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What A Daddy Can Teach (A Father’s Day Tribute) June 12, 2014

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My dear readers I take this time to say Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful Dads out there – much love and I hope you all read this and enjoy !!  : )

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What A Daddy Can Teach (A Father’s Day Tribute)


By: Bobbie Jones


D & D 2     As we all know there is a great deal of attention paid to the month that comes before June for this is the month that houses the coveted Mother’s Day.  A day we all come together to celebrate our Mothers and those female figures that took good care of us as we grew into adulthood.  However, the month just after May is a month that is, but not with great fanfare dedicated to our fathers, Father’s Day is that day and this is the day I come to celebrate – and I will tell you why.


In my short life here on this earth, though some may call it long, I have come to D & D 1know that the many things my Father taught me would serve me greater than anything I would later come to know.  Two of the traits or characteristics I learned from my father were resourcefulness and resilience.  The ability to be resourceful is one of the greatest traits I have ever come across and one that I do so admire in others.  If ever in life you have been dealt a blow, or come up short or have had to do without you know the beauty of resourcefulness.


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These traits were not directly taught to me by my dad but I learned by watching.  My dad could build anything and fix anything  if he did not have any formal training,  he would teach himself, or find a friend and watch that person tackle the project and then my dad would imitate it.  My dad build houses from the ground up, rewired houses and over hauled electrical systems, put in plumbing, fixed radios, and one spectacular thing he did was sewed and completely tailored clothes.  Yes, I was fascinated by this. My dad could make clothes and he made hats, pants, jackets and yes, I was totally amassed, for a man to be able to do this blew my mind.


But, what I did not know was that in which the era my dad came from tailoring ways a trait often done by men, not just women.  But fortunately, a little girl in the 2nd grade to have some adorable trousers and a cute cap to match made by her dad was the talk of the school.


Resourceful if you have ever been in the position where you were in short supply of a resource or you needed some materials but they were nonexistent – what are you left to do but beSon Sitting on Father's Shoulders resourceful.  That means it’s time to come up with a plan.  If I had to say that there was one thing my dad taught me – and that would have to be resourcefulness.  Learning to make things happen.

Let’s say you are in the middle of baking a cake and the recipe calls for oil but you discover you are out of oil when you open the cabinet but you have already started mixing – what do you do?  You put in milk or a little extra liquid butter but you don’t toss out the cake – you learn to improvise and be resourceful and that’s what we have to do in our lives.  As both my parents use to say – “One monkey don’t stop no show!”

If you are trying to get a yes answer to something you want to do but you encounter people that keep telling you no.  Do you damn nest to find that one person that says yes.  But you also have to exercise good judgment when forging ahead and making things happen and Fathers more than anyone can teach this lesson.


The ability to pick yourself up and dust yourself off and get back in the game.  That is what we call resilience and in life we need it and this is one more trait Dad’s that have it on the ball can teach.  Fathers if you do nothing else in life giving your children love and teaching them how to take the good with the bad in life will get them further and keep them happier than any other lessons you can deliver




Make ship Dad

For all of you out there with fathers who had a knack for making something out of nothing – this one is for you.  I think you know what I mean by making something from nothing.  Think back to when you Color Drum 1were a kid and you wanted, no craved with every bone in your body a drum set and your crazy dad says let’s not spend all that money on drums when I can make you a drum set.  Next thing you know the family room is playing host to the most colorfully decorated set of plastic buckets the world has ever seen.  Now, there you are pounding away – pondering your own Broadway debut of STOMP!  : )


Madcap Dad

I am sure we can all agree on this last one that dads can be some of the biggest, most over the top, no room to stop clowns there ever were.  If you grew up with a dad that kept the laughs coming nonstop … you know what I mean.

When mom was in the kitchen yelling out how you kids need to pick up after yourselves – who was in the living room doing a danceVT LV 19 and mocking your mom?  Your dad.  And who was doubled over in laughter – that would be you.

Sure, your mom knew what was going on when she walked in the living room.  She knew her husband was “Mr. Funny Man” that’s why she married him and the laughs just kept coming.

And if there ever was a coping skill that could put everything into its proper place in life – that would be laughter.  So, whether you or your dad knew it or not … he was teaching you so much as you were growing up in his care and under his playful and watchful eye.



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Copyright (c) Ms. Bobbie Jones – June 12, 2014

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