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The Oh So Clever One – Is That You ? October 28, 2010

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The Oh, So Clever Ones


    By: Bobbie Jones


             In life if we are ever to grow into the mature wise beings we were put on this earth to be will eventually have to learn those undeniable life lessons that are set before us each and every day.  For example we should treat our fellow-man the way we want to be treated. We should do our best to take care of those less fortunate than we are and if we can’t help those individuals – for God’s sake we better not hurt them.

            Now, these are just some of the principles we should try to live by as we go about our everyday lives.  But, oh my dear friends there are a group of individuals among us that will spit in the eye of and thumb their noses at logic, reason and humanity.  I am sure they have crossed your path at one time or another.  They fancy themselves the “Clever Ones.

            Ah yes, those that know better than the rest of us – they can’t be told anything and they believe their knowledge is so vast.  Example:  It’s 4th of July picnic time and you have an uncle that insist he knows how to kick that Bar-b-Q into high gear but you beg him to please put the gasoline can down.  However, your pleas fall on deaf ears because (he knows how to start a fire).  Now, its three days later and you notice just how odd and funny someone can look with burned off eye brows.

            Yes, “Mr. & Mrs. C” may live right next door to you at this very moment and I am not talking about the Cunningham’s.   The “Clever Ones” infiltrate our lives on a daily basis.  Have you ever had a friend or acquaintance brag to you about how they have been getting away with a crime for years?  Now, whether that crime was taking bribes, dealing dope or cheating on their taxes – Oh, in their minds the big C’s will never get caught.

            My Mom once told me that there was a very easy way to spot the Clever Ones in life. She said, “They are usually the ones talking to you from behind bars.”                                  


            Just ask Bernie Madoff or Monica Conyers, Sam Reynolds or Bobby Ferguson and the most recognized “Clever One” to come out of Detroit politics of all time – Kwame Kilpatrick,

but I digress.   For sure the Cleaver mind never ceases to amaze.  History shows that everyone before them that committed the same crime got caught – But, for some reason the “Oh So Clever Ones” believes they will escape capture or detection or punishment.


            The “Clever Ones” can fool us you know, because they go by different names at different times during their duration in life.  You may have spotted someone who called himself Mr. Slick or the Cool One they may even masquerade as “Mr. or Mrs. Got it Going On.”  Don’t let these aliases fool you for they are all on the same journey (On a quick and fast road to their own demise).  The Clever Ones can be spotted at your jobs – Oh yes, they can be the ones running to the boss telling lies about you  then coming back smiling in your face, as if you will never figure out they are the fake, oops I mean – the Clever Ones.


            You see, my dear friends when you steal from your fellowman’s pension plan or tell lies about him in order to get him fired from a job or deceitfully use a person to enrich yourself you are forgetting the most basic of things.  We were put on this earth to Love People and use things – not use people and love things.  As the young people say, “Don’t get it twisted.”


            Whether you believe it or not – Life has a way of catching up with you.  So, when you set out to do evil to your fellow-man you can do yourself a great service by remembering that what goes around comes around or as my Bible says – You will Reap what you Sow – and now the choice is up to you.

  God Bless and Good Luck!

– Inserted Images are courtesy of Google Arts & Images on the web.

– Kwame Kilpatrick’s photo courtesy of the Detroit Free Press

– All Rights Reserved



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