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It Really Is Your Final Destination !!! (Halloween) October 28, 2013

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My Dear Readers, I think you have been waiting for this.  I hope you enjoy all the dark, cold tales as well as the good info. you will find here for this Halloween.  Your Final Destination awaits !!!

HT graveyard


Your Final Destination


Ms. Bobbie Jones


This Halloween I will take you, my readers on a journey into your biggest concern and our age old question (What happens to us after we die?)  I will lay before you everything from Autopsies to Toe-tags and everything in between and once we reach the end of our journey you may wish to do some digging on your own  ; ) if you know what I mean.

No matter whom we are and no matter what our backgrounds are sooner or later we all have to deal with death and there is no way to escape it.  In all reality it truly is our Final Destination.

When it comes to us leaving this earth there are many facets to consider and no matter how many episodes of Zombie Land or Dead Creatures Walking you watch nothing can prepare you for the real thing. And, when those creatures in Twilight stops giving you a twinkle you still will never know what happens to you until its time to experience life’s final curtain call for yourself– or will you?  Hollywood may have provided us with a backdrop to all things morbid but I can assure you that life truly is much stranger than fiction – just check out the video below >

Autopsies & Embalming

HT HospitialWhen many of us come to our very end this is a procedure many of us may not make use of unless our bodies have been involved in a murder or if any hint of foul play has come to the forefront an Autopsy would be in order.

An Autopsy is a complete examination of the deceased body to determine the cause of death.  Many family members order this procedure if they are not satisfied with the original pronounced cause of death.  However, the state or city prosecutor can order an autopsy if it deems it necessary.

Once all final examinations have been conducted now, the real work of our home going begins.  If you have never been to a funeral home to view a body before its burial there is another procedure that is done to prepare it and that is the process of embalming.

Embalming was developed by the ancient Egyptians in order to preserve their dead.(Great care was taken to pull the brain through the nose and anoint the body with oils and carefully wrap the body in cloth as to prepare if for it’s final home going.) Although,HT Embolm 2 the Egyptians has many strange ideals of bodies coming alive in the after life and packing earthly possessions in tombs so that the deceased would have a comfortable stay in the world beyond, today we know these beliefs are ancient and foolish or are they?

We may know that whatever we have here on earth we cant take with us into the afterlife but the actual thought of an afterlife has given many people great pause.

Cremation or Cemetery


It seems to be a given that when it comes to your final resting place these two options are among the most popular.  However, one is considerably less than the other but I must inform you that in some religious circles one is more accepted than the other.  Despite what HT God 4your religious convictions may be you should be warned that if you plan on going the cemetery route you better have a hefty sum stashed away for the average funeral can run you about $10,000 dollars and that depends on what century you pass away in.  Check out the run down sheet of expenditures on this site >



HT graveyard Before ground burial became most popular in the late 1600 the most accepted form of disposal for the human body was burning or as we say today, cremation.  The reason many bodies ended up as chard meat – if you will, was because sanitation was an issue.  Disease and plaques ran rampant in those days and burning the human body was believed to help rid society of its rotten, smelly decay – or so they thought.


Ghost & Graveyards

            There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Graveyards can sometimes be pretty spooky places especially at night and although they are the very places we go once we leave this earth there has HT Ghostalways been the question – how many of us stick around even after we are planted in the ground?

If you have never taken a trip to a graveyard in the night time hours or if you have never been on a ghost tour through one – I invite you to put on your big boy pants and pay a visit to one.


Haunting & Home Goings

Souls & Spirits


Tombs, Toe Tags & Body Bags


HT AG 1No matter where we are all going when we are alive and walking around here on this earth, one this is for certain we will all meet up with each other in another place.  Some may be at peace with that notion and others will fight it till the bitter end but you can rest assured (or rest in peace) but we will all see our Final Destination.  That is God’s Promise.

Believe it or Not !!!!

God Bless


– Photos provided by:  Google Images on the Web

Videos provided by:   YouTube.com

– Copyright (c) Ms. Bobbie Jones – Oct. 28, 2013

All Rights Reserved



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