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Television Would Never Be the Same – (Desi Arnaz) January 30, 2017

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Desi Arnaz


Television would Never Be the Same


By: Bobbie Jones

My dear readers, I thank you for joining me and I could not let this month pass without recognizing your concerns as to what is going on in our Great Country of America.

With that being said, I wanted to take this time out and focus on some history, what we here at “Giving it to ya !” does best and see if we can relate it to today and maybe someone will gain some insight and we can evoke love, compassion and some much-needed change. FTB DA 1.JPG

There is a gentleman in our American history that gave us great showmanship, beautiful dance and music and behind it all a great business mind and provided the American Television landscape with techniques still in use to this very day.

The Ship Is In the Harbor Now

When young Desi Arnaz was just a child he and his family had to flee Cuba after his father was jailed as a political prisoner during the FTB DA 5.jpgrevolution.  And although while in Cuba the Arnaz family had many riches and Desi’s father had been the youngest Mayor, none of this mattered for when they fled to this country they were resigned to leaving every possession behind.


Better Days on the Horizon

We can only chalk it up to hard work and determination but the young Desi made it to this country (Miami) enrolled in school, got and education and took it upon himself to take classes that would help improve his English and once graduated he went about the business of getting himself a part on Broadway.

Yes, showbiz was Desi dream, and by the time 1939 had rolled around he had made that dream a reality.  Not bad for a Cuban refugee. FTB DA 6.jpgStaring in Too Many Girls on Broadway had been a dream come true for Mr. Arnaz, but no one could have guess that bigger things were just around the corner. Arnaz was asked by the movie studio RKO to be in the movie version of Too Many Girls and this lead him straight to Hollywood an Actor’s paradise.

Coming Up From the BottomFTB DA 10 .jpg

Movies was not the only thing Hollywood had in store for Desi, while he was filming Too Many Girls he met someone who would change his life.  The fiery red-head from stage and screen, Ms. Lucy Ball was staring in Too Many Girls and this is when Desi meet the love of his life and from that moment on – the rest was history.  Desi and Lucy married on November 30, 1940.  Desi, performed in several more movies before his number came up, his draft number that is. While Desi was off entertaining the troops in the U.S.O Lucy was home holding down the fort … but once Desi returned home…a few band dates performed and boom – It was I love Lucy time.

See If You Can Spot Em

Not only did Desi Arnaz have his own band but Television was about to become his true money-maker.  On October 15, 1951 Desi and Lucy made their television debut in the now iconic I Love Lucy Show.  We all know and fell in love with Ricky Ricardo and

FTB DA 7.jpgthe Club Babalu and Fred and Ethel and little Ricky and although Desi acted the lovable, struggling with the English language club owner he was a wiz behind the scenes.  Our Cuban immigrant Mr. Desi Arnaz not only came to our country as a refugee, learned our language, made his dream of being a Broadway performer come true and then took his talents to Television and behind scenes to put his business know how to the use and changed the game.

As you watch your television sit-com today know FTB DA 9.jpgthat Desi Arnaz pioneered the art of live audience participation and the multi-camera setup production style.  Also using adjacent sets in front of a live audience that became the standard for subsequent sit-coms to this day.

Yes, another immigrant coming up from the bottom…. (Research Hamilton – Broadway Play.)

Copyright © Ms. Bobbie Jones – January 30, 2017

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Love always wins. : )