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Covering With Courage March 13, 2011

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Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those suffering loss due to the devastating earthquake that shattered Japan.  As I continue to honor those courageous women during Women’s History Month I bring you yet another profile in courage as Christiane Amanpour is in Japan once again bringing us the world.  I hope you enjoy.

                                   Covering With Courage



Christiane  Amanpour’s Story

By: Bobbie Jones


              It’s like we grew up with her.  She graced our television screens on a regular basis and she covered the most dangerous regions in the world to bring us the latest news from war-torn Bosnia, Iraq and Pakistan and every time she came back home to us safe and ready to share her unforgettable experiences of nations torn apart.  In the past few months Christiane Amanpour has become a bit of a news story herself while covering the truly inspiring “Peoples Revolution” that took place in Egypt this past February where former President Hosni Mubarak was forced to step down.    – Check out video below


Christiane was born on January 12, 1958 to an Iranian airline executive father, Mohammad Amanpour and a British mother, Patricia.  As the oldest of 4 girls – nature placed her in a leadership position and it seems she has remained in that position her entire life.  Growing up in Iran her life was very privileged and that early up-bring would give her the ease and comfort level she would to cover the middle-east region in her later years.

            Although, CNN remained her broadcast home for 27 years, she really was like our courageous Aunt that traveled around the world and we got to watch her from our living rooms.  Journalism was not Christiane’s first choice, believe it or not she wanted to be a surgeon – thankfully, she chose the pen and the microphone over the scalpel.  However, with every story she covers and the dangerous areas she navigates her job requires a delicate skill and know-how comparable to any Doctor.

   Iran and Iraq were in her scope in 1985 and she was on the scene covering Bosnia in 1990 and she has garnered some of the most coveted interviews of our time and even as this story goes to press Christiane has landed yet another interview with a colorful character many would call out of touch with reality, and that would be Libya’s leader, maybe not for long, Gadhafi.    Check out video of Gadhafi interview below

  ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1rpzUD3vgE&feature=related)

  When she is not flying around the world doing her best to bring the world to our front door, she can be found holding down the fort at her recently obtained gig on This Week – at the ABC network on Sunday mornings.


Christiane has given us all a reason to be proud, she has displayed so much courage in the wake of untold danger while covering her stories, all in and effort to get the world’s story to the American people, which she says has truly been her mission since 9/11.  With this new rash of revolutions breaking out around the world we can rest assured that as long as she stays healthy and safe Christiane will be bringing us captivating, gut-wrenching, inspiring stories from tumultuous lands for years to come.  And for that I say – Thank you Christiane.

– Photos courtesy of Biography Magazine

– All Rights Reserved


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