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Jesus Protection – Something We All Need ! March 26, 2013

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Jesus Protection


By: Bobbie Jones

Lent 2As the Lenten Season comes to a close and Easter is upon us I just wanted to take some time out to share with you, my readers something I heard a few years ago that may give you cause to smile and think a little harder about what surrounds you in this life.  Now, for many of my readers if you have been with me for a while you know that Jesus, God, the Lord and FFace Jesusdoing the right thing by others has always been a part of my work.  However, this will be the first time I’ve gotten the chance to share with you some valuable information about a Jesus filled life.

When I heard the term Jesus Protection a group of friends were talking about how it was mystifying to us that anyone would date a so-called “Atheist” or anyone that has totally excluded God from their lives.  As this conversation was continuing one young lady spoke up and said, “Yeah, because if you engage in this life style you have no Jesus Protection!

That got me to thinking what actually is this Jesus Protection and how has it been a part of my life for many years?  How has it been apart of those around me that I love and have loved?  You, see Jesus is with us always whether we know it or not and whether we believe it or not but when we truly access his power and greatness we find love, freedom, joy, happiness and protection.

The Benefits

There are certain benefits that come along with this “Jesus Protection” and the one thing I find most helpful is Joy.  You see when you walk in the comfort of knowing that your Heavenly Father (Jesus) is there to take care of you no matter what you just have complete joy and people that don’t have it… Jesus Protection that is, can’t understand.  They ask, “How can you be so happy all the time?”  They don’t know – you walk around singing happy songs and humming and they look at you like you are crazy, but you know better.


is a benefit of this well, you know.  Think about this have you ever had a close call or have you side-stepped some disastrous situation?  I have heard many people say “If I would have been a second, minute or an hour earlier I would Jesus 5have been in that accident or whatever the horrible situation was.  But what some people may not even realize is that Jesus and his angle are always looking out.  People who are aware of this know what I am talking about and they honor and respect what we call that still small voice in our ears.  Sometimes that voice may be saying don’t go into town today, or don’t take the bus to 4th street today.  You may not know what the reason for the diversion is but Jesus knows.

(Personal Example)  In my hometown, there is a Library that I go to all the time and there was even a time span a few years back when I would go just about every day.  Well, on this particular summer day something kept me a way from my favorite spot until late in the evening.  Driving up to the library it was very eerie.  As I pulled up next to another car in the parking lot – the news was revealed, there had been a shooting in the parking lot earlier that day and it occurred around the same time I would have paid my daily visit. – Jesus Protection.


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Wisdom & Insight

  Wisdom 1  Another important benefit I have also found to be most powerful and that is Wisdom and with wisdom comes Insight.  This is the ability to know when danger is around, how to side step it and how to keep yourself and those you love safe.  Granted we all have the ability sense danger or to know when someone is up to no good.  However, in this day and age people lack the wisdom to put their gut instinct into good use.  Some people see danger and run right towards it.  Jesus Protection gives you the wisdom to know to run away from danger.


            Freedom is a term that means different things to different people.  For those of us who know Jesus –  know we have freedom from fear.  That means there is no need to fear the unknown, people, situations, or anything else.  Example – Have you ever run into those people at work that say what they think, or work hard but not to impress a boss but it’s just because that’s what they do.  And, even when people all around them fear the “Boss Man” they waste no time with that nonsense they just keep it moving and do what they’ve been doing. – They know Jesus.


Safety and protection, something we all crave and these two things are vital for our well-being.  However, there is a safety and a protection like no other.  You can’t get it with a home security system you purchase; you won’t achieve it if you hire 20 bodyguards and place them all around your dwelling.  No, this security can only be obtained by knowing, accepting and loving the Lord Jesus Christ. 


Psalm 23, (Bible) and yay though I walk through the valley of the shadow Death I shall fear no evil for thou art with me.

Some other things Jesus Protection provides

–         Help when you need it

–         People support you even when they don’t want to

–         In times of weakness you still are able to pull through

–         Evil moves away from you quickly because Jesus

            and his angels surround you.

–         Difficult task are made easy because you have the

            Grace of God with you.


            And, this is the most important thing I leave with you – and that is for you to Love one another.  Without love you see many of these things are not possible.  God loves us – therefore we must love those around us.  God so love the world that he gave his only son (Jesus).  The least we can do is love those we come in contact with. – Jesus Protection.

            I know dealing with people can be a difficult thing.  I hear ya out there saying girl you don’t work with these freaks I “gotta” see on my job.  But if you could just remind yourself that behind those people that treat you bad is an evil spirit and if you have the Lord with you he will take care of those spirits.  You just move on with love and peace in your heart.

            I hope this piece spurs your curiosity about the subject and once you learn more I hope you share it with others.  For, what good is knowledge if we don’t share it?  Keep the conversation going and let us know what you have experienced in your own life surrounding Jesus Protection.  You may inspire someone else to get on board.

Good Luck & God Bless


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