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Baptist Bombing (A Time to Remember) September 15, 2014

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16 4 little girls


Baptist Bombing (A Time to Remember)


By: Bobbie Jones

My dear readers, this September I wanted to share with you an event that happened in American history and I am sure if you have been with me since the conception of this Blog you know History is what I love to bring you.

If however, in the haste and rush of last year you missed this very16 st bombing 4 important anniversary in our nation’s history I wanted to make sure that you would get your chance this year to reflect on it.  I am speaking of the 1963 bombing of the 16 Street Baptist Church in Southern Alabama.  Yes, last year was the 50th anniversary of this tragic event and with all the recent tension taking place this year in Ferguson MO., and knowing that still in this day and age (2014) just simply having a black face may result in one’s own death truly is shocking and devastating.

Although, as horrifying as it may be African Americans and many people of color are faced with many life altering events – many that don’t affect our white counter-parts or that would ever reach whites on a personal level so, what people of color face and go through, white rarely understand.

Unfortunately, this is the story of so much hatred for ones fellow man that certain individuals were willing to kill little children at a time in American History when African Americans were just standing up for themselves and trying to get America to keep its promise.  It is simple – If we are all created equal, let’s act like it!!

And, with that I invite you to take a trip with me back in history and learn how four little girls lost their lives, because grown-ups could not behave as such.  (Checkout the video below if you would like to see the Documentary >)



On September 15, 1963, it was a bright and clear Sunday Morning and in the air at least to the outside world there was no indication of the devastation yet to come.  16 st DM parentsOn this Sunday morning as children prepared for their Sunday School Program a sinister plot was in the works. And sadly enough before this mid-Fall Sunday would come to an end four litter girls would lose their lives.

The 1960’s had been a time of hatred, ignorance and violence in our nation’s history and for those of us that had to face it and look deep into its eye would be forever changed.  Although, African Americans faced great pains and hardships, strides were being made, businesses were being created, homes, were being built and occupied by Blacks.  However, some were not too happy about this progress and they showed this unhappiness and unrelenting hatred the (KKK) by fire bombing and destroying the many great advances that were being made, or so they thought they were.

16 st CR1The bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church was finally the turning point and made people finally stand up and say No, the death of children is not what we as Americans are all about.  And although Carole Robertson was laid 16 st DM 2to rest prior to her fallen young comrades people came from all over to attend the funerals of the Denise McNair, Cynthia Wesley and Addie Mae Collins American came together, reached out and showed really that love had to be more powerful than hate.  Sure it would take some time for healing but America had to get on the right road before it was entirely too late.

16 st CWMarches, sit-in and all that was meant to show our solidarity would 16 st b vid 4take place in the following years.  And really the years leading up to the bombing because people were trying to work together and the children oh, if it hadn’t been for the children.  The pre-teens and the teenagers that left schools to sit in at lunch counters and fight racism at its very core and take the place of their parents at the marches when mom and dad had to be at work.  If it were not for the children progress would have come to a stand-still.  I believe the KKK knew that and in their complete cowardice they retaliated against the children by bombing the church on a Sunday when children were in great attendance – it was slated “Youth Sunday”


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And although, on this terrible day in our nation’s history we are still presented with many problems when it comes to race and race relations in this country – 16st b vid 10but progress is always being made.  My dear friends, I do so want you to know that through all the tears and the struggles African Americans have faced we have stood strong and achieved so much that many thought was impossible given what we have been through.  But, I am truly convinced that with love you can achieve and overcome anything and love always wins over hate.  Too bad the KKK can’t even begin to comprehend that.  You keep taking care of one another out there…….

God Bless & Good Luck !!

(On this Day – Please Reflect and Remember)

16 st b vid 6


Photos by: Google Images on the Web

Videos provided by: You Tube

Copyright © Ms. Bobbie Jones – September 15, 2014

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