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Selena Quintanilla – Remembered and Loved March 31, 2012

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1971 to 1995


Selena, Truly Loved

By: Bobbie Jones

   Selena Quintalnilla may have only walked this earth for a short period of time but on this day March 31, – we, and all that loved her will honor her memory.  On this day Selena was tragically taken from the world and for those of you who do not know her story let me take you on a visual journey of who Selena Quintalnilla was and how she touched the lives of all those around her.

Selena was born on April 16, 1971 and since she was born in a family with a father who had such a love for music it would not be long before Selena and her brothers and sister would take the stage and make music a family business. Although, the family grew up speaking only english – Selena’s Dad would make a calculated move and required that all the kids learn spanish – they did and Selena would take that beautiful spanish speaking voice put music to it and became the hottest Tejano singer ever to cross the Reo Grand.

Selena would perform with her brothers and sisters across the state of Texas and Mexico and along the way mastered a following that would rival any American Pop Star.  Selena loved her fans and her fans loved her.  Her voice and the kind and caring soul she was made her a favorite among all the singer she shared the stage with.

If you have never seen the movie Selena – I invite you to pick up a copy and watch it.  It may have been Jennifer Lopez’s breakout role but she did a beautiful job portraying Selena and giving us a glimpse into her life.  In the film it showed just how much Selena loved life and just how much she cared for others and it would be that caring for others and giving everyone the benefit of the doubt that sadly would do her in.  Please follow the Video clips below to learn of Selena’s tragic end.

Selena since your passing on that tragic day you have and always will be  truly missed – We thank you for sharing your life with us.  Now readers please enjoy – Dreaming of you –a song Selena recorded for her cross-over album – sadly she never lived to see its success.


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– Photos courtesy of Google Images on the Web

– Videos courtesy of YouTube

Copyright (c) Bobbie Jones – March 31, 2012

– All Rights Reserved


Our Lives & Her Words / Lauryn Hill – Women’s History Profile

Lauryn Hill

Our Lives & Her Words

By: Bobbie Jones


            If you have ever been touched by an artist and their words, or if you have ever felt deep down in you soul that the lyrics of a song sung by a singer/songwriter were meant just for you, then you will know and understand the power of an artist like Lauryn Hill.


   It may have been a little while since we have seen Ms. Hill on the scene, that with her self-imposed exile or “step back” move from the commercial music scene.  Those, along with the desire to take care of her growing family has kept her out of the spotlight for some time and those of us who love and respect the music of Lauryn Hill have missed her a great deal.

Lauryn was born gifted with the ability to shape words and phrases on a page she also had a musical talent that laid within her and with all of that going for her it would only be a matter of time before the world would experience those gifts and become captivated by her magic.

If being born young, gifted and black does not afford you some leeway in life then putting those talents you were born with to some treasured good use should.  Lauryn graced us with her presence starting in the early 90’s when she and the Fugees sautéed their way into our lives.  Although Lauryn may have been active early on once she realized her gift for writing poetry, the Fugees gave her an outlet as she turned those poetic phrases into Rap and gave the rest of the world – all of us, a view into her genius.

Who could ever forget Lauryn along with the Fugees (Blunted on Reality – First Album) updated rendition of the Roberta Flack Hit “Killing Me Softly with His Song.”   The song is still playing on the radio a good 21 years later.  Lauryn also sang her way into our hearts in Sister Act II Back in the Habit staring Whoopi Goldberg (1993) – In which Lauryn played a street wise, smart talking high school student blessed with a gift.

 After the Fugees and a semi-private break-up with a Fugee member Lauryn wanted to strike out on her own.  Her solo project was the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.  That album produces some very soul- searching songs and although, the album was titled the miseducation of Lauryn Hill – the album offered up some much needed education about life and the journey we are all on, example: (Doo Wop – That Thing).


            With the critical acclaim that came along with her first solo album you would think that Ms. Lauryn would be on top of the world and she may have been but she had also became disillusioned with the record industry.  For those that may not know it can become very tiring dealing with lawyers and contracts and everyone trying to get a piece of you and none of this has much to do with making music and sooner or later many artist figure this out.


            Yes indeed Ms. Lauryn is not only a great talent but wise enough to know sometimes it’s better to take a step back and reassess what life is all about and maybe it’s something many more of us should think about doing.

But as for the fans that have truly missed your presence on a worldwide stage just remember – I think a Whitney Houston song says it best….

Won’t we always love you? And the answer is yes Lauryn we will.

– In 2006 the comedian Dave Chappelle gave some many of us a wonderful treat when he was able to reunite the Fugees for his concert movie (Block Party).  We thank you Dave for that and all the energy you expended to make that dream of yours a reality for all of us.

God Bless and Good Luck




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