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Who Sanctioned This Bull_hit ? August 21, 2016

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SBS 21.jpg


Who Sanctioned This Bullshit



By: Ms. Bobbie Jones

My dear readers, I think it is that time once again – and I did not want to let the summer come to an end without giving it to ya just one more time.  Now, with this being an election year how ironic for me to be talking about Bullshit and for that matter Sanctioned Bullshit or (SBS), well no it is not ironic, but let’s get down to the nitty gritty and I will tell you what I mean by SBS.

We see this all the time in our everyday lives – It is when you look up and notice something and you say to yourself, “How can thSBS 2.jpgis ish be allowed?  Now, this could be something illegal or out of the norm or just plain foolish but someone or something or some BS committee has turned a blind eye to the bullshit that is happening and maybe even good people are getting caught in its wake.

Let me give you an example, let’s say you work for a company that claims they have a (No Drugs) policy for its workforce they even spend top dollar to conduct pre-employment drug testing and the SBS 6.jpglike.  However, ever since you have been on the job all you see is people walking around with blood shot eyes and smelling like weed (marijuana) when they come back from lunch.  Now, you can’t be the only one to notice this – I mean some of these fools even walk right past the boss with the weed smell so strong that the boss could get a contact high.   Without fail however, year after year these same weed smoking people are still stumbling on the job – and you are somewhere asking yourself, “What type of SBS is this.

SBS 11.jpgLet’s take a look at some news headlines for a min. – The Fox Network has been in the news as of late do to the fact one of SBS 3.jpgits executives decided a long time ago to use his position of power to take advantage of women that came to work for him.  And although, stories of this man’s horrific actions did not come to light till many years later, how much do you want to bet that someone knew exactly what was going on and maybe could have even done something to stop it?  But for some reason the BS continued while someone turned away year after year, after year.

SBS 4.jpgSpeaking of all that – let’s get real serious for a little bit and lay a bet down as to how many people knew what Bill Cosby was doing for all those years right up under everyone’s noses.  I can assure you it was no secret to some.  Now, we may SBS 5.jpgnot ever know who set up all the meeting and lured all the women into Cosby’s clutches but you can rest assured that someone knew something and what is left for us to say now – Who sanctioned this Bullshit ?

Yes, it is part of all of our lives, from the time we wake up in the morning to the time we go to bed at night.  We see the BS at the SBS 1.jpgcoffee shop when the fool cuts the line right in front of you and you have
already been there for a good ten mins.  You see it on the job when the boss is yelling at you for overspending on needed toilet paper while the boss’s boozing buddy just hopped on the Hi-Lo and is poised to kill everyone in sight.

SBS 14.jpgOr, how about this…you are just getting down to business and working hard but you take a slight break from the days’ work to chat with a co-worker and just like SBS 15.jpgthat the boss jumps down your throat… but just an hour ago you saw that same boss who claims work is so vital standing around talking for 2 hours about his last golf outing.  What bullshit… yes it is all over the place and we can’t escape it.


SBS 16.jpgBut my dear friends there is some truly dangerous SBS out there not saying the above doesn’t carry some weight but the stuff that really hurts God’s children and  we better watch out for it.  Those that lie on you at the job, or theSBS 19.jpg Bosses that load up massive quantities of goods in their cars and think they will never get caught.  Those that bully others to the point of pain and loss of livelihood.  Believe me there is always someone watching and I say to you my dear readers always do right for God has you in his sights.

Be not fooled God is not mocked – You will reap what you sow.  Just remember these peopleSBS 20.jpg are not getting away with anything – you just keep yourself safe.


Good Luck & God Bless.

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Copyright © Ms. Bobbie Jones – August 2016      

All Rights Reserved        





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