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Watching Out For Your Surroundings January 5, 2012

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Welcome everyone to the New Year 2011 and to kick things off I want everyone to be aware of their surroundings in this new year.  If you don’t know what I mean – please read on and enjoy. 

You Are What You Surround

By: Bobbie Jones

            Have you ever heard the phrase – “Guilty by Association” or how about “It’s all in the Company you keep?” 

            Well, believe it or not your parents did not lie.  Now, you may not think it fair but as it has been said before, life is not fair, but that is neither here nor there.  (Hey, that rhymes.)  But in all seriousness I want my readers to

understand a very common principle that could possible set us all on a new journey in this new year of 2012.  The journey of peace and peace of mind is something we should strive for during our days here on this earth.

            Now, understand that if you indeed care about your reputation and your character you will seriously monitor who you align yourself with and who you let in and out of your life.  Now, I know in life there are many things we may have no control over but if we start living our live with our minds and hearts engaged there are many thing that are within our control.

            Exp. Lets say you fancy your self a teetotaler.  Drinking and passing out in the street is not your idea of a good time, never has been and never will be.  However, you find yourself in the midst of those that use the drink as some thing to light the party up.

  I know you may be saying it does not matter what my friends do – that’s their life. Or, you are trying so hard to fit in that you overlook the harmful behavior that is going on around you.  Just think about this – let’s say you are out with your drunken friends and someone snaps a photo and puts it on Face Book or some other social network.  It just so happens that a future employer is scrolling the net – views that photo and determines that you are just such a drunken as your friends.  Or dope head or hoodlum – feel free to insert any negative word or behavior here.

            Once again, the situation describe above may not be fair but in life it happens.  Now, is that really the image you want out there in the world?  You and I both know that people will believe the worst before they accept the better every time, so why put yourself in that situation when you don’t really have to?  So, word to the wise, and for your own sanity please keep your distance from those whose behavior and actions can cause you irreparable damage.

            How often have you found yourself being pulled into a social situation you don’t want to be in? 

Exp. The workplace or community gossips – Now, you say to yourself time and time again I will not get sucked in by that miserable so and so who always comes around with nothing but negative chatter to dispense about everyone and everything.  Yet, once again your defenses were down and you spend too many precious moments getting your ears screwed by “Miserable Mary.”

            I also know in life there are people who try to turn the tide – sort to speak.  They hang around gossips, crooks, fools and so forth and so on, in hopes that doling out a little wisdom to these individuals might make a difference, but some individuals can’t be turn.  And rarely do fools pay attention or take heed so there comes a time in life when you have to cut your losses or if you stick around you will slip in the mess they spill.

            Let’s take a look at another phenomenon of life and this really falls into the category “you are what you surround” or what you crave to be around.  Have you ever wondered why if someone has the means to remove themselves from a particular dangerous situation, say an environment where drugs and gunfire are rampant and all policing of  that environment has cease to exist and yet that person still remains?

       My dear friend I say to you if you find yourself in a situation where you or someone you know can’t even begin to pull away from the criminal elements of life or, you find it fascinating and all of its danger gets right down in your bones, or when you see or hear danger and you run in its direction with no intention to help the endangered party but you are just there to get a glimpse – I would seriously ask that you get help for yourself and all that are involved.  You maybe headed in a direction that won’t leave your parents with a happy feeling.



Here I will list things that may seem very obvious but oddly enough some seem to never get it.

1. If you don’t like the police knocking on your door in the middle of the night looking for your roommate

  – Stop rooming with people who are involved in criminal activity.

2. If you don’t want strange men outside your window calling out for slutty Judy

  – Don’t look for a housemate in the back of an adult magazine.   

3. Hate it every time you go out with your buddy he gets into a bar room brawl?

  – Either stay out of the bar or stop hanging with people who can’t handle their liquor    

4. Wonder why your electronic items and small appliances keep coming up missing?

  – Stop letting Crack Head Fiends and PotHeads into your residence – I don’t care how cool you think they are.

