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Psychopaths, Sociopaths & Serial Killers October 29, 2012

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Psychopaths, Sociopath  &  Serial Killers


By: Bobbie Jones

 Giving into all things that can frighten a poor soul – the events of all Hollows Eves does not even come close but being the truly curious creators we are I can bet your fluttering heart that the subject matter I have in store for this Halloween will leave you breathless.

In our day to day contact with each other and our complete lack of true intimacy we never really get to know that co-worker on the other side of the wall from us or that neighbor living right next door.  However, on that rare occasion when something seems totally amiss and we utter those ominous words “You know I think that Joann in accounting is just pure evil.”  Little will we ever know just how true those words could really be.

Let me give you a glimpse into a world where evil just walked right in and sat right down and we never even knew it until it was too late. Psychopaths and sociopath exist in our every day world whether we believe and or know it or not and in the past 40 years we have been an unwitting viewer to some of the most heinous crimes of the century and some of the most craziest Psychopaths, sociopath and Serial Killers have walked this earth and in many of cases they lived right next door.

Charles Manson – Born Nov. 12, 1934

    Manson may have been one of the most notorious criminals of our times and although what he is behind bars for and most famous for had nothing to do with his presence at the scene of the crime at all.  You see Manson was able to use mind control over very young and impressionable followers and was able to convince them to commit murder at his command.

The late 60’s is when Charlie, as those around him called him, comes to put his mark on the world.  But let me take you back to 1934 the year that Manson entered this world.  America was in the middle of the Great Depression and Charlie was born to a teenage mother who prostituted herself to put food on the table for her and her baby.  Although both, mother and son spent time in and out of incarceration Charlie would never be able to control the demons that possessed him and soon the world would know and feel his pain.

If you did not know before Charlie went on his murderous rampage in California he was a budding musician in the land of free love and the emerging Hippy Culture but that did not pan out for him and in Charlie’s mind the world was out to get him.  But before the world could get Charlie he made sure to get it first.

 The Tate / Labianca Murders occurred in the late 1960’s in California and left everyone petrified and paralyzed with fear.  Bodies slashed, babies cut out of stomachs and blood writings on the walls left California residents shaking like ice in a cocktail glass. (If you never saw the movie Helter Skelter) put it on your list of things to do – if you are brave enough. (But Check out this clip first – click on the link below)


Let’s move ahead to a decade that may be remembered by my generation.  The 1990’s were many things but I bet if anyone would have told you that you would be a live witness to the murder trial of  the century you would have said no way – but we were.

  If you don’t remember the days of white Broncos and slow speed chases down California freeways and it being broadcast on almost every TV network, let me take you back to the summer of 1994 and if you don’t remember being glued to your television set then maybe you were not born yet.  But, for the rest of us this was classic TV, Reality TV and crazy on cocaine all rolled into one and all we had to do was follow the trail of the bloody glove.

  O. J. Simpson the famed and legendary football player and the murder of his ex-wife (Nicole Brown Simpson) gave us mayhem, murder and mystery at a time when many of us weren’t even expecting it.  I mean, O. J. Simpson had just completed his funniest performance in the third installment of the Naked Gun Series and now he was accused and suspected of murder – (How could this be?)  Some, people would say it was all written in the stars but before we get to that lets go here.  I know many people still to this day believed that O. J. had nothing to do with that murder and even a jury of 12 people said he didn’t do it.  But, you believe that if you want to – that’s on you.  All I know is this – when I was a little girl my mom told me that if you commit heinous and unspeakable crimes you will pay for them one way or another – you don’t get away with anything on this earth.  Now, let me remind you O. J. Simpson (is) in prison (right now) even though a jury let him off for a bloody murder (You will pay one way or another).  

> Click on the video below to see if your fate can –Crisscross with Evil.


            Not, only did we get all this new style of TV we got a new vocabulary during this time.  Rockingham, Kato Kalan, Laguna’s, Bruno Marley shoes, and Isotoner gloves were words not heard on an everyday basis but leave it to Californians to lead the way huh?  Now, during the Simpson’s marriage to say it was not ideal would be an understatement.  Many may recall the 911 calls that Nicole made as she was being beating and battered by O. J.  Amazing how all that money O.J. had couldn’t buy a decent personality or a kind soul.

Nevertheless, Simpson and his team of high-powered and high-priced attorneys were poised to beat the system and if it could be done these were the guys to do it.  But Nicole’s spirit would have something to say about the true ending to this crime.  Her blood along with Ron Goldman’s was pooled at the end of that Rockingham Street that warm summer night and no amount of money in the world would keep O. J. Simpson a free man forever if their spirits had anything to say about it.

See video below

Scott Peterson – Born Oct. 24, 1972

If ever the phrase “Monster right under your roof.” Applied to anyone – I can assure you that it applied to Scott Peterson.  The case involving Scott Peterson and the search for his missing pregnant wife baffled the country for months.  In December of 2002 out in Modesto, California a beautiful mother to be (Laci Peterson) disappeared from her home as told to police by her husband.   I don’t think the police believed anything Peterson told them and he must have been on their radar from day one.  If they had their suspicion they sure kept him on a very tight surveillance leech.

Photos of Peterson’s comings and goings were documented for the world to see and as all this was going on America was finding out more and more about what type of person Mr. Scott Peterson was.  He had a mistress, he lied to his family about a boat purchase, he lied to his mistress about his wife, and he lied to his mistress about being in Paris when he was really home in California hoping the police did not find out he was lying about killing his wife.  He was just lying all the time and in all of this the only thing that matter to Scott Peterson was Scott Peterson.  (True Psychopath or what – many would call him that?)   > Check out video below

Some Bad Signs and Some Bad Folks

Here is some food for thought in my research for this story I have come across an interesting pattern – when it comes to Treachery some birth signs pop up more than others for example (Scorpio)Scott Peterson, Charles Manson and even Ike Turner were all Scorpio’s.  Given what you have learned here you may want to stay clear.  But, if you do decide to indulge – Enter at your own risk.


Scott Peterson – Scorpio

Charles Manson – Scorpio

Ike Turner – Scorpio

Bernie Madoff –Taurus (Stole money from all)

James Brown – Taurus (Beat his wife)

Chris Brown – Taurus (Beat Rihanna)

Drew Peterson – Capricorn (Murdered 3 wives)

O. J. Simpson – Cancer


 Coming Halloween 2013 (Your Final Destination) Watch for it !!  – – You will never look at Death the same again!


Photos Provided by:  Google Images on the Web

Videos Provided by:  You Tube

Copyright (c)  Bobbie Jones – October 29, 2012

All Rights Reserved


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