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Florence Griffith Joyner (We Are Stars) Black History Month Profile February 26, 2014

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My dear readers, the time has come and my (We Are Stars) series has come to an end.  I hope you have enjoyed the look back at these wonderful Olympic Stars that have made us all proud and I hope you have enjoyed your Black History during this Black History Month.  Now I give you Florence Griffith Joyner.  Enjoy ! : )


ws FL 10




Fancy Flo Jo


By: Bobbie Jones


She had the grace and the speed of a gazelle on the track and so stylish was the gear she sported.  However, she was not just all glam on the field she meant business and for those who competed against her know exactly what I mean.


Born Florence  Delorez Griffith on December 21, 1959 in Los Angeles, California and you would think that the bright lights of the big city would prepare for the life that was to come.  But in all actually, it would be the hidden and dark side of those California streets that would set her young feet in fast motion.

Check out the Videos below >

Was she fast or what ?

Time for some more Gold !!

I am sure you can tell that.. all her videos say it best.  Fast, faster, and out of sight.  She ran the race of her life and seeming for her life.  Sadly however she lost that beautiful and accomplish life too soon when she died from suffocation for an epileptic seizure in her sleep.  The year was 1998 and she was only 38 years of age.

Beauty, love and grace was lost that day but what she left us with was her spirit and the spirit was one of a champion.


With the Summer Olympics just around the corner… keep your eyes open for this one….. Ms. Gabby DouglasWS GD 4


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