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When You Encounter Brilliance – (Michigan Talent Series) August 4, 2011

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During the Month of August I wanted to provide my readers with some Hometown Flavor – So please take some time out and enjoy my Michigan Talent Series – Featuring Brilliance, Steve Acho and Mikey J.  I hope you will become just as proud of them as I have become.  : )     



When You Encounter Brilliance

By: Bobbie Jones


  The City is known for and known as many things, D-Town, the Motor City and Motown Records was born and bred right in the heart of the city.  I know you have heard all the negative crap about Detroit, believe me I know.  For 17 years I knew all about the pain and devastation of the city but Detroit has always had an uncanny way of producing something unexpected from its somewhat dark and dangerous streets.  Bright and shinning stars have always seemed to emerge when we have least expected them.

   You know some of their names, little Stevie Wonder, a musical child prodigy.  Diana Ross and the Supremes made us proud when they appeared on Ed Sullivan putting the city in the national spotlight and Smoky Robinson and his Miracles lent us all the tracks of their tears during those turbulent sixties when we didn’t know which way to turn.  And, who could forget one of our own most celebrated talents that told the world “This is what we do,” No other than the one and only Eminem.

            But now a new generation has emerged and I have had the great pleasure to have a chance to chat with one of Michigan’s own up and coming bright stars to come out of the city as of late, appropriately enough he is known as (Brilliance).  Mike (Brilliance) Sundberg opened up to Giving it to ya ! And shared just a little bit of himself and I am so grateful that he did and now I would like to share his words with you.

G.I.T.Y. – With that signature name of yours – what inspired the name Brilliance and how did you come to call yourself that?

Brilliance – Well back when I started, I had a few different names, or MC names as they call it in the hip hop world, most of them were just too long , or too deep for people to understand.  When I came up with Brilliance it just stuck with me.  I feel like I have a unique, brilliant style, and I try to be as intelligent as possible with my material without going over people’s heads, so “Brilliance” is just a word that really fit me – it had a ring to it.

G.I.T.Y. – What part of Detroit do you call home?

Brilliance – I was born in Southfield, but grew up on the border of Novi & Walled Lake.  A lot of people think I’m jus another rich kid from the suburbs, but I was raised by a single mother who worked extremely hard to keep food on the table and a roof over my head.  There are a lot of hard working families out here and I have learned a lot about life growing up around good people.

– Yes, hard working and good people something that sometimes gets lost in the media when talking about the city and its surrounding areas I am so glad you touched on it.  (Thank you).

G.I.T.Y. – I read that one of your musical inspirations was Blues music – can you remember what attracted you to the Blues?

Brilliance – Yes, my father played the guitar and he’s a huge rock and blues fan.  I picked up on it from listening to his music, BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughn, John Lee Hooker, and many more.  I just loved the style of music with the guitar riffs, the heartfelt vocals and everything.  It’s the kind of music that you can feel in your soul when you listen to it, but even more when you are performing it yourself.

            Now – If anyone out there is a Channel 955 fan (Radio station/local Detroit)

You may have heard Brilliance’s first radio play, well the first one I heard on the station was a song he was featured on called – We doing it (Major)

G.I.T.Y. – What roles have your parents played in helping you get started in the music business if any?

Brilliance – “Well, they have shown me nothing but support since day one.  My father was my inspiration to do music, so he always had my back.  And, I think my mother realized that music was how I expressed myself, and when there was anything bad going on in my life I would almost use my notebook as therapy.  My music got me through a lot of tough times and I’m extremely grateful to be able to make a career out of the talent God gave me.”

Brilliance has more talents than one could ever know, but if you are one of his many followers on Facebook you know he is not short in the creativity department – no-way now how.

G.I.T.Y. – Now, I know graphic design is one of your many talents – did you go to school for that or did it come naturally?

Brilliance – “Besides the basics I learned in high school art class, I’m self-taught on the design end.  I learned how to use graphic design as another form of expression, and it ended up becoming a part time job for me.”  (Brilliance Worldwide, LLC)


Although, Rap music is the genre Brilliance chose to share his talent with the world there are many talented artist on his list of those he would love to form a partnership with one day and not all of them are rappers.

G.I.T.Y. – Looking towards the future, are there any recording artist you want to collaborate with and if so are you willing to name them?

Brilliance – “There are too many to name – I’d like to work with Nas, Common, Fabulous, The Roots, Lauren Hill, Natasha Bedingfield, Aretha Franklin and so many more.  I would love to collaborate with some hometown artist also, like SlumVillage, Eminem, Mayor Hawthorne, Big Sean and  Mike Posner, but only time will tell.”

            Since helping others is a big part of what I do I couldn’t help but ask if

            Brilliance had any organizations in mind that he would love to lend his

Name to and it was good to hear that he had helping others on the brain as well as in his heart.  Children seem to be his biggest priority. “There are millions of children suffering from abuse daily and living a terrifying childhood, and I would love to be the one to get them out of those kinds of situations and help them toward a brighter future.”     

                        -I had one more fun question for the Brill Man.

G.I.T.Y. – Since your birth sign is Scorpio and determination, loyalty, stubbornness and moodiness are some to the traits of Scorpio, which trait(s) fits you best?

