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Look Before You Step – Avoid BS July 23, 2013

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BS Shoe


BS Spotting – Be Careful Don’t Step In It!


By: Bobbie Jones

It has been a while since something has inspired me to (give it to ya) like it is.  OK, it has not been that long but really I want to chat about a subject matter we all face.  Now, some of us are good at letting it blow by us like a sour smell on a country prairie but others get so frustrated when they see it on an everyday basis they start pulling hair from their bodies like they are plucking a chicken. But, my friends I can assure you that at some point in time we will all come across it.

B S is – what I am talking about, good old fashioned (Bull Shit.)  Oh, people have different names for it, they call it Bull Twinkies, or Bull Crap, but in the end it all boils down to the same thing, and that is something we really don’t want to step into. This BS is everywhere, it is at the school house, hell, it’s at the courthouse, at the workplace and even at the community theater – you get my point it is everywhere.

z school yard1Many of us experience this BS when we are young but as children we don’t know what we are looking at, as kids we think we have just experienced a little bump in the road but ohhh, my dear friends this is when it starts.  Let’s say you are in the classroom working your little heart out and some idiot fool so-called teacher’s favorite starts to pull your hair.  Well, you get tired of the abuse and you strike back – but wait, here comes the teacher at the very moment you decide to defend yourself.  Now, who gets the blame for all the commotion in the classroom?  You do. – Now, this is some straight-up Bull (Well you know the rest.)

After that childhood experience you say to yourself – how could this BS happen to me?  I was minded my own business but some half-baked teacher who can’t see the truth even when it is starring her in the face decides to punish me for that idiot suck up who she thinks can do no wrong.  And, now you are tainted for life, but don’t let this taint slow you down just use it to your advantage later when you learn how to spot the Shit that comes your way.


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Take it from me my friends this advice can prove valuable.  Now, let’s take this little experience to college and see what we can find.  This is a time in life when we are out on our own for the first time and we have to learn some things and learn how to adjust.  Some people like to take advantage of us during this time in our lives because they believe we are young and naive.  This is when all the Bull begins to fly or as some would say all the Shit hits the fan.

This is the time you will find all the crap coming at you from all directions.  Let’s say you have a roommate in college and you are the quiet one and this roommate of yours is loud over-barring and pushy. W trash All of a sudden, this roommate of yours thinks you should be the one to clean up all the time, do the cooking and take out the trash.  Now, if you don’t put your foot down when this Bull Shit occurs you will be stuck in it for the duration of your college career – don’t let this happen.

If your bed-hopping slut of a roommate does not want to pull her fair share you make it obvious that you are not going to be the one to pull if for her.  Oh, now sometimes in life it’s a good move to help out and be the one to bend but if you keep bending over all the time don’t be surprised at what you find sticking up your rear-end – word to the wise.

This BS can follow you to the work place and I hear so many people talking about what they have experienced at this juncture in their life.  You get the lying corporate bosses that thinks they are putting one over on their workers.  You hear crap like oh, this has been a bad year and sales are down and there are no raises for you, all the while they are putting in orders for their fancy sports cars and counting the bank rolls in their pockets of all the money they stole from you.

Sure they stole it from you how do you think your pension fund collapsed – bad times ? no, miss-management crzy money2and thievery. The BS comes in when they start spewing the lies to you to cover their tracks but be smart enough to spot this BS and do something about it.

For instance, learn early on to manage your own money and don’t leave it to someone else.  Two, stand up for yourself if you have to take bravery classes to get up the courage, do so but don’t let people walk all over you on a regular basis.  Three, speak up when you hear bull coming your way even if you can’t stop the situation let the BSer know that you are aware of the crap they are spewing and they can save that shit for somebody that’s listening.



I really hope this little piece will help you in the future, please print it out and keep it safe and refer back to it when needed.  Keep Bull Shit at a distance and believe me you will be

all the better for it in the long run.  Keep yourself moving and think positive and when a bull shitter comes your way your feet will be ready to get moving.

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