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Halloween’s Haunted Hollow Halls October 20, 2011

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Haunted & Hollow Halls

By:  Bobbie Jones

 Are you one of the millions of people that greatly anticipate this time of year?  And do you find yourself being utterly fascinated by everything bewitching, hollow, and horribly spooky?  Well if you do I invite to take a journey with me into the fright that overcomes you and the unknown that spooks you and in doing so learn some things you may have never known but in your deepest suspicion you always knew they were true.


What would this shadowy day be without its most visible mascot from all of history?  You can’t think of Halloween without thinking about witches.  What?  You say you work with them on your job… No, not those types of witches but the ones with the pointy hats like in the, “Wizard of Oz.”

Well, if you didn’t know real life witches have been spooking society for centuries.  In the late 1600 there was an event call the Salem Witch Trials.  Now, it is anyone’s guess as to if the patrons of  that town were practicing Witchcraft but the even bigger question is, of all the 20 individuals that lost their lives by hanging were ever really witches as they were accused of being.

I offer you two possibilities and then I invite you to do your own bewitching research.

Possibility One

Childhood trickery lies, political positioning, and land owner feuds may have lead to the deaths of so- called bewitched individuals.  During the Salem Witch Trials, everyday people like you and I were rounded up and put on trial and then put to death because someone had accused them of practicing witchcraft or actually being a witch.    Now, the individuals that actually put on the trials thought certain people or actually four young girls of the town were bewitched.  These young girls then pointed their fingers at certain adults in Salem and said because of them “We shake violently, have night sweats, see visions, our skin crawls and we have uncontrollable fits.” 

    This explanation was offered up in a video entitled Three Sovereigns for Sarah which took a not so pleasant look at the evil goings on in Salem.  Now, it may have been reported that one or maybe even two youngsters in the village had gotten (Possibility Two) – Ergine Poisoning from some rye bread which may have lead to their uncontrollable fits and visions, for you see LSD is derived from the ergine properties (fungi) in rye bread and if you did not know LSD – the drug is and hallucinogenic – hence the visions.

                But then the children’s trickery comes into play.  Bored and looking for something to do the children not suffering from ergine poisoning began to mock those that were, and then adults got in on the act and one vengeful adult more so than any other.  (Ann Putnam Sr.) told her daughter Ann Putnam Jr. to point the finger of witchery at her neighbors, those whom Ann Putnam Sr. did not like. 

                Oh, there was some evil goings on in Salem but I bet you it had nothing to do with witchcraft.  Checkout the video and see what happens to Ann Putnam and her family as she goes about town pointing the bewitching finger – you may never look at your neighbors quite the same again.

The Hoodwinking Harry Houdini

                He was the great escape artist of his day, the master of trickery and surprise, but did you know Houdini’s short life ended on October 31st, in Detroit, Michigan?   Yes, on Halloween night, the one who could escape everything could not escape death. 

    Born Erik Weisz (later changed to Weiss) to Hungarian parents in 1874, little Harry’s first escape was that from extreme poverty.  After accomplishing that feet there was nothing that could hold him again.  Getting out of handcuffs, any kind of handcuffs was his trademark specialty and he could get out of anything.  Stray jackets, water chambers, steel boxes dropped in the ocean, any contraptions he could think up he escaped from. 

                Houdini traveled the world performing and perfecting his escape act.  He also made a concerted effort to condition his body and kept it in great shape because his escaped attempts were very taxing on the body.  But you know Houdini always had his eye on his (Second Act) in life.  So, when his Mom passed away he was affected deeply as you can imagine but he devoted himself to exposing the cons and phonies that claimed they could communicate with the dead whom I am sure tried to dup Houdini into thinking they were speaking with his dearly departed mother. 

                A fake séance was no match for the great Houdini; he exposed fake physic trickery where ever he went and many of those cons used the same tricks Houdini used in his early magic acts, that’s why it was so easy to expose them.  (View final séance below.)


