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Backwards Living – Not Good For You !! April 20, 2013

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Backwards Living – Not Good


Living Life Backwards


By: Bobbie Jones


            Well, I guess I’m back again because you may be saying this sounds like something I heard before and I already know what to do.  Well, if you have heard it before you’re sure not acting on it because I keep running into people doing the same old thing and they wonder why their life is turned up-side down.


            Whether you want to believe it or not life has a natural order to things and when you don’t follow that order you run the risk of throwing your whole life out of whack.  Let me give you and example of what I am talking about.

A Bobbiegirl Ad

            Now, I know you have all see almost every celebrity under the sun do this and some of you may even think this is the way to go.  You’ve seen Kim Kardasian, Jessica Simpson and all the Teen Moms get down with it so you think it’s cool.     So, let’s start again andimages[6] let me tell you that having children before you are married or even ready for them is NOT the way to go just in case you were confused.  You may have not heard this old saying but let me place it here for you.  (First come Love, then comes Marriage, then comes Suzie with a Baby Carriage.)

            As the young people come up today I know they think the rules that Mom and Dad or Grandma and Grandpa grew up to are old fashioned and out of date but these things were around for a reason.  You see, it does not say first comes baby, then comes maybe I like you, and then marriage who needs that?

 F baby Because despite what you have seen on TV and at the Movies Children really do need both parents to do well in life.  And, not only do they need both loving parents, they need them to be equipped and ready to handle the challenges that occur in life.

            Now, I hear all of you out there saying, “Girl, young people do what they want to these days – you can’t tell em nothing.”  Well, I figure when someone knows better they will do better or we can pray that will happen so here goes.

You don’t want to spend your entire life living it Backwards

 In life if you find yourself considering doing these things or putting these plans into action you may want to reconsider.

 1.     As stated before having babies before you are married.  Rethink this.

 2.    If buying a boat captures your fancy but you don’t even own a house – Not good.

3.     If you have received financial aid to attend college and you run out and buy a big  screen TV with it you are backwards – Turn your life around.

4.     If the idea of going to the club out weighs you paying your rent – Refocus

5.      If that fancy vacation with your friends looks more appealing than paying your house note – Time to study up on real life.

6.      If you are a boss and you promote lazy people before hard workers because the lazy ones kiss you’re ass. – Get a clue.

 7.     Glorifying criminals instead of Teachers, Doctors or real achievers in life.

8.      Turning down a good hearted person to go out with a swindler and or dope dealer.  – Now 2 complete fools are together.

9.      Protecting and keeping Drug Addicts and Alcoholics on the job instead of good sober hard workers.  – This is just plain stupid.

10.   Running out to buy a dog or cat when you can barely feed your self – Please don’t starve everything in your house.


            These are just some things that should get you to rethink what is going on in your life.  I am sure you have some of your very own and know someone who really needs to rethink, refocus and regroup.  Keep the conversation going and send me your notes and reflections.  Post your comments here I would love to hear from you.

God Bless, and Good Luck.


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–      Photos provided by: Google Images on the Web

–      Videos provided by: You Tube

–      Bobbiegirl Ad provided by: Ms. Bobbie Jones / via Youtube.com

–      Copyright © Bobbie Jones – April 20,  2013

–      All Rights Reserved



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