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Sex-A-Holics Unleashed January 5, 2013

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Sex-a-holics Unleashed


By: Bobbie Jones

Well, welcome to the New Year.  I know you think I may be a little late but naaa, we are right on time, time to give you what you wanna hear in hopes that it will prevent you from making these same mistakes, mistakes of those from a year’s past.  Now, I know you may be eyeballing the title but yes it is what it is.  I wanted to take a look back at the year we just left because it seemed like every time I turned around in 2012 somebody else could not keep their pants up or their dress down. – Sex here, sex there, sex everywhere.


FS ASNow, last year it seemed to start off with Mr. Arnold and poor Maria.  Oh, Mr. Arnold had it locked down – did he not?  Or, so he thought he did.  He not only kept a 20 something year old secret but he had a baby by a housekeeper that lived in the same house with him and his wife.  Now, some fools would say – Arnold was pimpin…. If that’s what you want to call it.  But I tell you what, by years-end he had a book deal and he was bragging about his stupidity all in it.  He lost his wife, had his kids mad at him and lost all respect in the public eye.  Let’s hope behavior like that, “Won’t be back.”   But somehow I doubt it because sex and fools are everywhere and no matter where you turn you will find the both of em’.

FS CIALast year we had sex scandals at the highest levels – The CIA couldn’t keep it in, Army Generals who had to get it all in – even on the battlefield – “talk about love under fire.FS G Petrad”  Even poor little Elmo got in on the act.  We had female teachers who had to have it from middle and high school boys… what was that about?  The Mary Kay Letourneau Syndrome or some (ish) like that. But nothing compared to what went on in the city that I called home for 17 years.

Detroit, love it or hate it but you can’t ignore what seems to rise from the rusting, leveled steel beams that once formed and shaped what we call the Motor City.  Well, guess what was off the charts in 2012?  You got it – Sex.  So, if it was not bad enough that we had a former Mayor named Kwame Kilpatrick who had to leave office due to a Sex, and Text Message Scandal – that’s what the media called it.  And here is the kicker that FS Kilpatricksame former mayor is on trial now for federal corruption charges and even with him back in town for his trial you would think people would remember and take heed.  Nope! That did not happen.  Pants were still somehow un-belted and down on the ground, legs in the air and if they were married – nobody cared.

FS Ch W Evans I will start with the Detroit Police Department.  Now, we lost one Chief of PoliceWarren Evans to his very own sex crazed antics.  He saw a pretty woman in the department, and they figured they were both “Grown” and I use the term loosely, so they could get it on and it was nobody’s business.  Well, let’s take another look.  When you are working with someone or you are their boss, if you want to keep a whole lot of mess at bay – keep hands off.  This should be the first rule of work.  But some people will never learn – now will they?

FS RG 1Well, after Evans left they put another fool up in there.  Oh, excuse my language Mr. Ralph Godbee was not a fool, he was just another Detroit Police Chief who could not keep his pants off the ground (fool).   He said he was a Minister, helped kids and they all held him up so highFS RG 2Seems like the only thing he ministered was his unregistered stick and the only person he helped was himself to tons of women that should have been off limits because – guess what?  HE WAS MARRIED!!!  Lord Help Us!  I mean did he really think he was so untouchable that his dealings would never catch up with him or that his face just looked so, so good that he could do whatever he wanted?

 Click Link Below for news footage and story of the Chief.


I can’t even begin to imagine the number of hotel, motel and banquet rooms and the cost of securing those rooms for all that unlawful, on work time, but nothing to do with work activity.  It just makes me wonder what should a FS Hotelperson do that just wants to come to work and actually do their job?  No Sex – they just really want to work.  Believe me it’s hard and no pun intended.  One must put up with sex jokes, dirty old men and women as well trying to get you in the sheets.  Bosses mad at you because you FS Fool 3won’t sleep with them.  I know you are saying, “Girl it’s human nature when you work with someone you just get close.”  Blah, blah, I have heard it all before.

The truth of the matter is we all deserve a workplace that is conducive to getting the job at hand done.  Sex is for home, not on the desk top at the office.  Bosses, hands off employees, this should be your number one rule.  Employees, stop eyeballing the boss, you know he or she is married, give it a rest if you are that horny take out an ad and save yourself some grief.  Cause, believe me if we keep this behavior up – you think we have a diminishing workforce now just wait till we really hit bottom with this Sex, all the time and everywhere behavior.  Because it won’t lead anywhere good, just ask those fools I just wrote about, they’ll tell ya!

 Click Link Below for Judge Wade McCree’s story.


Well, the one final indignation came when the story broke of the young Dental Assistant who got fired because her boss could not keep his dirty mind off of her.  You see, he called her the distraction.  Is this what the work place really come to?  If you ask me the judge(s) that heard the case should have said, “Hey Mister if you can’t seem to pull your brain out of the gutter – get a rope and tie it on and pull and leave that young lady alone, ya freak.—But that’s just my opinion.

A Bobbiegirl (Sexy) Ad

 If you don’t believe that the above story is real just Google it, look it up.  Now, you have to devise your next plan of action if you just happen not to look like a troll in the workplace, that is – if you dare.


– Photos provided by:  Google Images on the Web

Videos provided by:  You Tube

Bobbiegirl Ad provided by: Ms. Bobbie Jones/via Youtube.com

Copyright (c) Bobbie Jones – January 5, 2013

All Rights Reserved



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