                Tragically however, Houdini was struck down in the prime of his life by a single blow to the gut.  A young man caught him off guard and gave him a powerful punch in the stomach. It is not known for certain if  Houdini’s appendix was in bad shape before the blow or not but the punch most surely helped the appendicitis along.  

Houdini died on Halloween night 1926 in the city of Detroit (Grace Hospital) where he’d come to perform his escape act.  Every year for 10 years after his death Houdini’s loved ones held a séance in an attempt to speak with him from the other side but sadly, he was never contacted.  Friends and family and Houdini himself believed that if anyone could make contact with the living after they were gone it would be Houdini himself.


                From the fake and  phony to one that may actually be able to tell you about your love ones that have passed on and get it spot on almost every time.  If you have never viewed Lisa Williams TV show on Lifetime entitled, Life among the Dead –I have included a link below.   Williams is what the Psychic world calls a Medium and she may have different ways to go about contacting your love ones that have left this physical world but you can rest assured if they want to be reached while beyond – Lisa will reach them.

     Part of William’s show gives everyday people like you and me the chance to experience her gift.  She sometimes encounters random people on the street and right there in the middle of Time Square or wherever you and she may be she can tell you exactly who has passed on and what their personality was like.  You may say to yourself – this stuff is a bunch of (Hooey Do) but I can bet you that anyone who has experienced Lisa’s power in person will tell you they are truly a believer.  Many of the people who have a reading done wind up in tears and it does not matter where they are, they could be on the street – in tears, her office, or in their own home.  It really is fascinating to watch. 

                Whenever Lisa does a reading for a client she displays the most caring and loving concern for those dearly departed as well as those still here.  Lisa has chosen to use her gift to help others and provide them with closure and for that kind and loving gesture I thank her from the bottom of my heart.

Take a look at a few clips and formulate your own opinion.  Are you a believer?



                For those of you not familiar with the literary work of John Berendt’s Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, I implore you to pick up a copy and for those of you who know it well I invite you to take a moment and reminisce.  Not only did John Berendt’s 1994 tale tell the story of a disastrous and unholy love affair gone wrong but it let the outside world take a peek at my beloved Savannah’s so-called underworld.  My Mom was born and raised in Savannah and although as a child growing up I never heard much about it but in 2000 I embarked on my own journey to this wonderful and spirit filled southern city.  ( I loved every bit of it)

     The Book as well as the movie introduces the world to characters such as, the Lady Chablis, Minerva (The Spiritualist) Billy Hanson and John Kelso and who could forget the over-confident and slightly shady lawyer Sonny Seiler.  And to get to the reason I have included Berendt’s work in the first place is due to the fact that Savannah is Haunted as Hell (excuse my French).  It is believed that the ghost of the murdered Billy Hanson still haunts Jim William’s old mansion till this day.

  Ghostly visions have always been a staple of the beautiful southern city but the book and the movie let the entire world in on it.  The book was so popular it created a booming tourist industry on its readership alone.  I dare you to take a look at some of the clips and video links I have placed in for your viewing pleasure – that is if you are brave enough.


                If you are ever interested the city of Savannah has haunted tours for your pleasure daily. So if you are ever inclined and you feel a little bit of bravado coming out and you don’t mind dancing with the dead – take a trip to Savannah, Georgia and let the spirits lift you.

                Weather you are a believer or not in all things supernatural, I hope you have enjoyed your journey with me into a world of the  “show nuff” spooky and unexplained and never forget this – being afraid of things that go bump in the night is nothing to be ashamed of but  (God has not given us a spirit of fear ) so never let those things overtake you.

 And although I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil for God is with me.  – Psalm 23. (Bible)   He’s with you too.

God Bless and Good Luck.


– Photos courtesy of Google Images on the Web

– Videos courtesy of You Tube

– Additional Photos by Ms. Bobbie Jones

– Special Thanks to PBS

Copyright (c) Bobbie Jones  – October 2011

– All Rights Reserved




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