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What Can You Do ? Time To Get At It !!! July 7, 2013

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What Can You Do ?


By: Bobbie Jones


I know I may take some heat for this article but I take heat for a lot of the subject matter I choose to take on so here we go.  I guess I am longing for the time that seems long-gone-by.  A time when men took pride in the work they did with their hands.


There was a time when a woman could ask a man, “Hey, can you fix that?”  And the man would answer sure or yes I can do that for you little lady.  Now let that very same questioDM Man 2n get asked today and see what answer you get.  You may not even get an answer at all you may just get this >  The foolish Head Scratch


But, let’s go beyond that and let me take you back to your Grand Father’s time – oh you may not have known him but he was a fascinating creature.  He may have been a farmer or a young man poised to take his place in the new industrialized world.  However, regardless of his profession he was a worker and a very hard worker at that and he did more than just work, he loved and cared for those around him.


cd hammer   Now, what this man lacked in ability he made up for it in common sense and he used his brains and his hands and whatever tools God provided him with to get the job done.  This type of man was not shy about trying things and his ability to get the job done impressed all around him.


So, what do we have today…hummmm I don’t know but what I do know is every time I ask one of these new-fangled men what do they know how to fix or can they fix anything alcd workl I get is a dumb look, and the increasingly popular phrase among these man-scaped specimen is I don’t know how to do that.


What this new generation of guys don’t know is that the ability to get the job done can produce a sense of well-being in one’ self can save money, forge a sense of pride and garner the respect from those peers around them.


Personal Story


When I was a young girl my Dad was so resourceful and has such an ability to work with his hands he re-wired the entire electrical system and a third of the plumbing of our new home cd plumbingbefore we moved in.  He was 65 years old when he did this.  Till this day I am still amazed by this feat and proud to say that my dad could do that and he had no schooling as an electrician and our home was lit beautifully for our growing family… I loved and respected my Dad’s gift and his ability to tackle any project.


So, please guys don’t take it as a badge of honor that you are unable to change the oil in your girlfriends or wife’s car.   Don’t be so proud that you have a pocket full of money that you can hire every job out that comes your way, cause believe me just because you have the money now, just keep dolling it out for things you can do yourself – I bet you won’t have much of it for long.




Here is another guy I love and admire and it is for more than just his music check out his video below and get inspired to get back to using your hands fellas and use them for more than playing video games.


Rob Vanilla Ice Van Winkle

You may know him as the young man that came out with the hit single ‘Ice Ice Baby’ but you won’t believe what he is doing now.  Fellas check this out and get inspired… I am not saying you need to revamp an entire house from top to bottom but learn the value of working with your hands – you will be so rewarded in the long run… Trust me.



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Copyright (c) Ms. Bobbie Jones – July 7, 2013

All Rights Reserved








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