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Nothing But Love ( Those Gemini Babies) June 17, 2013

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Welcome Readers, the next 2 profiles I have posted has only been done to show my love for these two great artist.  Heavy D and Tupac Shakur.  Both are Gemini Babies and both left this world too soon.  These bios will be filled with facts but most of all they will tell the story of how they touched my heart.  I hope you will enjoy.


Heavy D

Heavy D


Heavy D


By: Bobbie Jones


Out of all the Rappers that came out when I was growing up in the inner city Heavy D is the one that put a smile on my face every time I saw him.  With all of the Rappers that made the rounds – Run DMC, Cool Mo D and Vanilla Ice Heavy D and the Boys gave us creativity, style and gave me plenty of smiles.

JB HD 1  Dwight Arrington Myers was born May 24, 1967 in a tropical paradise also know as Jamaica.  His family later moved to the states in the early 70’s giving Dwight a chance to get his dream started.  Dwight may have been his given name but to many that loved him we knew him as Heavy D.

I never knew Heavy D personally I just happened to be one of the many fans that loved his care-free, joyous style and his ability to make us laugh.  Yes, and we can’t forget those wonderfully articulated rap phrases that put him on the map.

Although, it was Rap that brought him to the world stage his many and vast talents kept him there.  Heavy D was more than just a Rapper and his list of talents included writing, producing, acting as well as a Talent Scout and collaborator.  If you have never had the privilege of seeing Heavy D in action when it came to his acting credits – check him out in the video below  (Different World)

Knowing that Heavy D had an impressive record resume he had a greater eye when it came to the Music Biz so in the mid 90’s which you may not know he became the first Rapper to head a major Record label when he became President of Uptown Records.




            Not knowing what Heavy D was doing behind the scenes you can imagine my surprise when one day I looked up (literally) and saw his face staring back at me from the silver screen.  The Cider House Rules which also starred Tobey Maguire and Erykah Badu was one of the best pictures of the year (1999)  not to mention a film that touch on some of the worst societal taboos ever presented on the big screen. 




JB HD 2With all the things we may have not known about Heavy D like knowing where his iconic voice would end up next – try to remember the theme song for the TV show In Living Color or how about Mad TV or Michael  Jackson’ hit single – yep all the voice of Heavy D.JB HD 3

When Heavy was not honing in on his acting chops or running a major record label he was searching out new talent (Soul for Real) was a group of young men that caught Heavy D’s eye and once they did it was time for Heavy to work his magic.  Checkout the video below >

While Heavy D spent his time on this earth making life better for all those he encountered. He went about his life doing what he did best and he did it brilliantly.  My deep sadness can barely be expressed – I will miss him terrible and my love and adoration for him will stand the test of time.  His mere presence made me smile and I am sure I can’t be the only one.  I got nuttin but love for ya !





Tupac Shakur


By: Bobbie Jones



It has been said that Tupac Shakur was a walking contradiction, well that was true in his music as well as in his everyday walking around life.  Born June 16, 1971 and as it goes one could say he was born into conflict and he would be fighting ever since.

When Tupac was just a fetus his mother was in a New York prison awaiting charges on conspiracy against the United Sates Government.  Both Tupac’s mother and father were members and very active in the the Black Panther Party.  But when it comes to Tupac I can show you better than I can tell you.

Tupac knew all his life at least the way he tells it in his raps, that he knew right from wrong but growing up his spirit pulled him in two directions – check out these next two videos and see if you can figure out what I mean.


Tupac lived a life very close to the edge and although many of his lyrics encouraged (Black Folk) to work together and take care of one another in real life many times his actions were to the contrary.  An artist, yes a hard worker, yes.  Tupac was all these things but in life he struggled with many demons as I am sure we all do – But when you know the right thing to do and refuse to do it you have to be prepared for what the universe has to dish out.

Tupac’s Final Hours


A Bobbiegirl Ad


Other Gemini Babies to note:

Biggie Smalls

JB Biggie 1


   Lisa Left eye Lopes

JB Lisa L 2


Gemini Rappers still with us

Markie Mark (Mark Walberg)

JB Mark W.

K West



Coming soon to the Pages of Giving it to ya !



Photos by: Google Images on the Web

Videos by: You Tube

Bobbiegirl Ad by: Ms. Bobbie Jones / via Youtube.com

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Copyright © Ms. Bobbie Jones – June 11, 2013

All Rights Reserved




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