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Angry & Miserable – Don’t Let It Be You ! August 5, 2010

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The Angry, Miserable One – Is That You?  

                                          By: Bobbie Jones

               I have a question for you.  How often do you find yourself saying – “Ooo, I can’t talk to Janie today, she’s mad at me for some reason?”  Or, “Ben always has a frown on his face, it’s like he’s mad at the world.” Or, “What did I do to make you mad at me?” – Sorry.

            Always find yourself apologizing, always in a state of confusion about where you stand with your always angry so-called friends is this where you find yourself?  Well, I give these examples because my observations have given me serious pause.  Why do we as fully grown capable people allow totally miserable individuals into our lives?  Some of these people have penetrated our lives so deep it’s impossible to shake loose and sadly enough some of us call these people our best friend – shocking right?

            But thankfully, by the time you get to the end of this article you will be equipped with some good knowledge and helpful hints to get the un-necessary evil out of your life and keep new evil from wheedling its way in.

            Now, when I was a young girl my family taught me the importance of laughter.  Some of you have even heard the saying – Laughter is the best medicine.  Trust me it is, laughter does a heart good.  I am a firm believer in the power of laughter and its ability to calm the spirit and ease the heart.

            However, we all know those people that will see you laughing and smiling and they will shoot you the look of death, almost stopping you dead in your tracks – but don’t you let them.  My Mom use to say stay away from those people who can take the “Sun out of Sunshine.” Or, in other words stay away from toxic people.

            If you have not figured it out by now let me tell you, having these types of people in our lives can do us great harm.

  • They raise our stress levels
  • They raise our blood pressure
  • We find ourselves walking on egg shells as if not to upset them
  • We live on edge and in fear of their angry outburst and irrational tantrums

 None of these things are good for us.  Now, just think when we encounter these people just in passing how anxious they make us, how crazy would it be to be married to someone like that – you might find yourself on life support at an early age.

            So, what can we do to rid ourselves of the “Consistently Miserable” as I like to call them?  These people are not hard to spot you can find their beady little eyes peering down at you from the dock at work or on the subway or at Subway.  Life has always done something to them to let them tell it – they always have a reason to be miserable and you know the old saying, “Misery loves company.”  Don’t be their company.

            When you see one of them headed your way, Start Laughing or Singing.  Oh, they might think you are crazy but they will beat it in the other direction.  You see “Mr. and Mrs. Misery can’t be around happiness too long, (Good and Evil can never survive together in the same space).

            If you get cornered by one of them start telling them about a Good Deed you did for someone else.  The biggest frown will come on their face because these people never like to do anything for anyone else and they believe you shouldn’t either but the longer you talk about your Good Deed the more they will crave the nearest exit.  Remember (Misery & Selfishness are Kissing Cousins.)

             Here’s something that will get them away from you fast, start telling them how nice and sweet their arch rival is.  Trust me these people always have an enemy somewhere even if that enemy only exist in their minds.  Once you start laying it on about how kind Mary was to her guest at the charity ball or how sweet Frank was to you at the grocery store, trust me the “miserable one” will almost knock you down in an attempt to free their ears from all that goodness.

            So, in your own little way let these people know that their anger and misery really is their problem and their problem alone and if they refuse to get help for it, you get away from them and keep them away from you – for your own good health.

God Bless & Good Luck


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– The above piece was published on Bobbie’s Blog Aug. 5, 2010.

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