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Being a Lady of Distinction September 21, 2011

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A while back I wrote one of my most controversial and most widely read articles.  It was entitled – What Real Men Do.  I got tons of feedback on that article and what I got asked the most was – “When are you going to write about women?”  Well, today is that day.  You can view – What Real Men do right below Ladies of Distinction.  Viewer and Reader discretion is advised. (Mature Content is present)



Ladies of Distinction

By: Bobbie Jones


            This Article is a blend of my own personal observation and a little fact and a smidge of fork-lore.  Most, importantly this article just might make both men and women re-evaluate and rediscover some self-respect with in themselves or at the very least it will make you question the behaviors of human beings in this 21st century and ask, “Why is it like that?”

            First things first: when it comes to women or young ladies the first thing we should know is Respect and that means respect for self and for others.  Now, if you did not learn this at home or had no one to teach you this I recommend taking a class or seminar – but please learn what it means to respect yourself because Ladies of Distinction know how to respect themselves.

 Let me give you some examples of what I mean by respect.  One, of the biggest trend popularized by today’s youth, even more so than generations past is that of children having children.  But in this generation the trend is glamorized by some foolish TV/Reality show andfor those of you that don’t know let me tell you – there is nothing glamorous about single motherhood.  Single motherhood when you don’t have a job, when you don’t have a home of your own and not glamorous when you are not even 13 years of age yet.  Trust me there is nothing glamorous about it.

 As a young lady you don’t have to (drop your draws) for everything that runs around you looking for sex because if you do you will bear the consequences.  Like my mother told me – Wait until marriage before you start having children and – If a man is not married to you then the safe is closed.  In other words he can keep it moving, nothing to see here.  LOD’s also know how to

Watch Video Clip Below – Teen Mom Saga


Respect Other Women

            Ladies if you think it’s cool and cleaver to run around after another women’s man whether it’s another women’s husband, boyfriend or man-servant or whatever you are sadly mistaken.  If you believe the crap that men tell you when they are still in relationships with other women (Oh, baby you are the only one I want, or Baby my wife just doesn’t understand me.) Then you are a fool.  Even if he decides to leave his woman for you – he will cheat on you just as he did with the previous girl.  So, get wise and let men like that know to keep stepping.  And if you young girls are in the habit of stealing married men for sport I say watch your back – someone may have a bull’s eye right on it.  Remember you don’t have to remain young and dumb forever.

What else do Ladies of Distinction know well, they know how to not –


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Kiss and Tell

            I know it may be hard to believe in this day and age when seemingly every body’s life is plastered all over the TV screen with reality shows and such.  But, believe me when I tell you some things are better kept private.

            I am sure you’ve all witnessed a situation where a group of young ladies are sitting around chewing the fat and then it happens; it never fails.  One of you starts spilling intimate detail about what you and your man did the night before.  Let me say as I have said before, “Don’t be young and dumb forever.”   You may not be able to stop the young part but the dumb you can do something about.


No one wants to hear that part of your love life.  What you do in the privacy of your own bedroom is between you and your mate.  Respect the sanctity of you and your man’s relationship.  If you did not know let me tell you, other women take intimate information that you provide and use it against you, either to steal your man or cause conflict within your relationship. So don’t be fools, keep it zipped.

Know Your Own Mind 

In life if you find yourself in a situation and you feel and know it’s not right for you – get out and get out immediately.  You don’t need anyone to tell you the difference between right and wrong especially what is right and wrong for you.  Know your own mind, No one should be able to pressure you into drinking and driving when you know it’s against the law.  No one can convince you to commit fraud against a client or your employer – you know these things are wrong and if someone does not like you because you stand up for what is right let that be just fine with you – tell that person to (Take their Crooked A$$ own out your face because your life will be much better off without them!) – Thank you very much.

Take Care of Business

            Ladies know when it’s time for business.  What I mean by this is ladies know when it’s time to work they work, not try to set up their next screw fest.  I know many of you know that of which I speak.  Now, I know some women and men as well view the workplace as their very own personal pick up joint and work is just something they do on the side, but I can assure you this mentality will backfire if you keep it up.


