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Laughing – That’s What You Should Be Doing !!! May 14, 2013

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L people


You Should Be Laughing


By: Bobbie Jones


            How many people do you know that are stressed out, on edge, ready to snap or have a break down at any moment?  If you don’t know any personally just look around stress out people are all around us L Pillsand if you are not stressed out yet just wait – It may happen to you soon.

            Now, with all the medication being dispensed to everybody for every ailment known to man you would think people would look for a simple way to relieve their anxiety.

            But I am sure you know that there is something that is natural and produces no side-effects.  You don’t take it in pill form but, you should take a healthy dose every chance you get.  It will not cost you an arm and a leg or cast you in any bad light – and as a matter of fact, it is free.

            You don’t have to get anyone to bring it to you special delivery.  Nope, just show up once in a while at a comedy club or pop in a funny video or DVD once you get home and sit back relax and let it do its thing.   And you have guessed it, what I am talking about is Laughter.

 L senior L Sen Home You know there are many benefits to laughing and it is amazing to me the number of people I see walking around not using it.  These people frown all day long from sun up till sun down and anytime the slightest little thing goes wrong they pop a heart valve.

            For those that know me very well, they know I enjoy a good laugh on a regular basis.  As, a matter of fact that is how many people do know me.  I hear it all the time – Bobbie you are always smiling and laughing – Girl you lift my spirits.  They say thank you for making me smile or laugh today because they needed it.

            So, I figured I would write a little something for those folks that don’t know how to put on a smile or laugh a little and maybe I can convince them to change their ways and put a smile on that sour puss and get some joy into that over-stressed heart that might be ready to pop at any moment.

L baby Now, I want you to think back to when you were a kid. L Old Friends Most of us just would play and laugh as much as we could *Laugh is the key word here.  As adults what do we do?  We work all the time, get stressed out about work and if we do get a chance to play we are so constipated and or competitive (men) that we stress out about who’s winning the game we are playing – Now that’s no fun.

            So, the following information is just for you.  This will lay out before you the true reality of how good laughter is for the human body – and yes that includes you.

        1.      Laughter lowers Blood Pressure

        2.      Laughter relieves stress

        3.      Laughter helps put things in the proper perspective

        4.      Laughter brings heart health and heart matters into     aliment  – Want a good Belly Laugh – checkout Kevin Hart Stand up  Click on link – Below..


 Exp. (Stressful Situation)

            Let’s say you and your spouse are working together in close quarters.  Now, sometimes the two of you just don’t see eye to eye.  You may go about your day trying to ignore the fact that you are having x m cheat 3a disagreement but below the surface the tension is always there.  Now, if you were not married to this person you would have no emotional attachment but since you are this situation is very stressful and you may need to find a way to relieve that stress.


So, let me give you some helpful hints so you can get your laugh on and maybe even lower your Doctor bill at the same time.


1.   Remember this is your life take a spare moment and if you love to go out on the town find a nice comedy club and stop in from time to time.  Hit it up when you feel down – A good laugh can lift your spirits.


2.  If you are more of a home body but you still need to laugh it up.  Turn on   Comedy Central and watch some good stand up comedy in the comfort of your own home.  Comics like Sheryl Underwood, Kevin James, Chris Rock and Kevin Hart are all very funny stand-ups and entertainers and will help give your heart a lift.

3.   You say you don’t have cable well get your behind up and go get a DVD at Block Buster or your local video store.

4.    Ain’t got no money?  Pay a visit to your local library and pick up a free video packed full of comedy.


I think you get my point, do whatever you need to do to get some laughter inside your spirit.  As we all know life is far too short and without laughter it gets even shorter.  So, my dear readers please pay attention to your own good will and health and get some smiles, chuckles, giggles and some good old fashion belly laughs into your lives before it’s too late.


* Take note – Remember to laugh with your friends and not at them – unless they have on something utterly ridiculous : )


A Bobbiegirl Ad


Smooches all ; )


God Bless



–         Photos provided by: Google Images on the Web

–         Videos provided by: You Tube

–         Bobbiegirl Ad provided by: Ms. Bobbie Jones / via Youtube.com

–         Bobbiegirl Productions – responsible for content

–         Copyright © Ms. Bobbie Jones – May 14, 2013

–         All Rights Reserved





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