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What Crazy Things Has Money Got You doing? June 11, 2011

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There comes a time in all of our lives when we have to step back and take a closer look at what we are doing to ourselves – Check this out and laugh a little bit about the things money can do to us.



By: Bobbie Jones


            Here’s a question for you.  Have you ever had the chance to tell someone that you finally got the opportunity to live your dreams, say you finally got a call back from a famous dance troupe?  Or, maybe that internship you had your eye on came through and you were out of your mind with excitement.  However, when you told your so-called buddy or work-mate all they could say to you was –“So, how much money are you gonna make on that deal?”

            Almost dream crushing huh?  In other words they mean to say to you that unless you are making a ton of money, green stuff, lettuce – your dreams don’t matter.  Apparently, people like your buddies have never heard the phrase – Do what you love and the money will follow.

            I throw your friends in this category because they have joined the many in our society that place more value on the (Big D) or the so-called mighty dollar than anything else.

Get It, Got to Have It Cash


        You’ve heard the stories, read the profiles of people that will do just about anything to get their hands on some cash.  These days it’s not (just about anything) people will do anything.  Bernie Madoff is in prison right now for cheating every friend he ever had in a fake money making scheme.  Maybe the smell of green paper was just too much for Madoff and he couldn’t help himself.  No, matter what his reasoning was to the people he bilked out of millions of dollars – Madoff is walking pond scum.

            Even people with tons of cash already keep doing illegal things just so they can get more – more money that is, not jail time although jail time is never too far behind.  Just ask any politician, they are notorious for this, just check their track records.  I don’t have to give you any names you already know who they are.

Crazy Cash

            I bet even you have spotted a few of your friends making purchases that seemed and really was way beyond their means and you have thought to yourself –“They gotta be crazy.”  But they just had to have it.  Think about it – you come across an elderly couple who have just retired and the children are all grown up and out of the house.  So, the couple decides to move out of their mid-size home and move into a mansion, just the two of them all in an attempt to impress their so-called friends.  Crazy huh? 

 How about that cousin of yours that just felt the need to go out and get that brand new luxury car in an attempt to show off to the people at work, knowing full well that those monthly payments were well off the charts.  Now, your cousin Joe spends sleepless nights hoping and praying that he doesn’t lose his job because if he did all hell would break loose.  Even worse, your cousin could get so desperate that they start stealing from the company – now that would really be crazy but believe me people do it – Coco crazy for the cash.


A Bobbiegirl Production PSA


Here Today and Gone Tomorrow Cash

            So, tell me what has all that cash done for you now that you have it?  Or, maybe the question should be what have you done with all that money now that you have it?  I hope you haven’t gone off the deep end and just thrown it all away – not like open a window and toss it all out but if you gamble your money away on a regular basis, it’s like opening up a window and throwing it all out. 

            Did you know that most studies have shown people that find themselves convicted of stealing from their employers have serious gambling problems?  It’s a fact – look it up.  Truth is, throwing good, hard earned money away at the betting table is never a good idea and if you are gambling with monies you can’t afford to lose you have a big problem – Please get help (Gamblers Anonymous – National Hotline 218-382-0030). Or call 1-888-GA-HELPS.

  Something else we should all look out for are those ridiculous items that show up on late night TV.  You know that shiny new kitchen knife that can cut the bark off a tree – as if you would ever need to cut bark off a tree.  How about the coffee mug that doubles as a boomerang – just be carefully you don’t pick up a regular mug and throw it in the direction of someone, you might have a law suit on your hands. 


            I have seen people spend their money on all sorts of things they don’t really need and it just winds up tons of crap piled up in their over stuffed garages.

            My dear friends there is one simple principle my parents taught me about money and it works no matter how much you make (Save some, Spend some, and Give some away.)  Please, use money responsible and treat it like the trusted friend it can be.  Pay your bills, take care of your commitments and help your fellow-man with it and if you follow these simple principles no matter the amount you have you will always be satisfied.

God Bless and Good Luck.

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– Photos courtesy of Google and Microsoft Images on the Web

–  Please, if you need help for your Gambling Problems please visit www.gamblersanonymous.org  or give a call to the numbers above.

Copyright Bobbie Jones   June 2011

All Rights Reserved



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