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Happy Easter !! (Wisdom & Discernment) Something We All Need ! April 17, 2014

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Happy Easter – Be Safe and Take good care of your loved ones this Easter Sunday.



WSD Last Sup



Wisdom & Discernment



By: Bobbie Jones


For those of you that read my writings often you know that this is the time of year I like to talk about JesusEaster is upon us and with that in mind I wanted to tackle a subject related to Jesus but more exact, the gifts that are bestowed upon us by our Heavenly Father.


In the past I remember talking to people about something called Wisdom – one of Gods gifts and Discernment, the two I believe go hand in hand.  Now, for some strange reason people have told me that they don’t believe they have discernment or wisdom and they don’t believe God would give them wisdom even if they asked for it.


But, let’s back up here and let me explain what both of these gifts are if indeed you do not know.  Wisdom is the understanding of what is true and right – and lasting (Common Sense & Good Judgment).  Discernment is spiritual insight – Gods guidance into what’s right and wrong.  These are the meanings of two very important gifts.

However, let me get back to those who say they don’t possess either of these traits or gifts.  What I have found to be the case with these folks is even if someone spells it out or lays out the tragedy in great detail that awaits – these so-called no wisdom folks would refuse to take heed no matter what insights they may have.  This my dear friend is not a lack of wisdom but is what some may call being a Stubborn Fool.


            There is a prevailing attitude among such individuals (Stubborn Fools) and that attitude says – I will do what I want and no one can stop me.  Believe me I have seen the above attitude play out with devastating consequences.


I will give you a few examples – Let’s say a mother is talking to her 25 year old grown son and she has noticed a pattern of her son taking advantage of young women and leaving a trail of broken hearts.  You know, cheating and lying and being a pure scoundrel.


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Now, knowing she has raised him better than this but somewhere in his mind he believes the rules just don’t apply to WSD Usherhim.  She tells her son – What you do to others will come back to you and in most situations it comes back 100 times worst.  So, how does this individual end up?  Well, just check out the life of R&B singer Usher minus the bling.  Study the personal hell his life has undergone.   Checkout also the life of Chris Brown


            In life we are given certain indicators of what is right and what is wrong.  God gives us an internal meter and some of us pay attention to it and others do their best to ignore it.


There is one simple rule that many of us full in life and the is Treat others like you want to be treated or (Do unto others).  Well, there are many fools that break this rule of life every day and they wonder why they are catching so much hell.

So, my dear friends in life if wisdom is truly what you seek or you just want to live out your days more wisely here is some food for thought and some ways to gain and hone in on your wisdom and discernment.


  1. Listen more than you talk

This may sound simple and easy but you would not believe the number of people who have trouble with this oneWSD Ear Mouth 2Exp.  If you come across someone that has made it to an old age and they are still dolling out advice you would be wise to listen with all ears and take heed.


  1. Don’t just keep your ears open – keep your eyes open as well.

You should always keep an eye out for how people treat other people before you let them into your life because if you are not careful those you let in may cause you a big headache.

WSD Eyes1       Exp.  If you notice a co-worker who always borrows money from others but never bothers to pay it back and if you don’t want to be the next casualty – watch out!  Now, you ask well, how would I know if they pay people back or not?  Believe me you will hear about it because people will talk and all you have to do is – listen.


  1. Seek it out

Look for and seek out people that either know more about life than you do or been here longer than you have.  AskWSD Seek 2 about their experiences and what lessons they have learned in their lives.   You may garner some great advice and you may not have to experience too many hardships if you listen closely.


  1. Know that wisdom comes with time

            If truth be told if you stick around long enough you will lean some things and wisdom will develop along the way.  You will learn from your mistakes, hopefully and if you are smart enough to watch those around you and see what you don’t want to happen to you – you can take heed and avoid the actions that others have taken.


  1. Hone your own discernment

            In essence we should follow our gut.  This is one of the best ways to discern right from wrong in our lives.  As I said before we all have our built in indicator or radar and when something is amiss a strong signal is given.  We feel it in the form of and uneasiness or an unsettle ling in our gut.  Trust that feeling it can keep you away from danger.



Wisdom is made up of many things and a word to the wise if you come across individuals that treat their fellow human beings like dirt or always shows lack of respect to those around them you should stay clear.  I can assure you that an individual like that will have a higher power to answer to and if you want to stay safe keep those kinds ofWSD Seek 1 people out of your life.

When it comes down to it I could be here all day putting out information that could help you understand wisdom but you really do have to seek out wisdom on your own.  Believe me I have faith that if you seek you will find – That’s written somewhere, right?   : )


God Bless and Good Luck !!


Traits Associated with Wisdom

Here are just a few traits that seem to go hand in hand with wisdom.  Check them out and see how many you can check off your list.



Positive Attitude









Protection of Other



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