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She’s A Hit – Missy Elliott / Women’s History Profile March 22, 2012

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Missy Elliott

Missy Elliott


She’s A Hit


By: Bobbie Jones


            She did what no other female artist did before she came on the scene and in doing so she collected five Grammy Awards all before the age of…., well a lady’s age is and can always be a mystery but not Missy Elliott’s talent, that has always been on display for the world to see and her star has been burning bright for quite some time.

            Born Melissa Arnette Elliott in Portsmouth, VA in very humble surroundings, Missy figured out early on that not having much money could afford a person something so much more valuable and that is the ability to dream and that she did.

            Missy dreamed of a day when she would be on stage performing and doing what she does best giving an audience a spectacular show.  Although, Missy developed and honed her skills under the guidance of the R & B recording artist Genuine but she would soon strike out on her own leaving the Basement dwellers behind.

  Joining with fellow Basement dweller and childhood friend Timberland the two of them would go on to make hits not just for themselves but for many artist in the  music business – yes, these two put the word dynamic in dynamic duo and once they formed a working partnership there was so stopping them.

            When Missy embarked on her first solo project she channeled her class clown antics that got her through her early days in VA.

When the album Super Dupa Flay come out in 1997 and after the video America was treated to something it had never witnessed before and that was a full figured female Rapper embracing all her womanhood, using her creative mind and letting the world in on her unique talent.

 Missy would follow-up Super Dupa Fly with Da Real World, 1999 which produced the hits Hot Boyz and She’s a Bi–h.  So Addictive in 2001 and Under Construction in 2002 which produced dance hits like Work it, Gossip Folk and Back in the Day.

Missy during this time was also known for what they call in the business “Singing Hooks.”  She lent her voice to many fellow artists in the recording world and she also collaborated with and mentored new talent such as CiaraLose Control.


    Missy took that incredible talent of hers and shook the world with a new storm and along the way she became the only female Rapper to have 6 albums go certified Platinum – like the story title says She’s a Hit and her fans gave her the record sales to prove it.

–          Missy Misdemeanor Elliot is an American recording artist, singer-songwriter, producer, dancer, actress and a clothing line designer.  Yes, a woman with many hats she is also a bright and shinning talent with a kind and giving heart and no matter where her talents lead her she will always be found with that bright, warm, and inviting smile.

–          Thank you Ms. Elliott for your contribution to our world.



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