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Zombie Love !!! ( Let’s Dance) October 21, 2014

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HW zom 4


Dance of the Zombies


 By: Bobbie Jones


My dear readers, it is that time of year again – a time when things go bump in the night, and things are not what they seem and even HW word 5more haunting is the dead will rise and walk again.  Well, not really but if you have become one of the millions of individuals that are hooked on TV shows like Zombie Land and fear the Zombie Apocalypse then this Halloween you are in for a special treat.


During our history as human beings here on this planet our attention has been drawn to many things that can and have spooked us and the walking dead ranks among them.  However, history shows us that Zombies have not been our only freak night fear.  Vampires, obsessed with drinking our blood and only appearing in the deepest darkness of a foggy night – Ghostly figures of people that you thought were dead who all of a sudden decide to pay you a visit, and the most scariest of all Daemons, deadly entities not human and not of this world that could take over and walk here with us all of which can be too spooky to mention and so terrifying that our under garments may need a deep cleaning after a so called encounter with any of the above.


HW word 6 When it comes to zombies and zombie history what do we really know?  There are some on this planet that believe whole heatedly zombies exist and live here among us but factually zombies are fictional creatorsHW zom 3 and really only became popular with the making of movies such as Night of the Living Dead.  One could say – popular culture made zombies pop.

But, let’s leave American History of the Zombie and pay a visit to Haitian History.  The island of Hattie has long been known for a religion and a religious practice called Voodoo.  Many people have seen this so- called practiced of voodoo in the movies and on TV and they associated with the practice of sticking pins in little dolls and moving dead animals bones around but, focusing more on zombies – it has been alleged that on the island potions have been concocted that can make the dead come alive and walk again….   Checkout video below.

Who knows if any of this is true but for all those looking for a good fright night it has sure made for an entertaining proposition…  Zombies seem to have taken over whether it is on our TV screens or in our HalloweenHW zombie 1 costume store there is no mistaking the great popularity and surge of dead-like or “made up to look dead like people” in our space.

Let’s take a look at and actual zombie and see if we can determine what the great fascination and appeal is.  Now, we know that the zombie to look at is most unattractive.  The skin is falling off along with the clothing, some are minus an eye ball or teeth or an ear or all three and yet these are the most fascinating creators on television.  Can anyone tell us why?  However, if shows such as Zombie land and the Walking Dead are any indication Zombies and the make-up artist they keep employed may be around for a very long time.


The walk of the zombie leaves something to be desired, it’s very shaky and at any moment it looks as if it may fall over even as it reaches out to grab its victim it could tumble.

I will leave that fine question up to those that seem to never be able to get enough of things that frighten them clear out of their pants… but in the mean time I say to you all enjoy your little Zombie fest … but do so with the lights on.


Happy Halloween !!!


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October 21, 2014

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