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Hey, Mr. Carter – Where you Been ? February 1, 2016

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Hey, Mr. Carter


Where You Been ?

By: Ms. Bobbie Jones 

My dear readers, with this being an election year, I hope you didn’t think I would let it go without a small tribute. Now, I for one have never been one for politics but I am one for a good story, and with that being said I wanna take you on a journey that will appear from time to time in my blog.  This will appear as a special series and it will be entitled – Who is your Favorite President?

Now, the way this works is I will present my readers with the biographies of 4 different presidents. These are my favorite Presidents and as you read along and enjoy my story and the journey I want you to comment and tell me what you think or who your fav. President happens to be.  You can also tell me what you think the best traits of the President you just read about are and do your best to keep it upbeat and fun and let’s enjoy.

As the title suggest I am choosing to write about former President Mr. Jimmy Carter. I want to touch on three traits of Mr. Carter and those would be his Courage, second his strength and most importantly his faith.


Mr. Carter

Mr. Carter was born on October 1, 1924, in Plains, GA and from such humble beginnings who could have imagined that he would become the 39th president of these here United States, but he did and I am sure Mr. Carter must have believed he was made for Cart 31it.  Jimmy must have gotten his work ethic from his hard working father, James Earl Carter Sr. For, you see his father was a peanut farmer who not only ran a farm but a warehouse and general store. Bessie Lillian Carter, his mother, a registered nurse is where he got his wisdom and kind, gently nature, and these two traits would most often be used in and out of public office.

Mr. Carter grew up in the rural South and during his time growing up witness many horrible injustices and indignities place upon the parents of his young playmates. Who were these young playmates and their parents?   They were the poor, disenfranchised and weary with the scars of racism.  Yes, they were the poor Black population of the rural South.  There would be many sights and sound of the South that the young Carter would encounter but none more powerful than Cart 38the outright injustice of his black friends, playmates and their parents.  Jimmy would carry these memories with him throughout his life but they would not just sit dormant, you see Jimmy had a plan and all the bigots in the state of Georgia would soon learn of this plan but for now Jimmy had a life to live.


Mr. Carter would later become a naval man putting those hard working skills he learned Cart 32from his dad to good use.  Discipline and determination to be good at all his task would set him apart, sure he only stood 5 feet 9 but what he lacked in stature he more than made up for in hard work, graduating in the top 10 percent from his Naval ROTC program in 1946. Jimmy not only had a budding naval career he also had a blushing new bride.  Jimmy married his wife Rosalynn who world remain by his side through it all and he would come to rely on and respect her quiet strength.


Southern Politics on the Horizon

After Jimmy’s stint in the Navy he came home to his beautiful growing family and to a beautiful state Hawaii. Although, this would not be long lived, soon Jimmy would get word of his father’s death and almost without a second thought Jimmy was off to home, Plains, Georgia to take over the family farm and take care of his mother, all to Rosalynn’s dismay. Thank God eventually Rosalynn Carter came around because the family needed her full, engaging presence for it was about to get busy around the Carter household.


In the 1950’s Plains, Ga. was no better than it was in the 20’s 30’s or 40’s but the laws of the land were a changing and Mr. Carter would be there to see to it that now, his southern black friends would gain the dignities they deserved.

Public office did not come easy … but Jimmy had some success on the township and local levels but soon he wouldCart 34 set his sights on the Governorship of Georgia, which would prove to be a tall task, but Jimmy was undeterred. Although, Jimmy had been threatened by the White Citizen Council or the Ku Klux Klan because he refused to join the hateful group, and it did not help that he was the only white man in Plains to do so, now that took courage.

One may ask, how could Carter do this and put himself and his family in harm’s way? Well, you see Carter operated under a different law and that was God’s law.  For, you see no matter how many fake man-made laws exist, when you know deep inside you that something is not right you do everything within your power to make it right for you know God is watching, and Jimmy knew the Lord is always watching.  Carter knew treating God’s children (African Americans) unfairly was wrong and wrong in the worst way Carter set out to right those wrongs with God’s help.