Brilliance – I think you named them all (Laughing) I am definitely determined, loyal ambitious, not so much moody, but I think my biggest trait is Creativity, I love creating new things, music, poetry, artwork, etc.  And I don’t know what you’ve been told but Scorpio’s run the world!! (Laughing)

  Well, I guess you read it here first Scorpio’s are the rulers, but I am sure Brill might have some opposition on that one, but one thing is for sure his talent will take him far and Worldwide won’t just be a slogan it will be how Brilliance is known – because Detroit has had its fair share of darkness but only darkness can be illuminated by light and illumination is what happens when you encounter Brilliance.

Thank you Brilliance and best of luck in all you do.



  Brilliance, Songwriter & Recording Artist signed to Grammy & Oscar Award Winning Produce – Jeff Bass Music. The Rest Is History. “LIKE” my fan page @ http://www.facebook.com/pages/Brilliance/151384889873


Photos courtesy of Brill’s Facebook page and Google Images on the Web

– Copyright Bobbie Jones – August 2011

– All Rights Reserved



Steve Acho

The Musical Funny Man

By: Bobbie Jones


       If you are a true fan of shows like SNL or “What My Line” or the classic Carol Burnett Shows you know that comedic timing is a craft and an art form and ones art needs to be honed and perfected.  If you know anything about this wonderful Michigan talent I had the pleasure of talking to (Mr. Steve Acho) you would know he has been working on his craft for most of his life.

     Steve Acho – Comedian, singer, songwriter, performer and all around talent took a few moments to share some insight into his wonderful life and gave “Giving it to ya !” an interview many would delight in and I am happy to be able to share it with you.  The first question I wanted to know the answer to had to do with Mr. Archo’s comedic influences.

G.I.T.Y. –  With your comedic talent is there any musical comedian or comedian period you have studied to perfect your comedic timing?

Steve –   I grew up watching comedians and listening to music, and have always done my best to emulate all of them.  My older influences for comedy are Bill Cosby and George Carlin, and the more modern influences are Bryan Regan and Daniel Tosh.  Ben Folds is also a very gifted and funny performer.

  If you live in Michigan you may have seen Steve around town at some of your favorite spots, maybe Comerica Park singing the National Anthem or even DTE Music Theater.  Check out his response for where he loves to perform.

G.I.T.Y. –  I know you have played many venues around the metropolitan area – Is there any particular arena or place you just love to perform at?

Steve – I had the chance to perform at DTE last summer.  This is the largest amphitheater in North America, and where I grew up seeing concerts.  I never imagined I would be on that side of the stage!  Performing there in front of thousands of people was the highlight of my career.

G.I.T.Y. –  Tell Me about any venue you have not yet played but really want to.

Steve – I have performed at the House of Blues in Chicago, and have always wanted to perform at the one in Las Vegas.

G.I.T.Y. – I got a chance to watch some of your videos and you have a very casual style (Jeans & T-shirts) Now is that because of the venues you play or do you just like your audience to feel at ease?

Steve – My casual style reflects my personal style.  I have maintained that at performances ranging from small coffee houses to the largest amphitheater in North America.

G.I.T.Y.When it comes to music and performing did you know even as a young child, that performing would be the direction your life would take?

Steve – I had no idea I’d be as involved in music as I am.  No one in my family was musical.  I never took lessons, and started very late in life (around senior year of high school).

G.I.T.Y. –  As a performer – when it comes to musical instruments which ones have you not mastered that you wished you had?

Steve – I’m not sure I’ve mastered any instrument, but I am most comfortable on the piano.  If  you consider the voice and instrument, I’d day that is what I am most proficient at.  Pianos are large and cumbersome though, so I often ask myself why I didn’t start with the guitar.  I just started taking lessons a few weeks ago : )   – How precious

G.I.T.Y. – With so much great Michigan talent out there – is there anyone you would like to collaborate with or even headline for?

Steve – I am a huge fan of Kid Rock and Eminem, and not just because they are local boys.  Since my style of music is pop/rock piano which is not even close to their genre, opening for them seems impractical.  One of my more recent heroes is Gavin Degraw.  I’d love to open for him.  I was fortunate enough to meet him backstage at a concert a few years back.

I think my final question for Steve evoked the greatest excitement of them all – once you read his response you will understand why.


G.I.T.Y. – Do you think you can see yourself on SNL (Saturday Night Live) doing a comedic skit with say someone like Justin Timberlake in the future?

Steve – I’d love to do SNL!  When I was in high school I won awards for stand-up comedy and worked for a few years at Second City, where many of the famous SNL cast came up.

            If this is you first introduction into the world of Steve Acho, and you have enjoyed what you have read.  Don’t be shy – keep up with Steve and his schedule around town and around the world.  Follow him on Facebook and check out his Website and watch his videos on You Tube and see what new things he has in store.

Steve, thank you so very much and I wish you the best in everything you do.

God Bless


A Bobbiegirl Promo



– Photos courtesy of Steve Acho and Google Images on the Web

 – Copyright Bobbie Jones – August 2011

All Rights Reserved



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