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Experience The Power of Love August 28, 2010

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The following article was published in 2007 on the 10 year anniversary of Lady Diana Spencer’s death.  It was published simultaneously in two  newspapers – The Canton Observer and  The late, great Ann Arbor News before they closed their doors for good.  Diana once told a friend that she was never frighten in life when she was doing something good for her fellow man.   

I hope and pray that the one lesson we all learned from Princess Diana’s life was – To step outside ourselves and do something great for our fellow human beings and truly experience the (Power of Love).    


D.O.D Aug. 31, 1997


One Moment in Time

     By: Bobbie Jones                       

            Every generation has one, an event – one moment in time that marks it for its unforgettable place in history.  This blindsiding, heart wrenching event usually takes the life of a beloved figure.  Whether actor, activist, singer or heart-throb, no one will ever forget where they were or what they were doing when the tragic news broke.   

            Crowds gather, tears flow and mobs of people are unable to wrap their minds around what has happened.  It’s called grief unspeakable and when it happens it seems like the entire world has stood still.   

            Argentina secured its moment in time when it lost its precious (Evita) Eva Peron during the early 50’s.  The 60’s delivered its own overwhelming tragedy with the horrible assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. During this time we were a nation lost in grief.   

           The world lost Elvis Presley in the late 70’s and even though I was in my own little world at the time I remember exactly where I was when I heard of John Lennon‘s passing in 1980.   

           But, during my adult life I can’t remember a time that has so held a nation of people captive like the event that took place on August 31, 1997 in the wee hours of the morning.  My Chicago hotel room and unplanned vacation did little to shield me from the unbelievable shock.  In the early morning hours I awoke to my husband telling me that Lady Di, as she was so affectionately called, had been in a car accident on the streets of Paris.    

           Naturally, I thought it was bad dream, so I dismissed what my husband was saying and turned over to go back to sleep.  The 7am news slapped me back into reality.  My mouth must have hung open in disbelief for at least two hours that morning.   

           During the following days and weeks after Princess Diana’s tragic death, in my state of confusion and sorrow I grieved as did we all.  I can’t remember a day that tears did not fall from my eyes during some point during those days and I remember my girlfriend telling me she was the same way, there was a deep hole of despair that we could not pull ourselves out of.   

           I cried for the tragic way Diana’s life was taken.  And, oh how I cried for those boys, her sons that just lost their mother and how would they ever learn all the things she would never teach them because now, she was gone.  This time was also extremely hard to deal with because we also lost Mother Teresa around the same time and along with the good work she was doing coupled with the good work Diana was starting to do – I knew the world really had suffered a tremendous lost.   

            Although, Diana had her problems and was called by some lost and confused at times but, I have not met a human being yet that hasn’t fallen into that category at one time or another during their life.   

            After her divorce from Prince Charles, Diana seemed to have spent the remainder of her life looking for love, something she felt was lacking in her marriage.  She also seemed to be a ball of contradictions and her love, hate relationship with the press would prove to be her downfall.    

           However, with all that aside Diana taught the Royal family as well as the world some needed life lessons.  She taught us about the power of human touch and how important it is. Caring and consideration, love and compassion all things we seemed to be losing a grip on she put it on the world stage for everyone to see.   

           It has been 10 years since Diana’s untimely demise and the one thing I can be sure she taught us all is that no royal crown or any sparkling palace hall, or any bulging bag of cash could ever take the place of love, simply loving one another.  Diana knew it all too well; this lesson should be imbedded in our hearts forever.   

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