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Happy Easter !!! (Why Jesus Is Your Greatest Helper !!!) April 4, 2015

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My dear readers it is that time of year again… for those that follow me you know it is time to talk about Jesus.  : )  Thank you so much to all of you and I hope you enjoy.

BT Jesus 10



By: Ms. Bobbie Jones

My dear readers, this Easter piece was inspired by a young man on this (Inner Web) who in his asking may have been trying to tempt me to anger or he may have been thinking this Jesus thing is a Joke.  However though, with all his sarcastic tone I was able to glean something good from his question and I have placed it here in order to help and inspire all whom are interested.

The Question was… How does Jesus Help you…no, I mean really How does he help ?

I will let you take in the Videos….. Today and digest them… the words and the stories will come later… be on the lookout for them and enjoy the videos.


The Lord Jesus helps, by looking out for you when you don’t even know you are in Danger.

The Lord Jesus helps by providing wisdom for you if you seek his wisdom it is truly there for the taking.

The Lord Jesus helps by being there for you if you ever are in Danger

The Lord Jesus helps by Healing. (Believe and Receive)

The Lord Jesus Helps you…. because he defeated the enemy for us all and that is Satan and offered to make your burden’s light if you follow Jesus, and believe me this a big help.  Watch Joyce give you some pointers to silence Satan.


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Videos provided by: You Tube.

Copyright (c) Ms. Bobbie Jones – April 4, 2015



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