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Happy Spring / Summer / 2016 May 1, 2016

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Happy Spring / Summer 2016

By: Ms. Bobbie Jones

Hello, my dear readers… Have you been waiting, I know I have been waiting for this crazy whether to give way so I can hit the road and get myST 3 2016.jpgSpring/Summer travel on.  But good things come to those that wait, well that is what I once heard.  But if you are anything like me you know it is time to get going.  To all my readers I hope you enjoy this 2016 travel season, I hope you have great experiences this Summer and I hope you learn some new things along the way – I know I
plan to… Time to Enjoy !!!

Loving all the flowers and the smells of Spring and I know the planting season is also under way.  ST 2 2016.jpgAre you all set in the Garden ?  Don’t let that green thumb of yours go grey.  Get out there and get to planting and beautify your little plot stated out on this earth – you never know how many will walk by and appreciate it. As long as the world has the beauty of flowers and those sensual scents of Spring/Summer we can never go wrong.


Now, if you are anything like me and the price of taking a flight has taken off… off of your list of things to do that is.  But, never fret – there are many ofimgres.jpg ways to get out of dodge – sort ta speak.  It has not been that long ago since the airlines have turned the average Joe’s vacation get away into their own personal retirement savings plan.  The fees we are charged are out the you know what, and they keep coming up with new ones every other day.  Please people I implore you to take a good look at your airline bill very close one day and see if they are not actually charging you for the oxygen you are breathing on the plane, without the mask even falling from the cabin compartment that is.  Yes, my fellow travelers it is brutal out there.

My answer has been to travel every other way under the sun, and yes you have guessed imgres.jpgit, Trains, Buses and the good old reliable Automobile have been my travel companions for some years now.  You ask, “Ms. Bobbie, don’t you miss the jet set and the clear blue sky that comes along with air travel?”  images.jpgI say to you my traveling enthusiast, “What are you smoking..LOL ?  There is no way I miss getting fleeced by the airlines not now, nor ever.  And I do hope one day my fellow travelers will put their collective heads together and say to the airlines no more, but until that day comes I want you to seek out alternatives ways to have a beautiful travel experience.

Summer Road Trip

Think of it this way… your car is your friend and if that car/friend of yours is not the best when it comes to hitting the road you can always rent one for yourST 2016.jpg vacation.  I enjoy a roadimgres.jpg trip myself.  But to tell you the truth I have never driven in a car by myself to a destination but I have taken a Bus with friends, many friends and I have had a blast.  We laugh and play games on the way to our destination.  We stop and get good food and we merely enjoy each others company.  It truly is all about the journey.  I want you to think back in your travel history and rememberimgres.jpg when you had the best time, was it when you had to wait in a crowded airport and your flight was delayed 10 hours or your luggage was lost and the airline rep. looked at you as if it was your fault.  Well, I can tell you that has never brought me joy but being in a safe, fun and joyful environment with friends really has made my day.

This is your time to take off work or school and relax and enjoy – the season is not just imgres.jpgfor planting and traveling but this is another one of my favorite time of year and that my friends is the hot and highly anticipated Carnival Season.  Yes, I said it. So, you might be saying Ms. Bobbie you are old – why do you want to get on those old, crick eddy rides that could fall apart at any moment.  First off, who is old?  Second, find a safe ride, one that is low to the ground – Oh, I know there is a chance your wig could fly off or maybe something else, but hey…. that is the fun of summer. Get out there and get on some rides.  I say act like you are at Disney World even though you can’t afford it – who can ?  don’t let that stop you, remember life is fun and Summer is short so you know what to do.

My advice to you this special season is to find a friend or many friends and hit the road, see some sites, get caught up in your own many Summer advimgres.jpgenture.  Who knows you may have a story to tell for years to come and maybe the people you left back home won’t believe you – but I bet they won’t be able to say they lost their wig on an old raggedy carnival ride – but you will : )

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