        In life we all have our choices to make and life won’t stop just because we choose to make wrong ones – life will keep revolving and if we take the wrong steps too often life will just kick us off permanently and we will have no one else to blame but ourselves.  Think about it.

God Bless and Good Luck.!    

Check out a great charity below and do your best to get involved this year. Make yourself proud and give your fellow-man a Helping Hand.



Spare Time = Helping Others

By: Bobbie Jones

     Can’t figure out what to do with some spare time you may have in this new year?  What if I told you that if you are short on cash and long on time – there is an organization that could use every bit of time you have to spare and then some and it won’t cost you one thin dime.

     Habitat for Humanity has always been one of my favorite organizations since my college days.  It was one of the greatest experiences I had, not to mention the lovely people there taught me every thing there is to know about building a house from the ground up.

     want to share some of the wonderful images provided by Habitat and the caring people that put homes together for those of us in need.  I will let you take a peek into their world and maybe give you some time to contemplate.  You never know this could be the year you do something really big – for someone else.  : )

     You will gain a great sense of pride and there is no greater way to learn and incorporate teamwork and pour out friendship.  And trust me the ones you are building the homes for will love you and appreciate you always.

I will let you take some time and check out these images and very soon I will be back to tell you my story and why I love Habitat for Humanity so much.  : ) Everyone enjoy and I will see you back here next time.

I told you I would be back.  I hope you got a chance to check out some of the images from Habitat and I hope you gave it some serious thought.  Thought about picking up a hammer and some nails and joining in on a wonderful life changing experience.

My Story

     Now, when I tell you my story, please don’t hold it against me because a fair hand in life is never promised. 

     Growing up if anyone would have ever said that I had an intimate relationship with the perils of poverty that would have been an understatement.  However, in the mist of all that pain there was something that I was so truly thankful for and that was my home. 

     A home my dad, with his untrained electrical talent rewired so lights would be plentiful.  Painted so it would look brand new and moved in new furniture so his family would feel a sense of pride.  Yes, I was thankful for my home and my Dad.  Although my Dad was 60 years of age when I came into this world he never stopped trying to give his baby girl everything I could ever need.

     My Dad’s best friend and boss and business partner also saw to it that Bob (my dad) and his kids never wanted for anything.  Sadly however, his friend who let my dad have the home I so loved rent free did not live to see me enter the world but for some time after his death the promise he made to my father stood.  That promise was that we would always have a roof over our heads.

     But life can throw you some curve balls.  Although Danny, my dad’s boss had his wishes, Danny’s son had some of his own.  When Danny passed away and left the business to his son – his son also over-saw our living arrangements.  Can someone say bad idea?

     Not a happy camper – Danny’s son.  If he woke up on the wrong side of the bed he was mad, if the paper said “rain” he had an attitude, if the wind blew northeast instead of northwest he was throwing a fit.  You get my point.  So, with that being said you can imagine someone like that being a landlord.

     Every time the wind did not blow the correct way we were threaten with homelessness.  Well, we were told to find some place else to live.  So, all my young life my family and I teetered on the verge of homelessness and that feeling of not really having something that was really our very own lingered long after us kids were grown.  It was only by the grace of God that we did not end up on the streets of Detroit.

     So, you can best believe when I grew up and got the chance to be a part of helping someone else have something they could call their very own I jumped at the chance.  Habitat for Humanity provides individuals with a chance to obtain something they can call their very own – A Home  – and it was and is a blessing to be a part of that. 

Now, that’s my story.

Side note –

Former President Jimmy Carter turned me on to Habitat – thankful that he did. : )


Photos courtesy of Google Images on the Web

– Videos courtesy of You Tube

– Additional photos courtesy of Habitat for Humanity’s site

Copyright (c) Bobbie Jones – January 2012

– All Rights Reserved



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