disappointment but when we rise above that pain and create something great out of our lives and more importantly the lives of others, that’s when we truly have arrived.

Although, Joan may have said different but I consider her to have had two incredibly sad moments and the first I think was in the 80’s when her friendship with Johnny Carson JR 9.jpgcame to a crashing halt and her subsequent banning from the Tonight Show and the NBC Lot sent her wheeling.  If you don’t know the story, Ms. Rivers had been burning up the small screen in the 80’s being the permanent guest-host of the Carson/Tonight Show when a new network (Fox) gave her an offered she could not refuse.  Her own late night Talk show was a dream come true, so she thought.  Well, Carson, her so-called friend got his panties in a bunch, trashed Joan’s name and banned her from the Tonight Show set then, and for many years to come.

And not too long after that heartbreak something happened that at any giving JR 23.jpgmoment I choose to put out of my mind but I know it was a turning point in Ms. Rivers’ life and talking about it can make me cry but Joan took it and had no other choice but to soar.

In 1987 Joan’s beloved husband Edgar, took his own life and in that act of suicide left Joan and their daughter Melissa alone.  She had to be terrified and just beside herself.  However, Joan had a daughter to look after and to bring up, so whatever the conditions Joan was left in she had to pull it together.

During this tragic time in her life Joan reconnected with herJR 24 daughter and even did a Lifetime movie, sharing their pain and lost with the world and maybe helping someone else on this planet deal with a loved ones suicide.  Although those years were tough Joan did not stop.  Joan gave to many around her, and helped others whenever she could, she may have even supported entire families but she did not give up she worked her tail off and she just kept coming back.


She Invented Re-Branding

If ever there was a woman symbolized the great comeback it was Ms. Joan Rivers.  Her JR 8.jpglife seemed to be a series of comebacks and she never disappointed.  How many of you saw her on the TV reality show the Apprentice ?  One word Epic !!! She won that show at a time when people thought Joan was a member of a by-gone era.  She fought the battle for her daughter on
that show and let the world know how truly strong the bond between that mother and daughter duo was

When you thought Fashion you had to think “Ms. Joan”  Fashion Police has not been the same since we lost her.  Joan had many irons in the JR 10fire, and she kept stroking until the day she left this earth.

In later years that was not Joan’s only claim to fame.  She had her own classic collection lines of watches, sunglasses, ear rings.  I am sure she made a pretty penny for QVC and from QVC.  They loved her and she did not just bring herself to the set to sell, she brought JR 25.jpgher own brand of humor and it was a joy to watch. You knew in your gut you would have a good laugh anytime you saw her.  JR 27.jpgThat was Ms. Joan Rivers.  Her one woman show said it all A  Piece of work..

I will tell you one thing Carson did not know… and that was Birds have to fly and there was noting he could have done to keep Ms. Rivers down even though in his pettiness I am sure he thought he could. But, not only did Ms. Joan Rivers fly… she soared.

Yes she did… We will miss you Ms. Rivers


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