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Vampires (Life Is In The Blood) October 31, 2015

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HW words 2


Vampires (Life Is In The Blood)


By: Ms. Bobbie Jones

My Dear readers have you ever heard the term “Life is in the Blood” ?  You may not know that this may have its roots in something more Spiritual than HW VP 7Sinister.

With that being said it is Halloween and time for all those things that are spooky.. and I know you guys love it. So, do the blood drinkers of the world really exist? or are we just spooked out of our minds for no reason?  I bet you would love to know. So, in our search for the truth I invite you to come along with me and lets view some videos and see some pics and sample some blood,… well not really but you know what I mean.  : )

Blood letting and blood sharing has been going on for years whether you want to believe it or not and history has its place right along side all the Vampire’s blood thirst for life if you want to witness what I speak of, just take a look below.



There can be no doubt that Vampires and other creatures of the night captivate and garner our attention but throughout the years no one has ever been able to really explain  the spooky reality of the Vampire’s existence but maybe the video below can help.

HW VP 17Why is it many find the Vampire legend such a sensual and captivating tale?  has it been designed that way, perhaps and there have been many of Hollywood actors that would have given their right arm or maybe the nape of their neck to land such a powerful role in those earlier Dracula films.  Lets take a look at one of the most famous Vampires of all time and see how he came to the light butHW VP 3 more importantly – How he avoided it.

A mythical creature, clothed in dark tales and blood drenched nights, Dracula has prevented many of us from falling asleep and getting our 40 winks but somewhere lurking in the shadows is the truth and lets see with this next video can we – unearth it?

So, as it goes this Halloween as you send your little ones out to round up candy from those neighbors that seem to cause you grief all year long just be inclined to remember that all things that go bump in the night may not be what they seem.  Make sure you keep a firm grasp on reality or that which you think in reality for you never know the real true monster may be the one sleeping right next to you.

Have a Happy Spook Fest and a ………..HW words ct.


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Beyond The Stars (The Mary Pickford Story) October 14, 2015

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Beyond The Stars


By: Bobbie Jones


My dear readers, I don’t know about you – but this is my time of year.  I call it my New Year when it comes to the latest in movies.  As you may or may not know I am a movie lover and the Fall Season is movie season.

Well, my friends if you don’t actually know movies and the best of them usually come out in the fall in the race for Oscar.  So, if you are a movie lover as I am this is the best time of year for you and me.  And, with that being said I want to take you on another historical journey and introduce you to a person that you may not know anything about but when it comes to movies, Mary Pickford and her friends started a revolution and after they did the movies would never be the same again.

Mary Pickford, held a lot of titles and she decided during the prime of her life to joined forces BS M P 2with some fellow workers to form United Artist (UA) Film StudioMs. Mary Pickford was born Gladys Mary Smith, and was a legendary silent film actress and although she was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1892 she would be known as America’s sweetheart.

Mary began her young career at the age of 7 on the stage (January of 1900) and was known as Baby Gladys.  Mary continued to perform with her family on the stage for more than nine years when she and her family moved to New York to conquer Broadway.  It was at this time that she took the stage name Mary Pickford.  Mary Pickford made her Broadway debut in the Warrens of Virginia.

Although, by now Mary was well known on the stage she still had a greater desire burning in her heart and that was to be and actress on the big screen.  Yes, even in the infancy of cinema Mary longed to be a star.  So, silent movie were all the rage and Mary just knew she could act and act she did.   She landed a gig with D.W. Griffith a director and head of American Biography Company during a time when movies made were movies “shorts” and Mary made more than 40 films in 1909.

BS Mary P 1Being the head strong Aries (born April 8th) that she was Mary would have a serious of mishaps and setbacks even at a young age.  She decided to marry one of the first men to ever show interest in her and even though it was against her Mother’s wishes she married her first husband (Owen Moore) in secret at the age of sixteen.  As you can well imagine this would cause a great hardship between Mary and her mother whom she was very close to all throughout her life.  Also during this horrible time she took a job in Cuba against her better judgement and by all accounts those around her.  Not only did she fall ill and due to the crazy and terrible working conditions in Cuba she decided to cut her contract short and get out of dodge before it was too late.  So, back home it was to New York and the Bio-graph Company and although she had to sue to get out of her contract she was happy to be back in the presence of Mr. D.W Griffith.


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When Griffith decided to moved his Operation (Bio-graph) to California Mary went withBS MP 4 him.  Mary added many more films to her credit while in California (Sweet and Twenty, The Would Elope, and To Save Her Soul, just to name a few).  Mary would bounce back and forth between making movies and making magic on the Broadway stage which in those days was no small feat but would finally settle on a long film career.

Mary being the creative mind that she was and would set no limits on herself she not only acted but she began to write scripts and she sold these scripts to DWG for she had an eye for a great story that had and would continue to serve her well.  She may have played the innocent girl in the movies and her stature may have been small but in real life Mary was just as bright, feisty and talented as they come. It also took a few forward thinking men to let her bring forth and hone her craft right on the big screen for in those days ladies were to be seen and not heard or should I say, ‘Just act, don’t think’

By the time the 1920’s rolled around there was a young actor that Mary had her eye on and he on her.  Douglas Fairbanks whom she married in 1920 would prove to be one of the most productive and creative Hollywood unions of all time.

Along with her husband Mr. Fairbanks and her friends BS MP 9Charlie Chaplin, Theda Bara and Marie Dressler, Mary formed United Artist film Studios.  Mary was a very astute businesswoman and she oversaw every aspect of film making from hiring talent and crew and as I already told you she wrote scripts. She dealt with the shooting and the lighting of the film, editing pre and post. Finally she had her hand in promotion and the final release of the film.

Mary was always an advocate for the young workers, Actors and Actress in the film industry.  She wanted more of them to take an active roles in their own BS United A 1careers, learn how to read and negotiate a contract.  Ms. Mary Pickford was a dynamic force in the early days of film making and became a force to be reckoned with during a time when women were expected to take a back seat, Mary refused to take that back seat but instead she took her rightful place at the head of the table and beyond the stars.

Thank you Ms. Pickford for showing us all how to stand tall and do what is in our hearts.


Some Familiar United Artist Films you may know BS UA 2

The Bird Cage

Leaving Las Vegas

Son of the Pink Panther

Golden Eye

Tomorrow Never Dies

The Alamo

West Side Story


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