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What you Gotta Do To Make A Dream Come True – Mikey J August 12, 2011

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Take a good look at this young man – Mikey J – Because the next time you see him you may be asking him for his autograph.  I hope you have enjoyed all the talent I have shared with you this month in my Michigan Talent Series and I hope you enjoy Mikey J’s profile now – Happy Reading !!!

Mikey J



  Make A Dream Come True

The Mikey J Story


By: Bobbie Jones


 Every once in a while a story comes along that begs to be told and I have found just such a story in this young man.  Born Michael Rayner but better known as Mikey J grew up loving the music that filter out of Motown.  Motown and its classic legendary acts have always inspired new talent and although Mikey has his Motown favorites the artist that inspired him the most was not even on the Motown label.

Tupac Shakur was Mike’s early inspiration when he read a book by the artist entitled The Rose that grew from Concrete.  This set Mike on a path to discover his own God-given creative talent.  Writing poems and putting his most intimate thoughts on paper gave him an outlet to clear his mind but he did not stop there – I think he knew performing was in his blood.

However, let me share a side story with you.  I know some people may think that because someone has talent or because someone has made it to the top – people may think all those good things have come so easily.  Well, there is a process to making a dream a reality – Mikey J can tell you all about that.

He can tell you about the hours he spent at his retail job – you know doing what he had to do to keep money in his pocket so he could finance his dream and get it off the ground.

Oh, but wait I did not mention his third gig yet.  With graduation and the summer season keeping him busy you may have run into Mike if you have had the pleasure of putting on a catered affair.  That’s right, music is not his only forte he has a lot of other talents up his sleeve.  That beautifully arranged platter of shrimp or that mouth watering tray of fruit slices all courtesy of Mr. Mikey J – Caterer Extraordinaire.  Now, I know you are saying to yourself all of this and music too.

Yes, when you are trying to make a dream come true there are many things one has to do – (Quote me if you must.

–   Like investing in a home studio – a step up form a 10 dollar microphone used when he first started out

–   Updating his recording equipment

–    Being savvy enough to put together music videos on a bare bones budget

–    And being such a darling son that his Mom would help him shoot his most popular video to date (Got BARS)



And Mr. Mike even has the wisdom enough to know that even “Haters” have their place in the world and in our lives.  Yes, Mikey J can tell you all about this check out his response when Giving it to ya ! asked him about so-called “Haters”


Mikey J – “In my opinion haters will end up being your biggest fans.  Either they hate you long enough to ignore the work & progress you’re making or they will watch your work long enough to become a fan of it.  I say that because you can have many fans but when you make your next song/video your haters will be the first to view it.”

–   Now that’s powerful – when you can even make your Haters lovers of your work – that’s when you know you are heading straight to the top.

I have some advice for the Haters out there:  If you find yourself sitting around out there in the world mad and hating on someone you see working hard to make their dreams come true.  Ask yourself these questions  –  are you willing to work just as hard – put in the 18 hour days – go without sleep, sacrifice hanging out with your friends.  Because make no mistake about it, building dreams is hard work and (Haters) if you are not willing to put in the work keep your mouth shut and keep it moving – believe me the world will be much better for it.  (Now, that is advice straight from Ms. Bobbie J. –  How ya like me now?)   ;  )

Mikey J – you keep doing what you gotta do to make your dreams come true and I know one day all of them will come true.

To check out Mikey J and his crew follow him on Facebook or checkout his videos on You Tube.



– Photos courtesy of Mikey J and his Facebook page

 – Additional Photos courtesy of Ms. Bobbie Jones and Google Images on the web

–  Copyright  August 12, 2011

–  All Rights Reserved



1. Auntie T - August 12, 2011

You make me proud! Go get em Micheal!! LUV YA SUNSHINE!!

2. Mazzie Richardzz - August 13, 2011

whoooooooooooo mikey j its mazzie shady beats facebook i ve promoted you there to ,,, much love i knew you could do it never give up your awesome and thanks ofr being my freind xxxxxxx

3. Mazzie Richardzz - August 13, 2011

whooooooooo mikey j your awesome and thanks for being my freind X mazzie much love i promote you on my page shadys beats face book x

4. Mazzie Richardzz - August 13, 2011

you are cool i love your stuff and your so hot to lol x

5. Elizabeth (@robertstwin1) - August 18, 2011

Mikey “Like A Drummer” is Totally Awesome. The flow, the production, ALL of it A+ my friend. My favorite of all your work so far..Outstanding!!!

YOU, My Friend, Are Going Places!!! I am honored to know you and proud to help promote your music:)

May God Bless your journey abundantly,
Much love to you♥♥♥

6. Ann Carr - August 18, 2011

1st class …..

7. Samantha McAuliffe - August 18, 2011

U are soo talented hun!! Keep it up!!!!!

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