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Royalty Among Us – Queen Latifah / Women’s History Profile March 8, 2012

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It is Women’s History Month once again and this time around I wanted to pay Tribute to the Women of Hip Hop – early Hip Hop that is.  I hope you will remember with me and enjoy the journey I take you on when I relive how I felt when these ladies came on the scene.  (Queen Latifah – Missy Elliott and Lauryn Hill) will be profiled this month – please enjoy….

Queen Latifah


Royalty Among Us

By: Bobbie Jones



  I know you know her name and for more than two decades she has reined supreme, influencing the young, using her talents for charitable causes and making me smile as she games it up on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  Yes, America has its own royalty and you all know her as Queen Latifah.

From the girl on the cover and (Cover girl’s Cosmetic spokeswoman) to Jimmy Fallon’s sidekick in the movie Taxi, Queen Latifah definitely has all her subject captivated. You may have recently laughed at her antics in the movie Joyful Noise, starring Ms. Dolly Parton, just the latest of her credits in her self directed long career.

 The crown was not always atop Latifah’s head, while growing up in East Orange, New Jersey as the unassuming Dana Owens she was a strong and determined young child but prided herself as being one of the toughest tomboys on her block.

            But thankfully, Tomboy fever soon gave way to tunes and as the 80’s rolled along so did Latifah’s interest in beats, raps and all things Hip Hop.  She mastered the rhythms and the rhymes and by the time she was ready to graduate high school she was poised to sign her first record contract.

            However Latifah was not content to let that be the end to her goal setting – no, she wanted to have a hand in her own forward motion and made sure that Flavor Unit (Record Label & Production Co.) her very own business venture would keep her and her crew employed for years to come and promote and bring up new talent along the way.

  Yes, the Queen was on her way as she touted the importance of women being strong and knowing their own minds – songs like “Ladies First” and Who You Calling a Bitch” –   were different from any other songs played on the radio and I for one was glad to hear them.  U.N.I.T.Y was another song that was really designed to call the community to action and would forever cement her role as a caring crusader as well as an entertainer.


A Bobbiegirl PSA


            As Latifah’s fame grew so did the offers – in the 90’s she began shooting a pilot call Living Single – you may have seen it, a show I truly loved.  Again, the concept revolved around women.  They were four African American women to be exact living as room mates and taking on life’s problems as they came about and having some crazy fun along the way.

            Latifah’s movie cred would soon replace her street cred and the big screen would be the place she made her home.  Movies like Jungle Fever – her first movie role, Set It Off, Taxi, The Beauty Shop and many more would make the queen a quiet millionaire along with all her other ventures.

Queen Latifah was not a teenager when Cover Girl Cosmetics came calling nor was she the so-called typical American beauty, but she has always been beautiful – inside and out and her radiance from the pages and the covers of those magazines reflect an inner glow of confidence and love that could only mean one thing – Royalty is most definitely among us.


– Photos courtesy of Google Images on the Web

– Videos courtesy of You Tube

– Copyright (c) Bobbie Jones – March 2012

– All Rights Reserved



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