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She Rocked The House – Shirley Chisholm / Black History Profile February 9, 2012

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It would be unthinkable for me to let this election year roll by and not give my readers a glimpse into the past.  When it comes to politics African Americans were always active in providing a better way of life for others it just took some time to get the spotlight turn in our direction.   Ms. Shirley Chisholm is a very fine example of just such activism.  I hope you all will enjoy (She Rocked the House).

Ms. Shirley Chisholm


She Rocked the House!

By: Bobbie Jones

Before there was President Obama, before there was Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton or Herman Cain – Oops, scratch that last one – there was another.  She was a trailblazer, a fighter and a champion for the people.  Yes, she was all that and much more.  Shirley Chisholm boldly took her place in history and made no apologies for her straight talk or her stand up straight and look-em in the eye attitude and sure she made some enemies but she set her sights high and to dream became her theme.

This is the story of how to live a life un-bought and un-bossed as Ms. Chisholm stated during her run for the Presidency.  But, we are getting ahead of ourselves.   Shirley Chisholm was born on November 30th in Brooklyn, NY.  Born in the 1920’s Shirley and her parents knew what it was to struggle.

   Education was a top priority in the Chisholm household and it was believed that education could end the angst of that struggle so, by the time Shirley had reached the age of three she was sent to live with her maternal Grand Mother in Barbados.  Although the education and upbringing Shirley received in Christ Church, Barbados was strict and sometimes confining she later credited this type of strictness to her determination and discipline she displayed throughout her life.

Shirley was always told by her parents that she could achieve anything so in her mind there were no limits and no barriers to stop her for going after what she wanted.  When first starting, out in life Shirley began her career in education as day care operator.  She knew the importance of getting kids excited about learning early and reinforcing it throughout their young years. But as she watched these tiny young minds and bodies develop she knew that the environments in which they came from needed some changing and little did anyone know that Shirley was about to make a dramatic shift and change not only her life but the lives of many people in America.  She was about to Rock the House.


            Shirley made a calculated decision to run for the 12th Congressional District seat representing New York in 1968 and she became the first African American female to be elected to House of Representatives.  However, when you are paving the way and making a new path you can run into some road blocks and she did.  In the documentary (Unbought & Unbossed) that told the story of her early years in congress she remembered that she came across more resentment due to the fact that she was a woman as opposed to the fact that she was black (now watcha think about that?)

Shirley did not let any of that stop her and she kept pushing and getting bills passed and using her smarts and education and humor to win over her opponents and get things done.  If you are thinking that being a single black female in the mist of a room full of white men might be a little nerve-racking you might be right, if it were any other woman.  Shirley stood her ground and gain the respect of many that had never even seen a black woman let along worked with one.  She served the people of her district from 1969 to 1983 and that is a solid accomplishment that anyone could be proud of.

But during this time in congress Shirley decided to be a living example to her young admires and she spread her proverbial wings and soared.  In 1972 she became the first black-female candidate for President of the United States and the first woman to run for the Democratic presidential nomination and she received 152 votes at the 1972 Democratic National Convention.

  Shirley did not win her bid for the top office in the land but she had a better showing than many who came before or after her.  At the end of her run she just went back to work in congress doing as she did before, caring for the young people of the world and all those disenfranchised and doing what she could to make it a better place for all of us.   Shirley blessed us with her presence till the bless-ad age of 80 and she never stopped caring for you and me.

In life Shirley Chisholm decide to put her own troubles aside and focused on taking care of others.  She looked out for the elderly, children, and all of those that were disenfranchised.  It just goes to show what the human spirit can accomplish when we take time out to care for and put others first and let love and concern be our guiding hand.

–          We thank you Ms. Shirley.

– Read, Learn and Know

God Bless and Good Luck.


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please join in celebrating Chisholm’s historical presidential run:

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