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An Artful State of Mind September 30, 2010

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     It truly is a mystery – trying to figure out what’s in a man’s mind.  Sometimes their actions tell it all, most of the time one has to guess, but if creativity flows from that  mind and manifest into form – you only need to look closely to learn all you need to know.  

Just ask this year’s featured Artist – Mr. Timothy Schantz 

Mr. Tim Schantz



Art – A Minds Eye 


  By: Bobbie Jones 


             Unique, ground breaking and cutting edge are all words that can be used to describe some of the greatest artist of our time. But, just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder so is our up-close and personal interaction with what we consider to be art.  When we create and let our creative, artistic light illuminate all that is around us we truly come into our own and in doing so we can create peace and enlightenment for ourselves and those around us. 

            Art gives us something to think about – things to ponder and no one knows that better than Canton’s very own artist Tim Schantz. Tim’s always pondering mind has laid the groundwork for some over-the-top; compelling and some would even say bordering on the morbid spectrum pieces of art. 

                                                                                                                                                                     Three Schisms > 

However, the benefit of Tim’s work is that at one moment you can be looking at a uniquely intricate and modern piece such as (Blue Ray).   below 


Then in the next moment you can turn your eyes to something called (Dirty Feet) 


A piece Tim describes as whimsical that gives him a chuckle.  One of my truly favorite piece’s in Tim’s collection is (Piercing Insight). 


Being a thinker myself I really see the process of deep thought in progress and some times that process and its > outcome can be ever so painful.  But art like everyone viewing it has its own interpretation. 

(Elements) is one of Tim’s own delights with its use of color and illusion of suspension, it highlights his unique sense of creativity.  Some of Tim’s work can even get you in the mood for oh, what is that holiday coming up at the end of October, oh, yeah that’s right Halloween.  With works like (Annihilation-to Receive) 


& (Relic) you can imagine yourself in the mist of your own horror show. 


So, by opening up your eyes and engaging your mind you can truly experience something we artist call enlightenment, introspective and even spectacular. 

            If you are indeed interested in any of these pieces you can view any or all of them at Tim’s upcoming art show in July of 2011 which will take place at the Village Theater at Cherry Hill located on Cherry Hill Road in Canton, Michigan, so please mark your calendar’s now

            You may also contact Tim directly for information on obtaining some of his art work and pricing information. (734) 358-4894

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