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Glamour Boys (Oh, Those Kennedy’s) November 21, 2013

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NV kennedy boys

The Kennedy’s symbolized many things to many people.  They had power, influence, money and glamour – but what they did not have was much luck or a sense of knowing that your private life really does affect your public life whether you believe it or not.  Enjoy this journey into the stories of their lives.


Glamour Boys


By: Bobbie Jones

On November 22 Fifty years ago a tragic event occurred that gripped the nation and would set forth a fascination with one of America’s riches and influential FamiliesNV Kend 4 for years to come.  When John F. Kennedy was shot to death in the fall of 1963 in Dallas Texas many felt it was the end of an era but if one era ended a season of suspicion, conspiracy theories, mistrust and cover-ups began.

NV Kend 1 When Kennedy was assassinated I was not yet born however, once I hit this earth I like many was fascinated and taken in by this American tragedy in all its forms.  Many stories and folklore have also emerged about a Kennedy Curse but my mom use to tell me that in life when you continuously do wrong when you know the right thing to do – punishment will not escape you.

Now, as mere mortals we can’t know what that punishment will be but God knows, and that leads me to JosephNV KB sr.2 P. Kennedy Sr. – the Kennedy Family Patriarch.  Many may not know his story but I have assembled some videos below and I invite you to take a look back at history.

Could it be true with all JPK Sr. dealings he set forth in motion all the tragedy his family later faced?  It really is something to think about.  Kennedy Sr. was a Bootlegger, who ran illegal booze, formed a criminal enterprise during prohibition and along with that business he used his criminalized tactics in the Stock Market to secure his fortune – but that fortune came with a high cost, a tremendously high cost.  (The lost of many of his Children)

NV KB 15Kennedy cheated on his wife many of times and he passed this behavior on to his sons in later years.  NV BK JK MMOne of the Kennedy’s favorite hallmark beliefs was (It’s not what you are but it’s what people think you are.)

Now, whether or not you believe what you have just seen here or believe what you have read – remember in life if you continue to do wrong and you make no effort to make amends – Life will extract its revenge.  I suggest if you want to be wise don’t test this theory or do so at your own risk.


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–         Photos provided by: Google Images on the Web

–         Videos provided by: You Tube

–         Copyright © Ms. Bobbie Jones – November 21, 2013

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–         All Rights Reserved



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