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Duke Ellington (Dashing Duke) – Unchained Heart Series – Black History Month Profiles February 26, 2013

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My Dear Friends, we have come to the close of my Black History Month Profiles.  I hope you have enjoyed everything I have brought to you.  I hope you were entertained enlighten and most of all I hope you learned something you did not know and I hope that put a smile on your face.  For our last profile I give you Duke Ellington – “Takin” the A Train and I hope you enjoy the ride.


BH duk 2

Duke Ellington


Duke Ellington (Dashing Duke)





By: Bobbie Jones


BH duk 1It was once told to me  that the classics never die and growing up deep in the inner city the things that kept me inspired, entertained and alive with creativity were the classics.  Now, granted we may have been talking about classics like (The Three Stooges) or Laurel & Hardy but still they were classics just the same.   Ahhh, but when it came to music our house was alive with some of the most talented, loved and adored performers and today I present you with one of the greatest.  Mr. Duke Ellington himself or as he may be better known as Sir Duke.


I was able to locate some classic footage and since we are here and there is nothing I would love more, I am going to share what I have found with you.  So, go ahead feel free to set back and take a journey back in time with me.  I hope you enjoy all that the Duke has to offer.


Shining the spotlight on others was something he did best.  Here just take a look and see if you can tell who is having more fun.


If you ever wondered what it was like back in the day – you know an era you were not born in, check out the link below and see what it was like at one of the hottest night spots around.  The Famed Cotton Club In Harlem… It was a rocking good time.


I truly hope you have enjoyed this video journey back in time and I do hope you will join me next month for Women’s History Month. : )  Enjoy the rest of Black History Month.

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A Private side note… The videos will be faster and more clear if you go directly to the link.  Until an upgrade for embedding has been offered this will provide you, my readers with a clearer and faster picture.  Happy Black History Month!!


Bonus Video – Just for the smile of it.



– Photos provided by:  Google Images on the Web

– Videos provided by:  You Tube

– Unchained Hearts Promo provided by Ms. Bobbie Jones / via Youtube.com

– Copyright (c)  Bobbie Jones – February 26, 2013

– All Rights Reserved



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