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Scorpions – Facing Trials and on Trial !! August 7, 2014

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SS Oscar P

Reeva and Oscar



Scorpions Facing Trials and on Trial                                                                    SS The Sign


By: Bobbie Jones                                                                                                                                                                                                         

My dear readers since this summer’s court action will be occupied by the all-eyes on Oscar Pistorius case out of South Africa – I wanted to take this time out to dissect the personality of Oscar and his type.  That would be the Scorpion (October 23 – November 22).


SS Oscar Reba If you have not been keeping your own little score card as to the host of Scorpions behaving badly – fret not, because

I’ve done all the work for you.  But let’s recap who Oscar Pistorius (Born Nov. 22 1986) is if you are not aware.  Oscar is a double leg amputee, Olympic runner SS Blade Runner.from South Africa.  Many may know him as the Blade Runner.

In the late evening hours of February 14, 2013

South African Model Reeva Steenkamp would lose her life at the hands of her then boyfriend Oscar Pistorious.  Reeva was shot by Oscar through the bathroom door while she huddled in the corner of the room.


If you did not know – the Scorpion is the sign of Death.  And death always surrounds the Scoprion in some way, shape, form or fashion.


SS Aaron Hernadez          But, Oscar was not the only Scorpion committing murder last year – Aaron Hernandez (Born Nov. 6, 1989) was getting his own little killing spree on, allegedly.  As a matter of fact when
SS AR Arrested it is all said and done Mr. Hernandez would be charged with three (3) murders and one of those murders would have been his so-called best friend.

However, as the Oscar Pistorius trial takes its place in criminal history let’s take a look back at some other famous Scorpion faces and see what down right deadly behavior they were up to.

Now, I know you may be saying scorpions are not the only birth sign with bad behavior what about the others?  Don’t worry I will get to those in due time. Now, if you are totally convinced that – said scorpions do not exhibit murderous behavior, then I say let’s examine the evidence. >

Scott Peterson -(Born October 24, 1972) – check out this video below


Rock Hudson – Movie Star- (Nov. 17, 1925)

Big Pun – Rapper – (Nov. 10, 1971)

Ol Dirty Bastard – Rapper – (Nov. 15, 1968)

Ike Turner – Musician – (Nov. 5, 1931)

Charles Mason – Mass Murder – (Nov. 12, 1934)

Richard Burton – Actor – and another Drunken, over-sexed Scorpio




          Warren Harding    1921-1923 (Born Nov. 2 1866) and he could not leave the women alone. He died in office coming back from a trip after visiting his mistress.SS WH pr


SS JAG pr         



  James Garfield     1881- Assassinated 6 months later

(but he was born on Nov. 19, 1831) He was the first left-handed President.


Prince Charles (Born on Nov. 14, 1948) thought being married ment “lets go hangout with our Mistress”

Some of the traits of the Scorpion – Most believe the sign has some positives but I don’t know.  Jealous, possessive, controlling, over-sexed, moody, a sense of entitlement and the inability to remain faithful – the list goes on and on.

Coincidently,  if you have ever been in the presence of one of those scorpions – in a love relationship per-say you might notice the feeling of complete disconnect and emptiness on the part of that said scorpion.

Now, I know many individuals that believe passion is a very strong and intriguing trait of the scorpion but have they ever asked themselves what is this passion in relation to.  Scorps. are passionate about who they can control – who they can manipulate, who they can talk into having sex and passionate about how much money they can acquire.  And trust me in the attempt to obtain any of these, they could care less about who gets hurt in the process.


A Bobbiegirl Ad


One needs to look no further than the money talking and strip club hopping rapper Drake (Born Oct. 24, 1986) if proof is what you desire.  Something else you may have noticed if you have been around said scorpions.  SS Drake 4They seem to be unable to control their additive behavior.  You can find them either suffering from Alcohol abuse, or drug abuse, sex addition and any other host of additions that may be on the books.

ss turner 2Ike Turner
not only abused his loved ones but had a very strong addition to Cocaine and who’s to say what other drugs.


Scorpions are also good at one of their best traits and that is keeping secrets or if you have ever lived in the house with them (being sneaky).  Yes, secrets – dirty little ones, big oversized ones and the ones that when it is all said and done – someone is dead. Maybe the scorpion himself – Rock Hudson and Big Pun are prime examples of this one.

SS Rock Hudson


Rock Hudson went from this to this all while perpetrating the biggest fraud out in Hollywood.  And all the ladies who worshiped him and did not know he was playing for the other team got the biggest shock of their life when he announced he was dying from Aids.

SS Rock Hudson 3











SS Rev RunIn closing there is one Scorpio that I know of whom has managed to overcome all the demons that plaque this sign and his name is Rev. Run or Joe Simmons from Run DMC.  (the 80’s Rap group).  And you ask how did he do it?  He found and accepted and made the Lord Jesus Christ the love of his life.


Good Luck & God Bless



Keep your eyes out for this one >

SC J E Hoover SC Woods


SC Nixion




What do all these individuals have in common ? 

Another Bobbiegirl Parallel Reviled !!!!!!

Stay tuned.


Photos & Videos provided by: Google and Youtube.com

Copyright (c) Ms. Bobbie Jones – August 7, 2014

Bobbiegirl Ad is courtesy of:  Bobbiegirl Productions

All Rights Reserved



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