Let’s say you are working in and office and you need to get some answers about your work so you seek out your supervisor, Élan Ho-back.  You are running around trying to find her and where is she, no other place than in Bill’s office sitting on top of the desk with her skirt cocked up and believe me no work on her mind.  Now, you know this is not proper behavior, but apparently your supervisor does not see it that way.

Oh, and how about this, you find yourself working your little heart out at the warehouse and here comes Ms. Freaky Deaky with an open hand primed for patting you right on your rump.

 News Flash Women…..Everyone that works for you or with you is not trying to screw you.  Now, no matter what you have been told or have seen in the movies – You are setting yourself up for some sexual harassment charges and don’t think just because he is a man he won’t file.  You just might be surprised so, keep it professional ladies –  know the difference between Work time and Freak Deaky time, so you can keep problems to a minimum.

Check out Video Clip Below – (Workplace Hanky Panky)


Here is a little ditty my Dad told me about life when I was a little girl:

Important things to know in life – Keep your draws up, keep your legs tight, don’t let fools con ya and you just might be alright.  (My dad had a million of these.)

God Bless & Good Luck

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 – Copyright Bobbie Jones  September 2011

– All Rights Reserved


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 What Real Men Do

 By:  Bobbie Jones


             When it comes to human behavior I have been studying it for a long time now, and I am sure most of you out there have done your own fair share behavioral studying as well.  Most of the behavior I come across puzzles me especially the behavior of some young men.

        For example would someone please tell me why young men think it’s the ultimate fashion statement to wear their pants so low that their underwear shows?  Trust me the day will come when all men will discover the true meaning of sagging their pants and believe me they won’t be too happy about it.    – Click on link to watch video below –


         The fake diamond studded earring seems to be another popular fad among young men and old men as well.  I have even seen some toddlers with one ear pierced.  Like I said some human behavior really puzzles me.   Although I might not understand why today’s young men do the things they do my father taught me a long time ago what real men do.

            Now, despite today’s cultural trends real men Respect and Protect women.  Noticed I used those two words together because somewhere along the way these two principles have gotten lost.  No matter what the latest Rap song or video displays it is not cool or cleaver to treat women or young ladies like play toys nor, is it cool to disrespect women with your language or  speech.

            Real men still know the importance of opening a door for a lady or pulling out her chair before she sits down and for real men the importance of being a gentleman over-rules the desire to be “cool.”

        The value of Hard Work is also on the mind or real men.  No matter what the ups and downs of the economy are getting up and getting out to provide for one’s self or family is a valued trait that never goes out of style.  If good paying jobs are scares – volunteering and helping others is always a way to keep busy and help out the community, something that is never lost on real men.   (1. Note – My Bible says if a man does not work he shall not eat.)

            Here is something that has really gotten lost in today’s society, but my dad told me and showed me that real men Take Care of their Children.  It seems every time someone turns around another young woman has been abandoned and left alone to raise her children by herself.  Granted it takes two to tangle but from the speech I hear from young men having “Baby Mamas” all over the place is worn like a badge of honor, but in all reality this behavior shows just how much he disrespects himself.

            You see, a child is a precious gift from God and when you run around creating life and not taking care of that life you have created, you are dishonoring yourself and your offspring.

            The importance of being Loving and Caring is also something real men know and practice.  All the things I talked about above fall under these two words – loving and caring.  When you love someone you respect them and you want to do all that is in your power to protect them as well.  Whatever you have in your possession you want to share with the ones you love and not just material things you share your knowledge and your passion for life.  You also take care of the ones you love with all that is in you – you do your very best to make sure they are provided for and all their basic needs are met.  This is what real men do.

   Finally, real men know the importance of – Having God in their Life.  They know that life is hard and full of challenges and they can’t do it alone and when life gets really hard knowing and respecting that there is a higher power to call on and to tap into makes the rough times just a little more bearable.

            So, if you are a young man and you find yourself running off to the mall to buy that diamond stud to put in your ear so you can pretend you are a so called “pimp” or “player” that’s out and about doing your best to disrespect women, learn something about life before yours comes to an end.  Real men work for their money they don’t sit around waiting for women to bring it to them. 

Notes From the Bible

1.  2 Thessalonians 3: 10 – For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule:  “If a man will not work, he shall not eat. 

– The above piece was received by the Baltimore Chronicle on June 27, 2010 and Published on Bobbie’s Blog July 1, 2010.

All Rights Reserved.


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