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What Is Your Anger Costing You ? May 8, 2011

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This article is a serious plea directly to those who find it difficult to control their anger.  Please get the help you need before it’s too late and you lose everything.


Price For Your Anger


By: Bobbie Jones

These days life can be a serious pressure cooker and we can see the stress every where we turn.  However, if you use this as an excuse to blow your top or let your anger get out of control I just want you to know that your life could spiral out of control with it.  The first casualty of this anger problem of yours could be your –  


Do you wonder why every time you show up groups of people just scatter?  How about no matter how hard you try you can’t get anyone at the office to go to the copy room with you because they know every time the copier jams you blow your stack.

Yes, I know these scenarios may sound familiar to you and if you don’t recognize it in yourself you may know someone that fits the profile.

–  Anger is like a deep cesspool spreading disease throughout your life –


You believe that old saying don’t you?  “With family you can buy a little leeway.”   I say to you, keep pushing it with your family and you will soon discover the bonds that break, even crack and then crumble.  Just because your love ones let you rant and rave at the family picnics or you catch a glimpse of Aunt Flora smiling politely as you rip into your cousin yet again for some unknown reason.  I can assure you, that time is ticking.

No one will put up with abuse forever, verbal or otherwise.  You better check your anger at the door or find yourself without any doors open to you at all.

A Bobbiegirl Production PSA


–  Anger is an unrelenting cancer that eats away at your soul. –


The work you do is on the line as well when your anger is out of control.  You’ve listened to some of your co-workers spouting this lie about you for some time now haven’t you?  It goes like this, “Oh he’s not angry he’s just very passionate about his work.”  From my own personal experience I have found nothing passionate about an angry, out of control bully.  It’s not sexy, nor intriguing or even mildly stimulating.  However, for someone that has stood in the path of this type of individual it can be horribly frightening. 

Now, I ask you is this the type of legacy you want to leave behind?  If you believe that fear makes people respect you – I believe you are a fool.  If you bully your co-workers or employees in an attempt to get respect – I promise you all you will get is resentment and those that resent are subject to do anything.

–  Anger can beget anger. –


Joy and Happiness

There is one more helpless victim crushed beneath your anger and it has taken so many devastating hits you barely recognize it and it is your happiness.  Twisted and tied up in rage you have been for years now and your old friend joy has gone into hiding.  Smiles are a distant memory and only a solemn grimace graces your face.  My dear friend, it’s time to get some help and you all know who you are and you also know the destruction you have left in your wake.  Your family, friends, love ones and all those around you need for you to come out of the darkness of anger and into the light of joy and happiness once again – please get some help before it’s too late.

          – You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar –


Where to get HELP !





– Images and Photos courtesy of Microsoft and Google Images on the web.

– Anger Quotes – 1-3 Ms. Bobbie Jones

– Copyright – Bobbie Jones May 2011

– All Rights Reserved




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