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Your Silence Could Be Deadly December 16, 2010

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Your Silence Could Be Deadly


  By: Bobbie Jones

            Up until recently there was a subject floating around that was so taboo – some felt just the mere mention of it in a public forum would provoke others to consider attempting the heart wrenching act.  I must admit that up until a year ago, around this time, I would have never guessed my life would be touched by such an event, but sadly enough it has been.

            On a cold December morning in 2009 I learned of some devastatingly sad news.  Two people close to me felt that life was no longer worth living and decided to take their own lives.  One of those individuals was so close to me that the pain is still so unbearable I still can’t bring myself to speak of it.

            Yes, I am talking about suicide – The subject that everyone tries to avoid and sweep under the rug.  This year however, with the rash of gay teen and celebrity suicides the subject matter came blaring into the forefront.  In my circles I could not find a single person who’s heart did not break when they heard of the young children being bullied to death at the hands of their very own classmates.

            It is so incredibly sad to see someone so lost and at their wit’s end that they feel the only way out is that dreadful act called suicide.    It is also twice as sad that sick, pathetic, twisted bullies walk this earth and spread their poison – but it has been my experience they are battling some deep hurts themselves.  They should seek help as opposed to hurting their fellow-man.

            However on this day my heart and voice goes out to those tender lost souls contemplating ending their precious lives.  I say to you – PLEASE STOP – and think about what you are doing and to please give life another chance.  I know as well as we all do, that life gets incredibly hard but no matter how hard this life gets – My mom always told me that, “There is nothing too hard for God.”  And that precious life God has given you is not to be taken lightly.

 If he made the heavens & earth – he can truly take care of you.

            I also say to those of you who are parents and caregivers to teens and young adults. Please talk to them and get to know their hearts.  That young person needs you, your love and uninterrupted attention – your constant stable presence in required if you are ever going to reach them.


            If you are a teacher or educator and you happen to spot a young person exhibiting the signs of depression or talks or has an unhealthy fascination with death – take them aside and speak with them let them know you are available if they ever need to talk to someone and if they don’t or can’t talk to you please have the numbers handy to professionals that are trained to handle such matters.  Your ability to take a closer look could save a young life.

            Dear hearts, I am well aware that when it comes to depression looks can be very deceiving.  The second gentleman I knew that decided to end his life last year around the holidays displayed all the signs of happiness, elderly though he was,  life for him seemed to be grand.  Leading up to the days before his death, he had attended some holiday parties, enjoyed the company of friends and was very visible at the Senior Center at which I volunteer.

            Sadly, Americans 65 and older account for about 13 percent of the population but almost 20% of all suicides according to the Daily Progress Newspaper in Charlottesville, Virginia.  The national rate is 11 suicides for every 100,000 people.  This is higher than any other age group, and the attempts are strikingly lethal: one out of every four succeed compared to one out of 200 for young adults.


  1.       Sudden changes in behavior – change from happy to sad
  2.       Withdrawal – lack of energy and no appetite
  3.       Depression, moodiness and despair
  4.       Pre-occupation with death and dying
  5.       Giving away possessions
  6.       Previous Attempts at suicide
  7.       Another family member in the home committed suicide


Please my dear friends talk to each other about the difficult challenges in life and take good care of one another I know some of us grew up being told that “Silence was golden.”  But, in this day in age we may have to change our way of thinking.  Don’t’ let your silence become deadly.


            – Michigan Suicide Prevention Coalition –  (734) 626-3133

           –  National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – 1-800-273 -TALK (8255)


God Bless & Good luck.

 Photo of the Heavenly Sky taken by:  Ms. Bobbie Jones

  All Rights Reserved



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