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An Easter Celebration / Jesus – It’s Not Just Me April 19, 2011

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In honor of Pass Over and the Easter Holiday I wanted to share a special gift with you.  Celebrities know it, you and I both know it and now it is time to share it with those that may want to know it.  I hope you enjoy a very pleasant and informative read.  (Happy Easter)

Jesus – It’s Not Just Me


By: Bobbie Jones

     I know you may have asked yourself this question on several occasions, even the strongest believer can reach a point of doubt in this often cruel and unforgiving world.  Believers and non-believers alike often have serious questions.  With Easter being a special time of year for Christians all over the world I wanted to take this time and share what I have learned over the years through my faith walk, and along the way I will let you take a peek at the lives of some celebrities that make it a point to call on Jesus daily.

            So who is – The one we call Lord and Savior.  I must admit that life can be a pressure cooker with heartache and stress every where, sometimes we don’t know where to turn or who to turn to but in times like this Jesus can be and is a –


  Friendmore than we could ever know.  Think back, in your own personal life have you found yourself in some sort of predicament and not a very good one – you wondered out loud, “How in the world am I ever going to get out of this?”  With no help from your earthly friends because they couldn’t help you but nevertheless the answer came to you or the problem was solved just in a nick of time.  The Lord Jesus is always watching over us even if we don’t believe he is – but he wants us to know that he is. 

    True StoryRapper & Songwriter Kanye West needed and called on Jesus at a very desperate time in his life he even rapped about it.  “Jesus Walks” released in (2004) the title of one of his most


popular raps/songs states – “I’m not here to argue about is facial features or even convert Atheist into believers – I’m just trying to tell you the way schools need teachers, the way Kathy Lee needed Regis that’s the way I need Jesus.”  Shortly after West signed a record deal with Rock-A-Fella Records he was in a seriously devastating and near fatal car accident.  His face was battered and broken so badly he was almost unrecognizable.  His lower jaw and chin suffered the most damaged – fractured in three places doctors had to reconstruct his face and once that was done, his jaw had to be wired shut so he could heal.  West recounts this entire tragic story in his other hit rap/song “Through the Wire.” (2003)  – click on the link below to see video –


If anyone ever needed a friend it was Kanye at that terrible time in his life.  But, not only was Jesus his friend because you can bet all those people around him thought at that very moment Kayne’s career was over and they were on their way out the door and out of his life, but Jesus had something in store for Mr. West.  Not only would Kanye recover he would go on to sell millions of records.  Jesus saved Kayne’s life that day, so you see, it’s not just me others know the power of his name (Jesus). And just a personal observation, in times of tragedy I have never heard anyone call the name of – Frank, or Billie or Paul when there was nowhere to turn but I have most definitely heard people call the name of Jesus out loud in times of trouble.  Jesus is also a

  Way Maker:  I remember growing up in the inner city where life was not always pretty but I always heard my mom saying to all us children to pray and pray always.  As I got older and read for myself the Bible says Pray without ceasing that means (pray all the time.)  I had a chance to see just what my mom was telling me when it was time for me to graduate high school.  I desperately wanted to attend college and although I was a straight (A) student I received a 09 on my ACT, that’s right a 09 I had no guarantees that I would ever see those ivory halls.

            True Story:  One of my high school counselors told me because of that 09 score and the fact that I was so-called very poor I should, “Not even entertain the idea of going to college.”  But if you don’t know I will tell you – Prayer changes things.  After hearing what my counselor had to say you can imagine my summer of heartache.  But Jesus had another plan.  Not only did I get accepted to a wonderful school that took a chance on me (EMU) and said that ACT score must have been a fluke but  I received scholarships and all sorts of financial aid to help me along my way.  Jesus can work through people to make a way for his children unbeknownst to the people he is working though and still get things done.

      Joy:  and the peace that passes all understanding.  The only way I can explain  it is, you know that empty feeling you have sometimes deep inside of you and you try everything to fill it.  You take all the drugs you can find, you try over indulgence in sex – you smoke every ounce of weed you can put your fingers on but nothing seems to satisfy – like Jesus.  Alcohol only deadens and deepens your pain but when you have Jesus you have the Joy of the Lord with you and there is nothing that can fill that void like him.

    Fantasia’s StoryFantasia Barrino of American Idol Fame did not have an easy road by any means but at an early age her and her family shared their love for the lord in everything they did.  Growing up poor they may have not had all the material things in life but life with all its struggles gave fantasia that voice filled with soul and spirit and although a long shot on Idol, with the love, support and prayer of her family and friends she shot straight to the top.  Check out her TV reality show Fantasia for Real on VH1 (www.vh1.com)  and you will discover all the joy she shares in life with her family and friends.  Oh, she may still have some rough patches like we all do but she holds tight to Jesus.  (The Lord can bring Joy and Peace.)  But most importantly,

Jesus is Love:  “There is one great commandment I leave with you and that is that you love one another.”  Jesus spoke this to his disciples and this was meant for all human kind – for us to love our neighbors as we do ourselves.  So, how much does Jesus love us?  Well, if you are a mother or father you know that love you have for your child that runs so deep that if you could stand in the place and take the pain away from your child you would.  That is the type of love the Lord Jesus Christ has for us but it is multiplied a thousand times.  For God so love the world he gave his only begotten son for who so ever believeth in him shall not perish but have everlasting life. (John 3:16)

There is one famous actor, director, comedian, playwright, song writer and master of disguises and his name is Tyler Perry.  Many of you know Mr. Perry from his Medea fame but it has not been till recently that we’ve learned of the tragic events that took place in his childhood.  Perry revealed on Oprah how he was molested as a young child by several people but with the love of Jesus Christ Perry learned to forgive and with the star power he now wheels he spreads God’s message every chance he gets, so you see Jesus it’s not just me but I am so glad that I can share what I have learned and I am thankful for the power in your name – Thank you Jesus.                                 (www.tylerperry.com)

– Everyone you don’t have to take my word for just call on the Lord Jesus for yourself and see what he will do for you. – He won’t let you down.

Jesus is always Knocking on the door of your life – Let him in.  

God Bless & Good Luck


– Photos of Celeberties and Jesus courtesy of Google Images on the Web

– Remaining photo’s taken by Ms. Bobbie Jones

– Special thanks to VH1 & Fantasia Barrino (Fantasia For Real)

– Special thanks also to Tyler Perry & please do check out his web site.

– Copyright Bobbie Jones  April 2011

All Rights Reserved




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