Strength & Faith

Mr. Carter learned on his several journeys towards public office that things are not as they seem and when you throw in small town politics into the pot you have a simmering heap of injustice, ballot tampering & election fixing. However, Mr. Carter would take some timeout between campaigning to focus on his faith.  You see, during this time JiCart 39mmy had a long talk with his older sister who just happened to be a minister and he wanted to know how she could be so content in whatever it was she was doing and she in no uncertain terms told him it was her total faith in Jesus Christ.  Now, Mr. Carter was no stranger to the Lord but he knew something was out of alignment in his life.  Jimmy began teaching Bible study, helping to win people to the Lord and just taking his time and working for God and waiting on God’s timing.



Once Jimmy took that step back and focused on the Lord – for you see true promotion comes for God and once God gives you something no one can ever take it away. In 1970 Mr. Carter won the election to become Governor of Georgia and beat out his Cart 33rival Carl Sanders but to do so Mr. Carter employed a little trickery.  Although, Carter was a progressive Liberal, fighting for Civil Rights.  He let the Red Necks of Georgia think that he was on their side and ran a campaign on their issues.  However, once in office he did the old switch-a-roe and went back to his policies on Civil Rights and fair and equal treatment for all.  Now, that took faith and strength for you knew after that he was in for the fight of his life.  But in Mr. Carter’s mind he knew the end would justify the means, he had to do what was right for the people of Georgia for he knew God is always watching.


Mr. Carter had a dream and God must have been on his side for you see Jimmy was just a onetime Governor of Georgia but he was on his way.  He declared his candidacy for the Presidency in December of 1974 and no one could stop him. It did not hurt that his clean living and honest, God fearing persona was looked upon to clean up the mess Richard Nixon and his cronies had left behind.


Mr. Carter & The White House

Jimmy won his bid for the White house On November 2, 1976 and it only Cart 35took him 22 months to go from a total unknown to the President of these here United States. You may not believe but when God’s hand is on something, miracles happen.

Some may say Carter’s administration was plagued with problems from the beginning but Cater was there to do Gods work and peace and justice was on his mind. Carter’s record on peace stands to this day. Mr. Carter also made sure to cut waste while in the White house and he streamlined and did away with quid pro quo.  Although he may have not understood the way Washington politics worked but stopping the corruption and making sure it did not happen on his watch was his goal along with a balanCart 36ce budget.

Peacemaker (Middle East) and Champion of those seeking Human Rights – Mr. Carter also knew that the Bible says blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called the children of God. It does not say blessed are those who go along to get along.  Yes, Mr. Carter had a long and hard fight but he was fighting for a much higher power.

Out of Office

One of the things that I have most loved about Mr. Jimmy Carter has been his total commitment to simple things and the helping of othersCart V 13 and that is in and out of office. Habitat for Humanity has been one of the organizations I have supported for the simple fact I saw Mr. Jimmy Carter on TV wheeling his hammer so when I hit college in the 80’s Habitat is where I went to build houses for my fellow man.

Putting your money where your mouth is – Walking the walk as you talk the talk. These are the things that I loved about Mr. Jimmy Carter, our 39th President. …

I like the places our former President has been I like the things he has done because he has done them in the name of God and although they may have not been conventional or proper in the eyes of men he did the things he knew were right because they were right before God !!!Cart V 18

Thank you Mr. Carter for doing what was right even when it was not “Popular”

Keep the conversation going and let me know who your favorite President is and why ?

God Bless & Good Luck.


As this Election year gets underway I want to say and extend a very special Thanks to our current President Mr. BarCart 40ack Obama.  I thank you for being brave enough to accept such a crucial job and for doing all you can to help the American People.

Thank You !!!

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Copyright © Ms. Bobbie Jones – February 1, 2016

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Stay tuned for All that is Black History, coming this Month. : )