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My Two Heros – The Google Boys August 16, 2012

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Larry Page & Sergey Brin


    With the new school season coming up I wanted to get you in the mood for learning with two very smart guys that I consider my heros.  Larry Page and Sergey Brin (The Google Boys).  Their love of education, and dedication to hard work has set them apart and if you ever need to find information quickly from your computer you have them to thank – so take a page from their book and value education.

Read, Learn and Know

The Google Boys

 By: Bobbie Jones

             Pride, determination honor, hard work and smarts – I bet you think I am describing an Olympic athlete, don’t you?  You would be wrong.  The individuals that possess these traits are two guys I love and admire.  My reading audience I give you the Google Boys.  Well, when they started they may have been boys but they have grown and matured into two wonderfully, smart businessmen.

            Sergey Brin and Larry Page – took a simple idea and created a demand for the organization of information on the Internet.  Back in the late 90’s which may seem like an entire age away compared to how far technology has come Brin and Page had developed something that they felt could be of some use to the world?  So, the two PHD students decided to focus their efforts on bringing their idea to the forefront and in the process turned themselves into Billionaires.

 After the two had perfected their idea they set out in the land of technology to sell their idea but unfortunately there were no takers.  The two went back to the drawing board and decided that if no one wanted their advance search engine technology they would form a company and do it themselves.  And I bet the world is now glad that they did.

    1998 was the turning point and now Google is a household name.  Let’s face it before Google it was all hit or miss when it came to the hunt for information on the web.

After Google the information gathering process got a little easier Brin and Page turned out to be more business savvy then they thought.  Putting a system in place to rank pages in order of importance when people are making their search was genius and no other search engine could match Google’s speed at bringing back relevant results.

            But, if those looking to figure out Brin and pages formula thought it would be easy they had another thought coming.  If you had a business and you wanted your business in the top 5 search results on Google – you better have your (S) tuff together and no one tells Brin and Page what that stuff should be (criteria) Brin and Page set the stage and call the shots and often it’s a total mystery as to how one makes it to the top of their search results.

            In the world of Search Engines Google has managed to reach Super Star Status.  No other search engine has weaved its way into popular culture the way Google has – Watch Video below.



  If in your daily life you find yourself in need of quick at your finger tips info.  Just hit your computer and thank your lucky stars for the Google boys.  I will tell you my main reason for the high praise.  Not only do Brin and Page have beautiful minds they value education and they take pride in doing something for the greater good.  In short Google the concept as well as the company benefits us all.

  If Brin and Page really set out to change the world then they aced that mission and they will always be my heroes. 

Final note

            I want to say Thank you to Larry and Sergey for helping me realize my dream, now I get to educate and entertain the world and Google has ranked my Blog among the most high.  So, for helping me reach those that want to take in some wisdom and make their lives a little better I thank you so very much Brin & Page and I will always love you both.

Google (Ms. Bobbie Jones – Giving it to ya !)  and I will continue to share my knowledge with you  : )

– Check out their Bio from A & E if you ever get a chance. …. 

God Bless & Good Luck.


Coming in October – On the Pages of Giving it to ya !

Photos provided by: Google Images on the Web

Videos provided by: You Tube

Copyright (c) Ms. Bobbie Jones – August 16, 2012

– All Rights Reserved



1. Abhai nirkhi - August 18, 2012

nice information given by you

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