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Celebrating Black History ! February 9, 2011

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Black History Month gives us all a time to reflect, but not just that it gives us a chance to learn so Celebrate and enjoy Black History Month and share what you learn with a good friend.                 



Ice Cube




Ice Cube – The Man Behind The Genius

 By: Bobbie Jones


           Was it ever in anyone’s imagination that the man who brought us the group NWA (Niggas with Attitudes) and gave us an in your face attitude because as the song said, “He was straight out of Compton,” would later grow into the giant business man and Movie Mogul  we se before us today. 

            I would place a sure bet that O’Shea Jackson or as you may know him (Ice Cube) would have thought that years ago this type of fascinating life may have been far out of the realm of possibilities for any other young African American male born and raised in the so-called ghetto, but he is not any other male – he is Ice Cube.

            In an age where being multi-faceted pays off big time Ice Cube wears many hats.  It’s obvious that he got started as a rapper and songwriter but later added actor, producer, executive producer, movie maker and all around creative genius to his credits.

    The first time many of us saw Ice Cube on the big screen he played a character that may have not been too far from his up bringing.  Dough Boy – in the movie Boyz in the Hood put him on the radar and some would say the fast track to stardom.  I myself remember that movie and all it’s relevance to what life is really like in the inner city stuck with me for years and actually became a so-call cult classic in many African American homes.  In some circles all one has to do is mention that movie and it will bring back memories.   From day one whatever Ice Cube had captured in that character and on that screen he made us feel it and till this day Boyz in the Hood has endured.

            Cube is no stranger to hard work but he also knows how to combine fun, hope, creative learning and generosity of spirit to many of the film projects he undertakes, just ask any of his co-stars if you ever get the chance.  If Cube thought they were funny and he saw that someone were on their “Hustle” he was first to give a comedian a chance.  Chris Tucker, Bernie Mac, Kat Williams and many other Black Comedians have Ice Cube to thank for putting them on the big screen.    DeRay   was another up and coming comedian that joined Cube on the big screen in the movie Barber Shop.

  With movies like Friday which started the entire Friday franchise then along came (Next Friday) and (Friday after Next) and with those films no one could doubt that laughter had to be a big part of Ice Cubes life and he was determined to make it a part of ours.

Barber Shop being one of my favorite films produced by Cube Vision, Ice Cubes own Production Company not only made us all laugh but gave us a lesson in love and togetherness, the things our parents taught us and that never go out of style. 

Ice Cube does his best to stay grounded and with his wife and four kids to keep him on a calm yet steadily progressive path toward the future and with that in his life he can never go wrong.  Cube has come from a place many may have shunned to receive his rightful place somewhere few of us get a chance to dwell and that is – in America’s heart.  Not bad for a kid who came straight out of Compton.

So, if you ever have it in your mind that geographic locations, family history or your rank on the social economic level is just the end all and be all barriers to your life’s stalemate – check out those that came before you.  I say to you get a plan in place and embrace your God-given gifts and talents whatever they may be, secure your faith and get about the business of doing something that can inspire those generations to come.


– Movie Jacket photos courtesy of Google Images on the Web 

Photo of Comedian DeRay – Taken by Ms. Bobbie Jones 2005

- All Rights Reserved



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