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Beating The Bully September 27, 2012

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I hope you have enjoyed my month-long Education and School centered stories.  This is the final installment for this month and it is a very important topic.  I hope you enjoy and can take away some pointers from (Beating the Bully).  Thank You for reading.  : )

Beating the Bully

 By:  Bobbie Jones

It is often a very hard subject to talk about and yet some people young and old still think it is a writ of passage.  It is something that tears away at the spirit of our young people and for the most part these fragile souls still have no where to turn.

If you don’t know that of which I speak let me inform you – It is Bullying.  It cuts across all segments of society, races and cultures and sparking truthful conversations about the subject is what I am hoping this piece will do.

Psychology of A Bully

Although it may not be a known fact worldwide but the majority of bullies are tortured, damaged creators.  In short some one has hurt them so in turn they hurt others.  Whether it stems from family issues or cultural slights some where along the way these people have been hurt. However, I know there are many of you that don’t buy into this psycho babble and the ones not buying into it are the people getting hurt at the hands of these bullies.

Believe me I feel your pain and I know that of which you speak.  If you are a child getting bullied you don’t care what family issues the bully has, you just want the bullying to stop.

If you have not figured it out already bullies tend to find people smaller and/or weaker than themselves to pick on but a bully can make anyone his/or her target at any time.  Bullies like to intimidate and they like to be in control.  That’s why ignoring bullies sometimes works, if you pay the bully no mind with his taunts and egging on, he will go away.

However, the above tactic may not always work.  If a bully can get away with making you alter every aspect of your life just for them then they have the control.  Stopping the bully in his tracks is the goal of those being bullied.  Older and wiser children may not fall for the tactics of the controlling bully but younger and less experienced children fall prey to the bullies.  That’s why parents should teach their child a sense of self and awareness.

Bullies display signs of serious, uncontrolled aggression, hostile behavior, and anti-social behavior also the inability to feel others pain and a basic disconnect with other humans.

Catching Bullying Behavior Early

Certain signs of bullying show up very early in children and catching it early and doing something about it is key and from my own personal experience I have witnessed what can happen when a parent or guardian lets bad behavior in a child go un-checked.


  If you have a young child who is always pushing other children or constant teasing or you see angry expressions on your child face when around other children – you may have a bully on your hands.  Believe me when I tell you that parents and care takers of children can be an influence on their children.  If a parent makes it clear that bullying will not be tolerated and that there are serious consequences for those actions – children will get the message and things will change.


            All too often though, adults, parents, teachers and the like feel that bullying is something that has to be endured.  Even as I prepared research for this article I came across people that have the belief – “Children need to suffer, therefore they well become strong.”  I don’t buy into this mentality because I know bullying can make a young person fearful, distrusting, and withdrawn and if the adults he sees around him demonstrates that this “Bullying behavior” is acceptable the bullied child could be scared for life.


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What Parents & Teachers Can Do

Don’t be a Bully yourself.  Yes, adults as well as children can exhibit controlling and bullying behavior and if a child sees this it can give him/ her the green light.

Let children know in no uncertain terms that bullying will not be tolerated from them in any form and if you see it get on the case.

 Teachers, don’t let jealousy rule your emotions.  Some teachers let the fact that a child’s parents make       more money than them drive how they treat that child in the classroom.  The misguided teacher hates the fact that little Susie has an expensive outfit on and came to school in a luxury car.  These things should not affect you as a teacher.  Your job is to teach our children and give them the correct guidance.

 Teachers should be on the look out for any threatening behavior exhibited by students in the classroom.  Keep your classroom safe for all in attendance.

  A child should never be afraid to approach a teacher about a bullying problem – a teacher’s ear should always    be open in this matter.

Teachers, if you are frighten of a child yourself that exhibits bullying behavior get the police and or other governing factions involved.

Parents equip your children with the knowledge of self awareness and let them know that their personal space should never be violated.

What Children Can Do

Walk With Pride, Head held high.  Bullies like to dominate, so they look for those that are weak.  Don’t be weak for anyone.

Set Your Boundaries – Don’t let anyone cross your personal space if you have to quicken your step to get out of the way of a bully do so and don’t look back – in life we keep moving forward that is the only way we get where we want to go.

Keep A Calm Demeanor – Keeping your wits about you gives you the upper hand.  No need to panic when faced with a bully sometimes even offering a bully some candy or other special treats can get the bully in a peaceful state of mind leaving you to go on about your day. : )

Make Your Voice Heard – Screaming No, or Stop, may be all you need to do in certain situations.  Use your voice to your advantage don’t be afraid to attract attention to the situation.

Know Your Name – Name calling is a famous tactic of the bully – sissy, teachers pet, Mama’s boy, puffy Peggy and skinny Lenny are all names I am sure no parent ever gave to a child.  So, if you hear them or any other name that is not your true name keep walking and don’t give a fool power over you.

Coming Next – On the pages of Giving it to ya !



Good Luck & God Bless


Photos provided by:  Google Images on the Web

Videos provided by:  Ms. Bobbie Jones/ via You Tube

Copyright (c) Bobbie Jones – Sept. 27, 2012

All Rights Reserved



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