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It’s That Time of Year / Get Your Car Ready September 3, 2013

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FF car


Getting Your Car In Order


By: Bobbie Jones


            I know for many of us this may be something we dread but believe me if we act now we can save ourselves a headache later.  Regular auto repair and scheduled maintenance is something we should all do but let’s face it some of us put it off till the last moment and sometimes it may be too late.  However, for us ladies living on our own and no male to leave the car issue to we need to tackle this issue ourselves and here are some tips for doing so.



1.   Know your car make and model

2.   Know the type of oil that works best in your car’s engine and use it

3.   Make sure your Tune Up includes good quality Spark Plugs and Wires

4.   Don’t drive your car like a maniac – speeding, stopping, drag racing / this is foolish if   you want your car to serve you well.

5.   Changing your oil is essential.


As the car buying and using public we have a great love affair with our automobiles and we need them to take us to and from our various destinations and to get us there safely.  Well, proper care of FF Auto Repairour cars can help in that safety but if you are more money savvy doing repairs yourself can save you a great deal in the long run.

            When the economy went bust many of us American and car owners were forced to keep the cars we had and keep them even longer than we may have planned.  For those of us who took good care of our cars we were in a good place.  Those who did not  value their cars may have paid a heavy price, with breakdowns and costly repairs that could have been prevented.

            Sure, there are a number of Americans that got use to the fact that they could drive a car for 2 years and then turn it in and get something brand spanking new.  But I think now people are turning around and going back to the days when keeping their car in good working condition for a long time seems to serve them better, especially if they despised making a car payment year after year.

Making Sure Belts Are In Good Working Order

FF Belts 2    Whether it’s your fan belt or your Alternator belt or any belt that’s housed underneath the hood of your car it is your responsibility to make sure they remain in good working order as long as you have your vehicle.  Some belts you can change yourself if you are not shy about auto maintenance but for certain you can find a qualified mechanic and get the job done right.

Oil Changes

 FF Oil C 2  Speaking of things one can do themselves guys listen up.  If you don’t want to shell out money for this you can tackle it yourself.  Make sure you know the type of oil your car takes and which oil helps FF Drip & Driveyour car perform at its best.  And, ladies don’t be shy they have videos on Youtube.com if you are so inclined to know how to change your own oil and don’t have a handy man around to help.

            Remember your car is an extension of you – so know it well.  Know what noises are not supposed to be there, or not.  Know all the ends and outs so you won’t get taken for a ride when you do hit the repair shop.  Brush up and lean all those working parts of your car so when you do visit the auto shop you can speak and understand the lingo.  And remember never get talked into buying something you don’t need.  

     For repair seekers in the greater Suburbs of Detroit here are a couple of reliable repair shops you won’t want to miss.

  Sheldon Road Auto Service[1] 

 (Sheldon Road Auto Service – Owner Bob South)                                      

 5757 Sheldon Road

Canton, Michigan 48187



Mr. Muffler

Washtenaw Ave.

Ypsilanti, MI 48198



Photos provided by Google Images on the Web

Videos provided by YouTube

Copyright © Ms. Bobbie Jones

All Rights Reserved



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