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College Students – The Tender Year ! September 1, 2012

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 The New School Year has arrived and with it comes many ups and downs but for the month of September I will give my readers some well timed information so school, college and the like won’t take so many of you by surprise.  I hope you enjoy my first installment – “On the Lookout”


By: Bobbie Jones


First Year College Students Beware !!

    O.k., it has finally happened and it is about time.  You are on you own – away from home – grown up.  Now, the real fun begins, or does it.  College – a home away from home, or at least for the duration of your college stay.  That strong sense of independence has set in and there is no one around to tell you when to go to bed, when to get up, what meals to eat, or even when to eat them.  Your laundry, yeah, it gets washed – “whenever.”  But clean underwear is the last thing on your mind.  However, once I finish telling this story you may want to move the laundry issue up the ladder of importance, just a notch.

            There are a few things that mom and dad won’t or can’t tell you about the ever, compromising world of higher education.  In my great appreciation for the development of the young adult mind, I’ve put together a list of things students need to be on the look out for and hopefully it will aid the newly academically, unaware in making the most of the college experience. 

Residency is first on the agenda.  When away from home for the first time, where you reside has to give you some sense of security, whether it’s physical, emotional or financial.  One or more of these has to be in place.  What most young people don’t know about college living arrangements would fill two large book bags. I recall being totally unprepared for my housing dilemma, as a first year college student – but I quickly became aware.  First off, those extremely overpriced dorm rooms can set your head spinning.  Check out the option of sharing a triple or quadruple room.  The cost won’t be nearly as much as sharing a double or living by yourself.  Meal Plans also make up the equation.  If you know your eating patterns – you can reduce your housing bill dramatically.  If you know you only eat twice a day chose a meal plan accordingly.  If you know you will not be in the dorm on the weekends, don’t pay for weekend meals.  Remember that there is always somewhere to get food on and off campus.  Just to let you in on a little secrete.  If you are in a triple room and one of your roommates walks out – it is not the responsibility of the two remaining roommates to come up with the extra cash.  It’s the school’s responsibility to replace the room mate not yours.

Be on the look out for Credit reducing advisors.  By that I mean school officials that tell you, don’t take 15 credits or the maximum that you are allowed to take. But instead want you to take 12 or 13 credits, claiming it will lighten your load.  That might be true but by taking fewer credit hours you will also increase your school stay past 4 years.  So, be sure to take the amount of credits you are comfortable with.  Remember, if you’ve set a certain time frame by which to finish school the total number of credits per semester you take is directly related to when you graduate.

Controlling Professors, be on the lookout.  Some teachers like to be in control and not just in the classroom or lecture hall – but also in control of you.  I’ve been down this road before.  My experience with a Journalism professor changed my course in life.  This man believed no emergency was important enough for a student to walk out of his class.  If a student had a problem that needed taking care of and didn’t attend class, the next time that student showed up for class – a warning was issued for the student to get up, and get out of the class.  Class was halted and nothing would resume until the student left the room.  Re-entry was not permitted until the student went to the teacher’s office for a meeting.  This happened to me and believe me I was livid, yet still naive in those days.  Lesson – as a student you are paying to go to school, no one has the right to threaten, harass or intimidate you while you pursue higher learning.  Complain to the Dean of Students if you have to.  Truth be told, the teachers are on your time.  I learned to stand up for myself during my college years and you’ll have to do the same.

 Now, that we’ve gotten all the not so fun stuff out of the way, let’s talk about something that is of real interest to you.  Cram Sessions, something that you might not figure to be on the lookout for list but cram sessions do more harm than good.  Not only do they deprive you of vital, precious sleep; the information stored from these sessions is only temporary.  O.k., I know you are saying, “Who cares!” I only need it for a short time – until I pass this test anyway.  However, if you continue to deprive yourself of sleep, then overload you brain, things will start to run together in your mind and you won’t be sure as to what information goes where.  Trust me, it is best to pace yourself.  It’s better for you in the long run and the bonus is you won’t have those shopping bags under your eyes to contend with.  (Tip from Beauty 101).

This next one has confused many of young minds, myself included.  Fast talking members of the opposite sex.  If you have not yet encountered a smooth talker, whether male or female, consider yourself blessed.  Unfortunately, I doubt that many of you have been so lucky.  So, just in case your future holds a “Johnny Smooth or Jane Smooth” here are some of the classic and not so classic lines.

1)      Ooh, child you are so cute, I’d take you off campus to eat.

2)      Even if you didn’t drive a May Bach I’d still hangout with you.

3)      Hey baby, if you come back to my room I promise all we’ll do is watch TV.

4)      I brought you something to drink.  Go ahead, drink it, don’t you trust me?

5)      If you really liked me you wouldn’t tell me to keep my hands on the steering wheel.

            That’s enough – you get the point.  These lines are designed to get you to let down your guard.  Trust your instinct, if you don’t feel good about a situation – get out of it as quickly as possible.  College is about fun and friendships, but it is also about safety and self-preservation.  Be your own top priority.  Remember if you don’t look out for yourself, don’t expect anyone else to.

So, now that we’ve come to the end.  Not that I’ve saved the best for last but you be the judge.  I call it Friends or Frat, and the Fraternity, or Sorority saga torments many college students.  Once on campus, as with everything else the choice is totally yours.  However I do caution, please don’t join any of these organization in search of filling a void i.e. lack of friends – bad family life, etc. these maybe considered social organizations but they are not what will complete you as a person.  Develop friendships out side of these groups and don’t let anyone pressure you into something you don’t want to do.  Word to the wise, real friends let you make up your own mind.


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– Copyright (c)  Ms. Bobbie Jones – September 1, 2012         

All Rights Reserved

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